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The Verse Reconstruction Movement presents: "I've been working on my looks for years"


Tellmewhatyoulike, 22, Krefeld (Germany)

I have been working on my looks for years

I have been working on my looks for years.
I've worked so hard to look sooo pretty,
And now I need to find old pervy men,
To annihilate me,

I am jobless,
And out of touch,
with everybody.

I spend ages,
Looking pretty,
Looking slutty,
So that you all can fuck me up.

I'm ready for it.
Ready for my ruined pretty face,
Ready for my perfect pussy ripped apart,
Ready to go.

My dream.
My dream?
Ah, my dream:
To shine as your pussyboy cumdump star.

A star is born.
Know for getting trashed in all his nasty little scenes,
(Like a literary agent),

I need to get destroyed on video,
So I can send it to my parents,
The video,
So that they know,

The Verse Reconstruction Movement,
which works out of the Cisternesian
monastery of AlcobaƧa, Portugal

(And here is the original text by Tellmewhatyoulike:)

"I have been working on my look for a few years. I have worked so hard to look soooo pretty, now I need to find pervy old men who want to totally annihilate me. COVID has handed me this as an opportunity. I am now jobless, prospectless and out of touch with everybody.
"I want to spend hours making myself look pretty and slutty just so you all can fuck me up! Im ready for my pretty face to be ruined and for my perfect pussy to be ripped apart.
"My dream is to become a famous pussyboy cumdump star that is known for always getting totally trashed in all of my nasty scenes. I want to be totally destroyed on video and I want to send it to my parents to show them what their “perfect son” really is.
"Im looking for men who see me and want to slap me silly. I was born to be tossed around like the weak little bitch I am. I am looking for men who want to hear me scream! Make me beg, punch me, choke me, humiliate me, RUIN ME!"

(Hat tip: Dennis Cooper's blog)