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The Transfer Jock (59) -- By Jack Richards

"Fuck, I thought he'd never leave."

“Hey Max, want to beat off with Jeff and me tomorrow?” Mitchell asked. “That…or some three•way sport•fucking,” Max replied, just before he kissed Mitchell, and not just a ‘friendly’ peck, either.
“Yeah, maybe THAT instead,” Mitchell said, surprised by the kiss, but liking the way Max’s probing tongue had felt against his. “Now I’m going to watch Finn’s second act since I missed his first. G’nite, you hot fuckers.”
Ten+ inches of thick rock•hard 17•year•old ginger cock was sticking out and up when Mitchell stood up in the hot tub to follow Coach and Finn inside. Jeff grabbed the tip of his friend’s boner and pulled it down to water level, releasing it to slap back against Mitchell’s taut, flat belly. THWAACK! Mitchell’s dick sounded like a beaver tail slapping the surface of a still pond.
“Fuck, I thought he’d N•E•V•E•R leave,” Jeff joked after Mitchell was gone, lunging for Max in the hot tub and going straight for his cock, which was hard enough. In truth, he’d have been just - or almost - as happy if Mitchell had stayed, either to fuck them or to jack off watching them fuck. Their mouths joined, each still hungry for the other, and Max stiffened more in Jeff’s hand as they kissed.
Neither of them had a clear idea of what time it was, only that it was well past midnight, but it didn’t matter what the clock said - they had as much of each other as they wanted through at least Sunday night. Max needed to go home sometime by about noon Saturday, clear with his parents his plans for the rest of the weekend (which wouldn’t be an issue as long as he reported in), get his toothbrush and some clothes (mostly his running gear, so he and Jeff could take a hot, sweaty run together), and run a quick errand, and then he’d be all Jeff’s again, or whoever else’s he needed to be.
“Don’t even joke about Mitchell like that,” Max said quickly, in between kisses. “I nearly asked him to spend the rest of the night with us…like three different times. Seeing the two of you together…there’s this high energy thing going on between you…and it’s hot. It’s sweet, too, like it’s obvious you guys are crazy about each other.” “Why didn’t you ask him?” Jeff asked.
“Mostly just because the moment or the conversation changed,” Max said, “like at one point, I thought you and he might spontaneously combust…or start fucking, you know, and then he dunked you and you dunked him, so that moment passed, then again when you guys hugged me and my cock was kind of wedged between the two of you, but then he suddenly sat down and started talking about Dewey, so that moment passed.”
“Right,” Jeff said, laughing, “Mitchell sat down because he started getting hard…and so did I…or else he sat down coincidentally at the same time he started boning up, because popping a boner has never embarrassed him before. You really wanted him to stay with us?”
“Yeah, I did, but I’ll admit I was torn,” Max said. “No. 1, Mitchell’s hot, period; No. 2, the more I’m around him, the more I like him; No. 3, you’re really into each other, and I think that’s hot; and No. 4, I’ve decided I think Mitchell would be the most interesting three•way partner, but…” “But?” Jeff prompted.
“But, No. 5,” Max continued, “I’m still not ready to share you yet if I don’t have to…I could, and would, but I’d rather wait til tomorrow. Look, Jeff, I know there’s this kind of smoldering new friendship thing going on between you and Finn, too, and I’m not asking you not to fuck him or Mitchell. In fact, I really think you’re going to have to fuck both of them, or should fuck both of them, this weekend…and that’s more than OK with me. At least for now. The only thing you even quasi•promised me was tonight, so, yeah, I want tonight. We can talk about tomorrow tomorrow…but now I want you…” Jeff pulled Max back to him and kissed him hungrily again, and that time Max went for Jeff’s cock, which was more than hard enough.
“Have you ever fucked in a hot tub?” Jeff asked playfully, when it became apparent that they were going to fuck again, and soon.
“Once,” Max laughed. “Very bad idea. I was a dumb, impressionable kid, George was somewhere else, I forget where, and Fred was sharing me with one of his hot friends who had both a hot tub and out•of•town parents. I climbed on that guy’s lap in the hot tub, we got pretty over•heated, so then I climbed on his boner, with Fred egging us on…that guy’s underwater cock served as a plunger to force a butt•load of highly alkaline water into my underwater ass and lower GI tract…I had the runs for the next two days.”
“I’ve got a better idea than that,” Jeff said, laughing. “C’mon, I want to show you something.” “What, your big, fat watermelon๐Ÿ‰dick?” Max asked as they got out of the water. “Because I’ll fall for that every time.” They dried each other off, and Jeff told Max to close his eyes. Taking Max by the hand, Jeff led him through the french doors to the spare bedroom Coach had temporarily bequeathed to him.
“Welcome to our own personal fuck•nest,” Jeff said after Max had opened his eyes. “This is our room for the weekend?” Max asked. “This is cool.”
“It is, but it’s more than that,” Jeff said, “Coach gave me a key and told me to consider this room mine, whenever I want to crash here…with you, specifically.” “We should break it in then…Hey, what’s in there?” Max asked.
“Bathroom, I think,” Jeff replied, and opened the door. “Holy fuck, check out the shower!” The shower was huge, sunken about six inches below the bathroom floor and completely open to the room, with rain•shower shower•heads at both ends. “Hey Max, did I ever tell you that I’m awesome at shower•fucking?”
Max laughed. “Nope, but you didn’t have to. I fucked you in the shower•room for like a minute, remember?” “Was I awesome?” Jeff asked, teasing. “Fuck yeah you were,” Max replied. “Why do you think I suggested to Finn that we swap?” “Because you felt sorry for Finn getting stuck with fucking me?” Jeff asked, laughing.
“Because,” Max said, taking Jeff’s face in both hands and looking into his eyes, “I could see how awesome you were, and I’d never wanted anyone more in my life than I wanted you, not even the twins our first time, as badly as I wanted them…except what I really wanted in the shower•room was your watermelon๐Ÿ‰dick all the way inside me and your semen being absorbed into my body, becoming part of me…but that really wasn’t practical right then, so I left a huge load of mine inside you.” He leaned into the shower and turned on the water, adjusting it as it warmed. “Fuck me now, stud,” he said, stepping under the water. “Look, there’s even lube on the counter. Grab it, will ya?”
“It’s your turn, though,” Jeff protested, but still grabbing the lube (water•based, he noted) as instructed, and tossing it into the dry end of the shower. “And besides there’s a rumor going around that I have the clap…”
“Yeah, well, I’m the Decider, remember?” Max replied, winking at Jeff. “Tomorrow we’ll see about letting you practice making some inconsequential decisions, like who pisses on who first, if you’re a good boy tonight.” Jeff grinned from ear•to•ear. “And I’ve got two more reasons you’re fucking me next if you need to hear them,” as he and Jeff wrapped their arms around each other under the hot streaming water, locking their lips and grinding their rock•hard cocks together. “No, I don’t need to hear them, l’m convinced,” Jeff mumbled between kisses as his mouth worked its way down Max’s neck, “but I am curious.”
“Well, in no particular order,” Max said as Jeff’s mouth made the leap to Max’s right nipple. “Ohhh…I fucking love that…the first reason is this is your personal fuck•nest so you should be the first one to get off in it.” Jeff’s mouth leapt across Max’s broad chest to his left nipple. “Mmmm…and the second is I’d rather we fuck randomly, some, than feel like we have to follow some strict order…like now, even though you just fucked me as deep as you likely ever will, or maybe because of that, what I most want is to feel you right back there again…it’d be different if you were all fucked out…but you don’t look like you’re all fucked out…are you all fucked out?”
“Max, I feel like I could fuck you all night and never be all fucked out,” Jeff said as his mouth kissed its way back up the other side of Max’s neck. “I know there’s a physical limit…but it doesn’t feel like we’re anywhere close to it yet.” As Max would find out sometime after he hit his own temporary limit that night and simply could not get hard, not even in Jeff’s mouth, not until after he’d slept a couple of hours, Jeff’s limit was somewhere beyond his own.
Max broke away and pulled Jeff by his cock to the dry end of the double shower, where he dried Jeff’s boner off with a hand towel, then dried his crack. Cupping his hands together and holding them out to Jeff, he said, “Here, give me a good squirt of that lube.” Jeff complied, and Max rubbed his hands together, then smeared lube up and down Jeff’s thick cock with both hands, a few more strokes than were strictly necessary.
“Fuuucck, Max,” Jeff said, laughing, “a few more of those and you’d have a double handful of cum and you’d be fucking me.” He wiped some of the excess lube from Max’s hands onto his own and lubed Max’s nut•brown hole after Max turned around and braced against the wall. “Hey Jeff, would it sound too weird if I asked you to pull out and cum in my mouth?” Max asked as one of Jeff’s fingers penetrated him.
“That’s not weird, Coach and I did that the other night,” he said as he pushed his thick cock into Max’s by•then well•grooved fuck•tunnel, regrouped and then drove in hard. He was quickly balls•deep, but instead of withdrawing and thrusting back in, Jeff simply thrust again with his body pressed against Max’s and Max’s against the wall. And then again. One more time.
“Oh fuck dude,” Max said, “do that shit some more…fuck, that felt…different…and good…” Jeff did that shit some more, thrusting his body hard into Max’s with his cock already buried balls•deep in his ass, pinning Max (and his own throbbing erection) to the wall, and eliciting grunts and moans of pleasure with each body•blow. “Jesus…I could almost…auto•nut from this…if I hadn’t already auto•nutted tonight…”
For Jeff the sensation was like burrowing deeper and deeper into Max’s velvety interior, though of course there was only so deep he could go, but he went as deep as he could’ve gone. Jeff quickly realized that his powerful stationary thrusts were more than capable of producing an orgasm. “Fuck yeah…fuck me,” Max panted between hammer•blows, “fuck me…with your ‘BIG black cock…’” They had both laughed hard then, squelching for a minute or so the tightening sensation in both of their ball•sacks that first signaled the possibility of orgasm. When Jeff resumed his march toward climax, he found a more conventional rhythm, retreating several inches through Max’s velvety rectum, and then beginning what Mitchell might have referred to as ‘slow•ish mid•to•deep rectal massage’ with a gradually increasing tempo, every thrust met by the perfectly•timed rising and falling of Max’s lean, athletic ass.
Just after that tempo took on a new urgency and then became urgent, Jeff signaled Max that it was time, and he withdrew rapidly. Max spun around fluidly, dropped to his knees and swallowed Jeff’s cock. With his hands holding Max’s head, Jeff managed a few strokes in and out of Max’s mouth, careful not to go too deep and gag his protege, before he erupted, spewing jet after jet of his hot, salty•sweet semen into Max’s gulping mouth and throat. After Jeff was still, essentially propping himself against Max’s head while he caught his breath, Max continued sucking his cock, working his mouth up and down his shaft, licking off every drop of cum, and finally lapping up the jizz off his own chin and at the corners of his own smiling mouth.
“Fuck, that was good,” Max said. “The problem for a cocksucker who starts taking it up the ass is that cocksucking and swallowing all that good cum gets eclipsed pretty quickly by fucking.”
“Tell me about it, bro,” Jeff said as he pulled Max to his feet. “By the way,” Max continued, “that was a huge load, especially considering it was your fifth.”
“Don’t count ‘em, Max,” Jeff replied, “The one thing I’m not doing is keeping score…it might jinx us.” After they dried off, Jeff pulled Max into the bedroom and tackled him on the bed, which was downy soft and felt like lying down on a cloud (without falling to earth). They rolled over and Max was lying on his back, with Jeff’s head on his chest.
“Hey Jeff, does it seem strange to you that this awesome fuck•nest is even available, so that it could become yours? Like, Coach’s bedroom is nice enough and has its own bathroom, but it’s nothing compared to this. If this were your house, wouldn’t you make this your bedroom? Right off the kitchen and the pool, killer bathroom and shower, it’s a lot bigger, too…I mean, the only thing Coach’s room has going for it over this one is the king•size bed, and it would fit better in here, and this bed would better in there. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”
“I hadn’t thought about that,” Jeff admitted. He wasn’t normally one to check a gift horse’s teeth. “Maybe it’s haunted.” “What’s up there?” Max asked, pointing at the loft.
“I dunno,” Jeff admitted. “Maybe that’s where the ghost sleeps. Or maybe there are two ghosts, and that’s where they fuck. Are you going to fuck me now? Or would this be a good time for me to take a little nap?”
“I am going to fuck you now,” Max replied, “but I don’t mind if you sleep through it. If you do try to stay awake, though, I can promise you it won’t take long…I really was so fucking close to nutting while you were pinning me to the wall…which would’ve been a PR [personal record] for me. I’ve never auto•nutted twice in one night.”๐Ÿˆ

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Harry Bush


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