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The Transfer Jock (71) -- By Jack Richards

A few moments later the three of them were lined up in front of the urinal


“Hey Fred,” Jeff cut in quietly as he stood up from the table, “can you tell me where the men’s room is?” “Hey, I’ve got to piss, too,” George said immediately, “C’mon, Jeff, I’ll show you…” “Yeah, I was just going to take a leak myself,” Fred announced, standing up and joining the exodus to the La Muralla men’s room. Max remained behind as his brothers hurried to get a preview of Jeff’s fat watermelonπŸ‰dick, laughing at how transparently - and predictably - shameless he could always count on the twins to be.


A few moments later the three of them were lined up in front of the urinal, a long aluminum trough, Jeff in between the twins, George on his left and Fred on his right, all of them unzipping, none of them staring straight ahead at the Mexican tile on the wall, but each watching for the emergence of the dick to his right or left, or in Jeff’s case, watching for the emergence of the dicks to both his right and left. “Goddamn,” Fred exclaimed when Jeff wrestled his fat cock out of his fly, and then on second thought, unsnapped in addition to unzipping his jeans, and for good measure, pulled his shirt•tail out of the way for the twins’ unobstructed viewing of his partly•engorged sandΓ­aπŸ‰verga gorda.
Jeff hadn’t really known what the twins would be pulling out of their pants, having only seen the photo of George’s boner (with Fred’s boner up his ass), but he was keenly interested in whether their dicks would be as identical as their faces. He wouldn’t have been able to tell George and Fred apart if they hadn’t been wearing different colored shirts, and once they’d pulled out their dicks he couldn’t tell those apart, either - but he liked what he saw. They both had nice, fleshy, above•average uncut dicks, already closer in length and girth to their erect sizes than he would have guessed. Like Mitchell, he figured they were more show•ers than grow•ers. “Hey guys, I’m just gonna say I love your dicks.”
Jeff didn’t even have to piss, but the twins did, and when George’s stream started to flow, Jeff impulsively shot his left hand into the flow of urine below George’s dick, and as he felt the warm piss on the back of his hand, blood surged into his cock and it started to swell. Fred instantly understood that he and Jeff shared a certain predilection - one in which George would certainly engage to humor him, but that he wasn’t all that crazy about - so Fred redirected the flow of his stream onto Jeff’s already swelling cock, which as suddenly as those things can happen, stiffened completely as Jeff groaned.
“Catch me later and return the favor, would you?” Fred asked. “You can fucking count on it,” Jeff replied. He’d love to do a solid for Fred and piss all over him. Fred suddenly planted his mouth on Jeff’s and urgently thrust his tongue into Jeff’s willing mouth and his hand down the back of his jeans, cupping Jeff’s firm, hairy ass. Jeff reached for Fred’s fat cock and balls and squeezed his junk.
“Oh, for Chrissake’s, let’s all go get a room, you fucking homos, before somebody walks in on us,” George said, handing Jeff a wet paper towel with which to wipe himself off.
“How was it?” Max asked, laughing, when the three of them returned to the table. Jeff and Fred looked flushed, and Max couldn’t miss Jeff’s obvious erection.
“Surprising,” Fred said, with a twinkle in his eyes, “and pleasantly so.” Fred had never asked Max to piss on him. The fact that George occasionally did that for him, however reluctantly, was probably the only deliberately withheld secret the twins still had from Max, that and the fact that they had once butt•fucked each other in front of a half•dozen+ straight couples who, guys and girls alike, had been chanting ‘Hard•Bone! Hard•Bone! Hard•Bone!‘ throughout that pair of legendary ass•fuckings - before the part that they had told him about, that the last five guys in the room that Homecoming Night had then fucked them in the ass. There were just some things you didn’t tell your impressionable kid brother.
“Close call on the Roman candles,” Jeff said, “very.”
“Should we go fire them off then?” Max asked eagerly.
“Not quite, as anxious as we are to light the fuses,” George said. “Fred and I have an idea to run by you guys, kind of like a game we might play when we get to Jeff’s house. We like the concept, but we also know it may sound dumb as fuck and we’ve never actually done this before.”
“It’s just that four•ways are kind of awkward,” Fred explained, “and usually just end up with two couples fucking in the same room, and then maybe swapping partners.”
“Which we’re perfectly happy to do, and will probably end up doing later anyway,” George chimed back in, “but, Jeff, something about the three of us you may not know yet, and you might not be into, is that all three of us have a pretty strong voyeuristic streak…like I love to watch Max boning Fred, Max likes watching me and Fred, that kind of thing.”
“I am so fucking into that,” Jeff said. “I love watching hot guys fuck.” Had he been asked to plan the night’s itinerary, he would’ve wanted to say, but wouldn’t have, is that there was nothing he’d rather do than watch the twins fuck for awhile before getting sandwiched by them, or maybe watch the three brothers sandwich•fucking, preferably with Max in the middle.
“Great, that’s perfect,” Fred acknowledged, “but the problem with four guys pairing off and fucking at the same time is you miss out on a lot of that…visual element.”
“So what we thought we might try is this,” George said, “there are six possible two•way combinations with this group - Max•Jeff, Max•Fred, Max•George, George•Fred, George•Jeff and Jeff•Fred.”
“So we write those combinations on six cards and put them in one pot,” Fred continued, “and in another pot we put a bunch of different ‘action cards’…that say shit like fucking, sucking, rimming, frotting, mutual hand•jobs, 69, you know, anything hot we can think of…”
“Also maybe spanking, 69 rimming/sucking, bondage•fucks, plate jobs, Jeff pissing on Fred, Fred pissing on Jeff, whatever anybody wants to throw in there,“ George added.
“I’ve got some hand•cuffs and stuff like that,” Jeff volunteered. “Dildos, too, if you want to work those in.”
“No plate jobs,” Max said, “period.” “What’s a plate job?” Jeff whispered in Max’s ear. “Something we’re never doing,” Max replied, “or watching them do.” And given Fred’s squeamishness about taking a dump with someone else present, or being present when someone else was taking a dump, Max was certain that Fred wasn’t going to be involved in any plate job with George, either. If George had a secret unscratched itch, he’d have to find someone else to scratch it. George’s casual inclusion of action cards requiring Fred and Jeff to piss on each other didn’t sound exactly random, and suggested to Max that Fred might have an itch he hadn’t known about.
“Then we take turns drawing a card out of each pot,” Fred took over, “say it’s my turn and I pull a card that says George•Jeff and then I draw the second card and it says fucking…then you guys fuck, and you can decide who tops whom, or maybe flip a coin to preserve the randomness of the whole thing. And we go around like that…Max draws two cards that tell him and Jeff to blow each other. Et cetera.”
“I like the coin•flip, with a couple of other rules,” George added, “like these pairings have to have a pretty short time limit to keep things moving and get everyone involved, maybe five minutes, tops; nobody can get off until, say, at least their third pairing; and the guys watching can only watch, they can’t fuck or whatever until their card gets drawn.”
“One last thing,” Fred said, “we both feel like there ought to be a pretty strong drinking element to all this, but we haven’t really thought about how to incorporate that. This is still a work•in•progress.”
“Like if the participant card says Jeff•Max,” Jeff suggested, “we both have to take a shot before we do whatever the action card says?”
Fred and George looked at each other. “That’d work,” they said together. “And if somebody nuts too soon, he has to take two shots,” Jeff added. “Perfect,” the twins agreed. “So what do you guys think about our game?” George asked. “Understanding that we can bail and go straight to normal butt•fucking anytime we want?”
“I’ll try anything at least once,” Max said, “but I think it’ll be key to keep everything moving fast.”
“I fucking love the idea,” Jeff said. “It’s a game everyone wins.”
“Hey Jeff, you bare•back, right?” Fred asked, as they left La Muralla. “That’s my preference, but I’m not gonna take a pass on fucking some guy because he insists I use a rubber.”
“Cool,” George said, “we’d never think of insisting. We can all go down in flames together.”
“So we’ll stop at a liquor store but not a condom store,” Fred said, “and then we’ll meet you guys at Jeff’s place. And Jeff? Humor George and me, please, and keep your clothes on until we get there.” Max knew what that portended, and Jeff was going to enjoy it.


Jeff felt his phone vibrate in his pocket as he and Max got into the car. He pulled it out and saw that Mitchell had called, then told Max he needed to return the call. “Jeff, if he’s somehow gotten left out tonight, don’t even hesitate, invite him to come spend the night with all of us,” Max insisted.
“You don’t think the twins will mind?” Jeff asked.
“I think the twins would love it, and their game would be even more fun with five…that would create four more possible couple combinations, all with a ten•and•a•half inch cock,” Max replied, “but none of that’s an issue. It’s your house, invite who you want. For what it’s worth, though, I want Mitchell with us.”
Jeff called Mitchell, who was, as Max had suspected, alone at Coach’s house. Coach had come home while Jeff and Max were running, and then left again, mysteriously telling Finn and Mitchell that he hoped he wouldn’t be back until the next morning. In either case, he’d told them to make themselves at home. Finn was pretty much fucked•out and had decided to go home for a good night’s sleep after he and Mitchell went to get something to eat together. That hadn’t seemed like a big deal because they’d both expected Max and Jeff to be back before Mitchell returned. But, of course, they had come and gone while Mitchell was out.
“Look, bro, that’s perfect,” Jeff told Mitchell. “We just met the legendary twins for drinks and they decided to spend the night - with us - instead of going back to school tonight. So we’re on our way to my house to meet them…and we fucking insist that you go with us. We’re right around the corner from Coach’s now, and we’re swinging by there in two minutes to get you…Nope, I’m not taking no for an answer…Are you fucking kidding me? Those dudes would rather you fuck them any day than me…but lucky for us, there’s two of them…and they look fucking delicious…ETA two minutes, so grab your favorite lube. See ya then, stud.”
“Thanks, Max, I’m glad we did that,” Jeff said after hanging up.
“You didn’t need my permission,” Max replied, “and it wasn’t only the right thing to do, it was the more fun option…like inviting Tyler would be, more fun anyway, I’m not saying we owe him anything. What do you think?”
Jeff was quiet for a minute, thinking. “I’m kinda torn,” he finally said. “I want some QT with your brothers and you. I love Mitchell like a fuck•brother, and I’m happy he’s coming. Tyler’s hot and interesting, and if he’s just chilling at home tonight, he’d probably be thrilled if you called and invited him…I mean, shit, he probably doesn’t have any plans to get laid tonight or he wouldn’t have been cruising the park this afternoon. You know, I can even see that guy as a future fuck•brother…and he and Mitchell would probably fucking hit it off great…but I’m also greedy, and part of me hates to share a find like Tyler, even with Mitchell, before you and I even get a turn…How many different couple combinations would adding one more dude give us anyway?”
“Fifteen in total,” Max replied, as he pulled into Coach’s driveway. “And if we shortened the encounters to, say, three minutes, it could get exquisitely wild in a hurry…”
“Holy fuck,” Jeff said. “Max, I mean this in all seriousness…you decide, and if you decide what I think you’re going to decide, give Tyler a call while I go collect Mitchell. And that’s a decision I’d be real happy with. We can still fuck him in the park tomorrow, so what does it really matter if the twins get to tap him first?” Jeff went inside to collect Mitchell.
Max thought the strongest arguments for inviting Tyler were that he was their new friend (and friends include their friends) and that Tyler and Mitchell probably really would like each other a lot, which would make Jeff’s QT with the twins easier to come by. For Max, the strongest argument against inviting him was that he was just as greedy as Jeff, and he wanted to fuck Tyler first (or second with Jeff)…but he’d never been a guy to exclude anyone from anything to enhance his own position. And he was toying with sort of a symbolic solution, like before the game, he and Jeff would each penetrate Tyler and Tyler would penetrate both of them…maybe they’d all go balls•deep…and then stop fucking? Maybe that was a stupid idea, and whether they did that shit or not had no bearing on whether they should invite Tyler. He picked up his phone and called Tyler “Hey bro, it’s Max…”
“Are you sure you guys really want a fifth wheel?” Mitchell asked as he and Jeff walked to Max’s waiting car.
“Dude, stop being like that,” Jeff replied. “No. 1, I’ve already told you we’re fuck•brothers, and that’s a two•way street, by the way. We not only want you, but we need you to help us fuck some guys tonight, as we’ll explain on the way. No. 2, it’s possible there’s not only a fifth wheel, but a sixth wheel, which I don’t know yet if we do or not, but if we do, we’re really going to need you to spend some time with No. 6, who happens to be hot•as•fuck and very likable. And No. 3, there’s a reason those twins are legendary, and you’re probably going to have to help us subdue them eventually…if all three of us aren’t totally fucked out by then.”🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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