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The transfer Jock (67) -- By Jack Richards

Finn didn't mind at all.


Finn was fucking Jeff hard with rapid, deep thrusts when they heard Max ask, “Got room for one more in there?” Finn whispered something in Jeff’s ear and when Jeff nodded, he replied, “There’s room inside me, Max…come fill me up…” Max hadn’t waited for an answer to strip off his clothes and he already had his hand in Finn’s crack when Jeff said, “Fuck, Max, I thought you’d never get back…help me out by hammering this guy’s tiny dick in a little deeper…”


Max leaned around Finn and kissed Jeff more like a lover who’d been separated from the object of his desire for three months than for three hours. Before he returned to Finn’s business end, he paused to plant his mouth on Finn’s as well, exploring Finn’s perfect white teeth with his tongue, which seemed like the courteous thing to do before sticking his dick eight inches up his ass. “You’ll be the fifth,” Finn said to Max, “so fuck right through any tightness. I’ll be fine.” “That’s true,” Jeff confirmed. “I hammered the fuck out of him a little while ago, and he only cried a few times.”
“No. 5 is the golden fuck if I remember right,” Max said, as he slipped a finger into Finn’s tight pink hole. He remembered very well the fifth time he’d gotten fucked, and it had been golden, at least in comparison to the first four times. After the twins had ‘finally’ agreed to initiate their little brother into the mysteries of ass•fucking, Fred and George had taken turns fucking him, patiently, gently and painfully - but he’d still loved the feel of his big brothers’ identical cocks buried balls•deep in his ass. Max may have been then still a few months shy of his 15th birthday, but he was already as physically mature as the 17•year•old twins.
Fred had fucked him first, then George, and then Fred had fucked George against their bedroom wall - a lot harder than either of them had fucked Max - while Max had watched, jacking off. Max could still remember the sound of Fred’s balls slapping against George’s ass, as he’d timed his strokes to match Fred’s, pausing when Fred paused, nutting at almost the same time Fred had blasted off inside George.
The next night they’d both fucked him again, Fred first, then George (both still being so patient and gentle), and Fred had blown him while George had been fucking him. He had still felt some pain when Fred had topped him (the third time he’d been fucked), but much less than the first night, and Fred had felt so good inside him despite the pain. He didn’t recall that George had hurt him at all that second night, but that may have been because his cock had been in Fred’s mouth that entire fuck, and he’d cum spectacularly at about the same time George had blown his load. Then Max had watched again while Fred topped George. He had thought then that they’d looked beautiful together, and he still thought that.
The third night had been different, because Max had insisted that it be different. The first two nights the twins had boned him either face•to•face or doggy•style. That third night, Max had insisted that Fred fuck him from behind while he leaned out (slightly) the upstairs bedroom window. Granted, the window only overlooked the backyard and it had been very late, but fucking in the window like that had still been exhilarating for Max - and for Fred, too, and then for George, who had followed Fred in the widow. Max had also insisted that Fred fuck him hard and for as long as he could, demanding that he delay his orgasm with him just as Max had watched him do with George, prolonging George’s evident pleasure.
So Max’s fifth fuck had been golden, but his sixth, seventh and eighth fuck - all that third night - had been even better, in part because Max had been calling the shots and his big brothers had not only fucked him harder and longer, they’d both fucked him twice that night. And, of course, the next day Max had started fucking George on the side, which Max had really enjoyed, usually during George’s morning shower, until Fred had relented, agreeing that Max could top him and George, as well as provide them with an enthusiastic socket for their cocks.
“What are you guys using for lube, spit?” Max asked after looking around for the Astro•glide he and Jeff had used in the shower the night before…and remembering they’d taken it to bed with them. “Dr. Bronner’s,” Finn replied. “It doesn’t sting the inside of your dick?” Max asked, recalling having jacked off in the shower with some soaps he’d later wished he hadn’t used. “Trust me, bro,” Finn assured him, “it’s not like a bar of Dial.” Max slathered Dr. Bronner’s tingly soap all over his thick beer•can•cock and inside Finn’s tight pink hole.
“You trust me, Finn?” Max asked as he pressed the head of his dick firmly against Finn’s tight pink hole. “If you do, I’ll make your golden fuck as golden as my golden fuck was.” “Of course I do,” Finn replied, “so long as you’re not talking about pampering me…I’m tired of being pampered…” “Dude, I feel like I should warn you,” Jeff chimed in, “you’re making a deal with a fucking he•devil, just saying.”
“Finn, all you have to do,” Max said, “is fuck Jeff just like you want me to fuck you…after I’m in as deep as you are, OK? Hey Jeff, guess what? Total surprise - the twins are fucking home.” Max leaned into his cock hard, punching through Finn’s outer air•lock, then drove his cock in deep, hoping Finn really wanted to be fucked as hard as he had his fifth time.
“Oh god fuck yeah,” Finn gasped as Max filled up his rectum…and kept filling him up, pulling back just a bit and then hammering in all the fucking way. Before Finn could begin moving again in Jeff, Max had pulled out seven full inches and slammed them back in. “Am I wrong, Finn?” Max asked, feeling pretty sure he hadn’t been wrong at all, given Finn’s positive reaction. Both Finn and Jeff had groaned in seeming appreciation of Max’s deep plunge.
“Unh unh,” Finn muttered. The three of them were pinned under the pelting water, Jeff to the wall, Finn balls•deep to Jeff, and Max balls•deep to Finn. “Now all you have to do is fuck Jeff like you want me to fuck you,” Max whispered in Finn’s ear as he ground his cock farther into Finn, “and I’ll follow you.” Max hadn’t been wrong - Finn pulled out and drove hard into Jeff. Within a few deep strokes Max had matched Finn’s pattern and tempo, and they were fucking in tandem, out•in•out with force, in•out•in with equal force, Max never missing Finn’s sweet spot.
All Jeff could think about as he was repeatedly nailed to the wall were the twins - Max’s announcement that his older brothers were unexpectedly home from college - ‘the twins are fucking home’ - could’ve meant anything or might’ve meant nothing. Maybe Max had been telling him that he’d just fucked his brothers at home…or that he’d be leaving later…or soon…to fuck his brothers…or maybe the ‘legendary’ twins wanted to have a beer with Max’s new friend…or maybe the twins didn’t approve of Max’s new friend…maybe they didn’t want anyone fucking their baby bro but them…or maybe Max’s brothers wanted Max and his new friend to fuck them…or they wanted to fuck Max and his new friend…or maybe it didn’t mean anything…except that Jeff had been slammed into the shower wall with each new thought he’d had about Max and the twins…every thought punctuated by Finn’s thick thrusting cock…
…so Max must have been punctuating Finn pretty fucking good…it felt like he was…and Finn was howling like he’d never been punctuated the way he was getting punctuated by Max…and if the twins being in town, no - ‘the twins are fucking home’ - hadn’t meant anything, Max wouldn’t have brought it up, not while they were fucking, like it was news that couldn’t wait…so it definitely meant something…because Max wouldn’t have made a point of telling him that the twins were home just as he was penetrating Finn…
…and then Jeff felt Finn’s cock swelling in his rectum and Finn staggering against him as he’d unloaded in Jeff’s fuck•tunnel…but Max kept hammering Finn into him, long after (it seemed) Finn’s load was spent, even after Finn’s boner began to soften in Jeff’s rectum…and then not much longer…until Max was shouting triumphantly and grunting loudly as he shot rope after rope of cum into Finn…and finally everyone was quiet and still under the falling water…and the twins were fucking home…
Jeff wanted Finn to pull out and get off of him, not that Finn wasn’t a good fucker, which he was, and not that Jeff didn’t really like Finn, which he did, but Jeff wanted Max so suddenly and overwhelmingly that the depths of his feelings shocked himself…but Finn couldn’t pull out and get off of Jeff until Max pulled out of Finn and got off of him. “Hey Finn,” Max said as he withdrew from Finn’s less•tight pink hole, “I want to be exactly where you are…do you mind?”
Finn didn’t mind at all. He got out of Max’s way, going to the other end of the shower to soap himself down as Max slipped his still•hard•enough beer•can•cock into Jeff’s well•fucked, cum•soaked cock•socket, and pushed all the way in. Jeff marveled at how different Max felt inside him, even though he knew the biggest physical difference between Max’s cock and Finn’s was probably only that the former was framed by dark brown, almost black, pubic hair and the latter was framed by cotton•blond pubes. Both were big, thick, meaty, floppy uncut dicks with no more than a half•inch of difference in either length or girth when erect, both flanked by large hen•egg•sized balls hanging low and loose. It wasn’t really how different Max felt inside him, Jeff realized as Max’s penis slid slowly in and out of him, in and out, in and out, it was how different Max’s penis made him feel.
“Can you fuck me again?” Jeff whispered, though knowing he’d have wait for it. “Not like this,” Max said as he continued to slowly ‘fuck’ Jeff (by Mitchell’s definition). “I have to get soft and then get hard again…I could fuck you again in like ten minutes…and get off again…but…”
“But?” Jeff asked. “But we need to think about the allocation of our resources,” Max replied. “How many times did you get off while I was gone?” “Just once,” Jeff said, “you know, allocating my resources, despite incredible temptation.”
“Right,” Max agreed, as Finn got out of the shower and started to dry off. “Plus, fucking you right now…or in ten minutes might be…rude…or at least insensitive…to Finn. We should get out now…I’m losing my boner anyway.” Max got out of Jeff then, and they soaped each other’s junk and ass cracks, since they understood that they could never predict when someone might want to bury his face in one of their cracks, or who that someone might be, and then they got out of the shower.
Jeff draped his dripping wet body all over freshly dried off Finn and kissed him on his lips. “You were fucking awesome, stud.” “You too, bro,” Finn replied, grinning, “but Max…Max is something else…” “Right?” Jeff agreed. “You and me…I think we fuck awesome, but Max fucks better.”
“Stop it, goof•balls, you’re embarrassing me,” Max interjected, “and neither one of you have enough basis of comparison for what you’re saying to even mean anything.” “What’s that mean?” Finn asked. “I think he’s saying we haven’t been fucked by enough different guys,” Jeff replied.
“Well, you can fix that,” Finn said, “though I can’t imagine why you’d want to as long as Max will keep fucking you. Anyway, I’m going back to the pool. Come join me if you want, but it’s cool with me if you guys want to stay inside for awhile.” After Finn left, Jeff wrapped Max in his arms. “What about the allocation of our resources? You meant semen conservation?”
“The twins would like to get together with us later,” Max said, smiling coyly. “They want to meet you if you’re game.”🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.