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The Transfer Jock (66) -- By Jack Richards

Jeff and Finn, had they known of the camera’s existence, would have been pleased to have been filmed

“Fuck me harder, you fucking queer,” Jeff demanded, laughing. “Fuck, Finn…you’re good at this shit…hey, dude, will you fuck me in the dug•out sometime?”
If Coach had been at home that early Saturday afternoon, and if he had entered unbidden his former master bedroom, the suite behind the kitchen that Finn referred to as ‘the pool house’ and that Jeff had christened his ‘own personal fuck•nest’ - which Coach would not have done, having to his way of thinking surrendered his sovereignty to those 500 to 600 square feet exclusively to Jeff, not without knocking anyway - and if he had then advanced to and up the circular staircase to the loft - an unthinkable intrusion in light of his ‘gift’ to Jeff - he would have found loosely entwined there on the mattress the two sweat•slickened transfer•jocks whom he happened to think were probably the two most attractive guys he’d ever seen naked, and certainly the two most attractive guys with whom he’d ever had sex - with the (possible) exception of the stud in the black and white photographs hanging above the bed where the two well•fucked younger studs lay talking after their tryst.
Or, since Coach had not yet returned home and thus could not have walked in on that scene (not that he would have), had the video camera ‘secreted’ behind one of the black and white photographs on the wall been operational (it almost certainly was not, but the flip of a switch could have made it so), and had Coach been of a mind, when he returned home he could have watched, from the laptop in his current bedroom, the video feed of perhaps the hottest flip•fuck ever recorded in the loft.
The camera was not truly ‘secreted’ because the only two lovers who had ever been purposefully recorded by it, Coach and the naked stud in the wall photographs, had been well aware of its presence and had always known when it was recording and when it was not. They had, in fact, on occasion watched one or another of the videos of themselves fucking each other senseless, occasions which had invariably led to yet another frenzied coupling or two between them. The video had simply been a toy they had played with sometimes, another way in which they’d enjoyed each other’s company.
Coach hadn’t even thought about the camera in the loft when he’d turned the fuck•nest over to Jeff, mostly because he hadn’t been upstairs in months and months…because he simply couldn’t bear to see those photographs on the wall…nor could he bear to take them down. Had Coach thought about the motion•activated camera in the loft before giving Jeff free use of the former master suite, no doubt he would have removed the camera, or at least ensured that it was not operational.
While Coach would have never intentionally recorded Jeff and Finn swapping loads in the loft, nor secretly recorded Jeff and Max (or anyone else) fucking in the loft, the irony is that Jeff and Finn, had they known of the camera’s existence, would have been pleased to have been filmed, and had they been filmed and then watched the video of themselves, it is highly likely that watching themselves fucking each other with such abandon would have accomplished exactly that which Finn was then trying to accomplish, which was to persuade Jeff to fuck him again (before Max returned, though those three words were never spoken).
Finn’s story of how he’d fucked the only other homo that he’d ferreted out on the baseball team, a junior backup outfielder named Rex, in the dugout a couple of hours after the last home game of the season had ended, his assurance that he and Jeff would fuck in the dugout, and soon, and Jeff’s growing intrigue with the notion of fucking in public or at least quasi•public fucking, had Jeff close to acquiescing to Finn’s plea that he (Jeff) bone him (Finn) again - he was certainly ready to fuck him again - but in the end he couldn’t be budged. He was saving that load, by agreement with Max.
Jeff’s concern was simply that he couldn’t afford another orgasm, not then, and (alas) not with Finn. Had it already been Saturday night, with the cover of darkness that would have provided, Jeff probably would have tossed aside his reservations, and driven Finn to the baseball field, and then driven him home against the dugout rail, as Finn had driven home that (according to Finn) sexy, short•dicked outfielder who Jeff surmised must have been fucked in the ass as often as Landen had, since that kid’s asshole had not only swallowed Finn’s beer•can•cock with ease, to hear Finn tell it, it had sucked Finn’s cock into itself like it was a fucking vacuum cleaner.
What Jeff had wondered was who had been fucking that Rex kid so much (and with so much cock) that a cock as consequential as Finn’s had gotten lost in his relatively skinny ass…and then he’d suddenly known it had to have been the baseball team’s manager, Mitchell. Mitchell, with the luxury of having enough cock for two guys, had told Jeff when they’d first started trading hand•jobs, that he kind of had a thing for guys with average•sized (or smaller) dicks…he liked the way they looked and the way they sucked. He was into Jeff because he was Jeff, not because Jeff had a fat watermelon🍉dick.
Jeff had no qualms about spending more time in the sack with Finn, nor was he worried about getting ‘caught’ by Max if he were to give Finn what he wanted. Jeff had happily offered to allow Finn to show him again how queer for him he was by topping him; Jeff thought that would have been swell. He even briefly entertained Finn’s suggestion that he (Jeff) just fuck him ‘a little bit,’ to fuck him short of climax…but Jeff had known that if he started pounding that tight, slick, pink hole again, there was virtually no chance that he’d withdraw before he’d gotten his rocks off. Jeff wasn’t all•fucked•out, but he knew there was no fucking way he was going to be able to perform on Saturday anything like he had on Friday night (until dawn Saturday). And he was intent upon saving whatever he had left for Max - or possibly giving Finn one more stiff injection (with orgasm), but only if the three of them were having sex together.
“C’mon, bro, don’t be like that,” Jeff said as he played with Finn’s foreskin. “It’s not like I don’t want to be with you, because I do. At least come take a shower with me…and then if you change your mind, you can nail my ass to the shower wall. Or go find Mitchell…I can promise you if you bend over for his ten•incher, you won’t even remember what my little grade•school dick feels like.” “Ten•and•a•half inches,” Finn said. “Huh?” Jeff asked, realizing that he’d simply been estimating the size of Mitchell’s giant ginger cock, as had Coach. He’d never even asked Mitchell how big it was, since it was obviously huge. “Mitchell told you he’s ten•and•a•half inches?”
“No,” Finn replied, “I told him. I actually measured it one night when we were fucking around. I measured him with a tape measure exactly the way you’re supposed to, you know, like I googled ‘How to Measure an Erect Penis.’ It said to push the end of the tape all the way to where the base of your dick meets the pubic bone and then measure along the top all the way to your pee•hole, so that’s how I did it. He’s got a solid ten•and•a•half inches of hard dick, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”
“Well, fuck, maybe I ought to re•measure mine then,” Jeff said, “I’d probably find another half•inch, too, if I did it like that. Anyway, even if you don’t want to bend over for Mitchell yet, shouldn’t you at least be fucking him? Didn’t you make him a promise yesterday?” “Yeah I did,” Finn conceded, “and I will as soon as he doesn’t have somebody else on top of him. Or vice versa. Him and Dewey were still fucking when I met you at the pool, and they’re probably still fucking. OK, c’mon, I’ll at least scrub your back…”
“Dude, I thought you were supposed to be such a big fucking top,” Jeff said, laughing, “so please fucking top me again.” “I am a fucking top,” Finn insisted, “I’m just trying to get better in touch with my inner bottom. So do you actually want me to fuck you again or are you just trying to ease my pain over the rejection of my attempt to become your bitch?”
“Just help me get better in touch with my own inner bottom today,” Jeff said, winking at Finn, “and I’ll pay you back double.” He did a muff•five for Finn’s fat ball•sack and sucked his (Finn’s) left nut into his mouth. “Triple,” Finn demanded, spreading his legs to grant Jeff freer access to his balls. “When?” “How’s Monday - Tuesday sound? At the ballpark?” Jeff asked, hoping he wasn’t pushing too far. He dove back in for Finn’s right nut, taking Finn’s fleshy, swelling cock in his hand as he sucked Finn’s nuts.
“That’ll work,” Finn agreed, laughing. “Now let’s get you cleaned up for Max, you dirty fucker.” Jeff deep•throated Finn’s nascent boner, perhaps not as expertly as Finn might have deep•throated him, but more than sufficient to finish stiffening him. He sat up and kissed Finn, probing his mouth with his tongue while gently squeezing Finn’s hard•on, then a few moments later his mouth moved down to Finn’s left nipple, first circling it and a surrounding cluster of short, white•blond hairs with his tongue, before sucking the nipple hard, always maintaining pressure on Finn’s cock. Jeff wanted Finn not just to fuck him but to really want to fuck him, as if fucking him had been Finn’s intention all along.
By the time Jeff had finished nibbling Finn’s right nipple, Finn was beginning to leak a small amount of pre•cum, and his breathing had changed, signaling a hormonal flood that had made getting off deep inside Jeff Finn’s paramount, if not his only, thought. He stood up on the mattress and pulled Jeff up with him. For an instant they were both looking at the beautiful man in the wall photographs who Jeff favored so much. “Coach’s lover, you think?” Finn asked “Maybe his ex,” Jeff replied. “If it’s the guy Coach told me about…they used to live together…and then he broke Coach’s heart, somehow.” He took Finn by the hand and they hurried down the stairs to the shower.
Finn scrubbed Jeff’s smooth broad back with tingly Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, then soaped his hairy ass, wedging his hand into Jeff’s crack and sticking a long, soapy finger into Jeff’s nipple•colored asshole. Jeff turned and braced against the wall, widening his stance for Finn. To Jeff’s mild surprise, Finn dropped to one knee behind him and spread his butt•cheeks apart, then tentatively licked his crack, barely grazing the surface of his skin with the tip of his tongue, and stopping short of his bulls•eye.
“Press harder with your tongue,” Jeff said softly. Finn licked him again, harder, and with his third lick Finn pressed his tongue against an asshole for the first time in his life, causing Jeff to shiver. Noting Jeff’s reaction and discovering that his butt•hole tasted like nothing except flesh and peppermint soap, Finn applied himself with more and more vigor until Jeff was slapping the wall with his hand, and then demanding that Finn shove his thick beer•can•cock up his ass.
Finn stood up and tested the liquid soap on his cock, stroking himself a few times to get fully hard again. Finding that the mild soap didn’t burn his piss•hole, he lubed Jeff’s hole with tingly Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, squirted some more of it on his boner and then guided it into Jeff’s open hole. With both hands on Jeff’s shoulders, he thrust in far enough to gain traction, then sunk his cock balls•deep with one long, steady thrust as Jeff moaned with pleasure.
Finn was fucking Jeff hard with rapid, deep thrusts when they heard Max ask, “Got room for one more in there?” Finn whispered something in Jeff’s ear and when Jeff nodded, he replied, “There’s room inside me, Max…come fill me up…” Max hadn’t waited for an answer to strip off his clothes and he already had his hand in Finn’s crack when Jeff said, “Fuck, Max, I thought you’d never get back…help me out by hammering this guy’s tiny dick in a little deeper…”⚾️

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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