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The Transfer Jock (75) -- By Jack Richards

“But, Coach,” Jeff explained, “even though you don’t really want to fuck all those guys on the team, you very much want them to fuck you."

“But, Coach,” Jeff explained, “even though you don’t really want to fuck all those guys on the team, you very much want them to fuck you. If I get them to line up and give you your deepest, most secret desire and pull a long•ass train on your ass, you understand you’re going to have to fuck at least a couple of them, right? I mean, that’s just common courtesy.”
“You’ve got a way with words well beyond your years,” Coach said, hugging Jeff close to him. “How’d you figure out what my most secret desire was before I did?”
“That’s simple,” Jeff replied. “And you’d have never gone there on your own because it’s all so fucking taboo to you…but you’ve made it crystal fucking clear that you love getting your ass hammered in, and especially by…well, at least one younger dude who happens to be on your team. So what could be better than that…other than getting hammered by half a dozen horny ballers?
“Plus, I had another piercing insight, while I was figuring out your deepest secret desire, namely, I’m beginning to think that we’ve got a whole lot in common, and talking all that smack about the guys lining up behind you made me realize how much I want a bunch of fucking studs to all line up behind me, too.” (Episode 16)
As soon as Fred and Mitchell finished spit•roasting George, Jeff reached for the cap containing the participant cards and stirred them up. When he looked inside, he saw that the card with a tiny ink dot on its back - the one that supposedly said ‘TRAIN’ - was one of those on top. Jeff reached for it, as Fred downed his two penalty shots. (Episode 74)
“Fuck,” Fred declared as he shook his numb, slack jowls, “I’m officially fucking drunk.”
“You’re a fucking•A good•looking drunk,” Jeff observed, admiring Fred’s six•pack and fat, cum•slickened cock hanging below a patch of sandy blond pubic hair. “Go ahead and take your card,” Fred replied, “but please don’t pull my name out of the cap…I’ll throw up if I have to take another shot now.” All eyes were on Jeff as he reached into cap for the card he’d zeroed in on. Jeff looked at the card and took a deep breath. “TRAIN!” he shouted. ‘This is going to be hot•as•fuck,’ he thought, ‘if only Coach could see me now.’
“Here’s the individual names for figuring out who fucks who in which order,” Mitchell said, holding the cap out to Jeff. “The first name you draw gets boned by the other five guys in the order you pull their names out.”
Jeff hoped he drew his or Mitchell’s name first, but he was going to play this drawing straight and read out whoever’s name was on the card. He also hoped he didn’t pull Max’s name out of the cap first…watching Tyler and Max fuck had been fine, but he wasn’t really keen on watching four other guys fuck Max. Jeff didn’t know it, but Max and Mitchell were also hoping to hear their names called. The way they saw it, who wouldn’t want five hot dudes to line up behind them? Jeff did know that’s exactly what George was hoping for, of course. Tyler and Fred were hoping to be toward the end of the line, to give their dicks and stomachs a short break. Neither would have minded getting fucked in the ass by five red•hot guys, but that wasn’t either of their’s deepest secret desire, nor even near the top of either of their lists.
“Unh unh,” Jeff said, refusing to take the cap from Mitchell. “Stir ‘em up good for me, bro, and hold it up high so I can’t see.” Mitchell complied, and Jeff closed his eyes and reached into the cap, pulling out a card as everyone watched. “Fuck yeah…JEFF!” Jeff read aloud gleefully, excited to be on the cusp of living his secret fantasy. He showed all of them the card with his name on it.
“And the first hot fucker to fuck me is gonna be…MAX! Fuck, I’ve been waiting all day for that.” Jeff again showed the card he’d drawn to the group, not that anyone (other than Max, Mitchell and, possibly, Fred) would’ve ever thought he had cheated in order to be the recipient of five hard cocks, beginning with Max’s.
“Here, Max, why don’t you draw the next name?” Jeff suggested. Max drew a card as he flopped his beer•can•cock around enough to stiffen it up since he was on deck, and said, “No. 2 is…George…you draw no. 3, bro.” George pulled a card out of the cap. “Tyler, you’re third….why don’t you be a dear and draw no. 4?” Tyler took the cap from George, pulled a card and read, “Giant ginger boner.”
That left Fred, relieved, to have sloppy fifths as the caboose. His new mission, he decided, would be not only to end the train but to end the game when he blasted off in Max’s hot•as•fuck new boyfriend, and then retire to some secluded spot with said boyfriend and get the fuck boned out of himself - without a timer - by the boyfriend’s fat watermelon🍉dick. Fred was cool with sharing with Max if he had to.
“OK, fuckers,” Fred said to the group, “take your shots before you plug in…Jeff and Max, take your shots now. What’s your position, stud…Jeff, your position?”
Jeff threw back a shot•glass of beer, which might have been cheating, strictly speaking, but nobody objected, and quite a few others followed his lead when it came their turns to take a shot. “I might switch it up some later,” Jeff replied, “but bending over the back of the couch seems like a good place to start a train…” Jeff was thinking about how he and Dewey had walked in on Mitchell plowing Coach draped over the back of his couch a couple of nights before and had spontaneously turned that into a mini•train. Coach had seemed to take all that D pretty well from that position, so what the fuck?
“And by the way,” Jeff continued, “if anyone wants to put their dick in my face while I’m getting boned, I’ll suck it for free.” As soon as Jeff bent over the back of the couch, Fred climbed up in front of him and stuck his (temporarily) limp dick in Jeff’s face….and, true to his word, Jeff scarfed that fat noodle up…for free…and sucked Fred’s dick until Mitchell tapped Fred on the shoulder and briefly took his place.
Max bent down and kissed Jeff’s neck up and down, then whispered in his ear, “Finally.” Max was the only one of the six who hadn’t gotten off yet that night, but Jeff understood his remark to mean that ‘finally’ the two of them would be ‘together,’ even if everyone else was also about to be ‘together’ with Jeff, who was very much all about ‘togetherness.’ Jeff had it right of course - for Max it wasn’t about getting off, it was about being with Jeff and, hey, all the better that it would be in him that he dumped his first load since he’d nailed Finn into Jeff in the shower earlier that day.
“Hey, man,” Jeff said to Max, “let’s go curl up together in my bed after this little train is over…what do you say, OK?” “”Mm,” Max said noncommittally as he spread Jeff’s cheeks and started his rock•hard 16•year•old beer•can•cock in Jeff’s receptive hole as the other four guys crowded in close. Somebody - either Fred or George, because they were the two closest - stuck a lubed finger in Max’s medium•tight nut•brown asshole as he pushed hard into Jeff.
“That’s some serious fucking,” Tyler observed as Max worked Jeff’s fuck•tunnel deliberately, very sure to rub Jeff’s ‘sweet spot,’ about four inches deep in his rectum, with the head of his cock, both on the way in and on the way out. “Duh, they look like they’ve done this a time or two before,” George suggested, “look how well they move together.” George could only hope he looked half as good as Jeff when he took his baby bro’s beer•can•cock. Or a quarter as good as Max driving it in when it was his turn to top his little bro’s boyfriend.
“I could squirt, bro,” Max told Jeff as he slowed his tempo. “Then do it,” Jeff encouraged him, “you’re overdue, and prolonging this - as good as it is - isn’t doing anyone any favors.”
“The natives are getting restless,” George chimed in. George might’ve been restless, but he’d have had a hard time stuffing his semi (at best) into Jeff’s hole, and he was on deck. “Hey, can someone lend me a mouth? I need a little boost.” Tyler volunteered and jumped on George’s fat dick, deep•throating him as Max started driving the home stretch faster and harder. “Hard•bone! Hard•bone! Hard•bone!“ the group chanted as George stiffened quickly in Tyler’s mouth and Max nutted spectacularly💦💦💦.
“Whoever’s after George,” Jeff instructed as Max withdrew his spent cock from his back•side, “come stick your dick in my mouth…please.” Jeff recognized Mitchell’s ring•tone from across the room and wondered if Coach was finally checking back in as Tyler teased his lips with the head of his dick. “I’m after George,” Tyler reminded Jeff with his penis.
George did not throw up or pass out after he threw back yet another shot, but he did stagger, and had to be led to and aimed at Jeff’s waiting bulls•eye. “Oh fuck yeah, baby bro,” George slurred as he slid his (surprisingly) hard cock seven inches deep into Jeff, “love the fucking cum•slick you laid down for me in here.” George loved fucking in the wake of Max’s cum•slick so much that he took eight or ten solid strokes before he enlarged the cum•slick by fulsomely squirting before he collapsed💦💦💦. Max assisted him in clearing a patch of floor across the room for George to lie down…which he did for the next several hours, down for the count.
“Hey Jeff, hope you don’t mind one more…Finn’s on his way over,” Mitchell reported while Tyler took a shot of beer and got in position. “The blond beer•can•cock from the shower?” Fred asked hopefully. “One and the same,” Max confirmed. “He apparently took a nap, his tummy•ache or whatever went away and he woke up with a boner…plus he said he misses us,” Mitchell advised as Fred began sucking his drooping semi into readiness for action after Tyler’s turn.
“I’m feeling good so far,” Jeff replied, “so no problem from…in my end. But if the next three fuckers burn me down, he can fuck one of you guys, right?”
“Mmm hmm,” Fred quickly confirmed through a mouthful of Mitchell’s stiffening cock. “Right,” Mitchell and Max immediately agreed. George snorted on the floor, though not in response to Jeff’s question. George was toast, “What the fuck,” Tyler chimed in as he assumed the position behind Jeff, “if all of you are down with the guy, sounds like it would be a privilege to get fucked by him.”
“Trust me, bro,” Jeff assured him as Tyler pushed hard into the cum•slick waiting for him, “Finn brings it like an alpha top…but he’s in the process of discovering his inner•bottom this weekend, and he’d probably prefer that any or all of us fuck him…by the way, dude, I’m glad you’re back…I like the way you fuck with authority.” Tyler was already rocking hard on Jeff’s ass. “I’m fucking proud to be back…and I like the glide•path Max and his bro laid down for me,” Tyler replied as his cock squelched in and out through the spooge in Jeff’s rectum.
Tyler was a typical 16•year•old ass•fucker with a 16•year•old rock•hard cock who fucked at one speed - furious! - and Jeff hammered him back like the power•bottom he was becoming. Tyler yelped loudly after about three minutes of furious fucking, signaling the onset of his cum•fountain seven inches deep in Jeff’s fuck•tunnel as he continued pounding through his orgasm💦💦💦. When he finally gave up and tenderly pulled his spent dick out, gobs of cum started leaking profusely from the vacated hole. “Man oh man,” Tyler panted, “check that out.”
“Fuck me if I’m going to let all that go to waste,” Fred observed and the buried his face in Jeff’s crack, lapping up the leaking composite of Max, George and Tyler’s orgasms while Mitchell took a beer shot and got ready to be the fourth one in. “How ya doing, bro?” Mitchell asked his best friend as Max swapped in for Fred, licking more leaking cum out of Jeff’s crack. “You still OK with one more? Same position?”
“Duh…three more,” Jeff replied, eager for the biggest dick in the room, “and the position’s fine. Tell ya what, though, a swig of beer before you get started would be nice.” Mitchell grabbed a fresh beer and handed it to Jeff as he stood up straight and stretched, then downed about half the beer. “Ahh, thanks,” Jeff said, “now do your damnedest…but take your time doing it.”
For the first time ever Mitchell pushed all ten•and•half inches into Jeff, balls•deep, with one steady drive. Jeff still felt snug enough, but he’d never been quite that accommodating. “Fuck, you feel so good,” the not•quite tight•end told him as Mitchell began slow•boning him, withdrawing nine+ inches and thrusting all the way in and out, in and out, in and out. “Ditto, bro,” Mitchell replied.
Meanwhile, Fred had settled down on the end of the couch to Jeff’s right, and Max got down on the floor in front of him and went to work on his big low•hangers, sucking first one and then the other into his mouth, alternating back and forth as Fred (and Jeff) moaned with pleasure. “Nothing like brotherly love,” Jeff said, grinning, as Mitchell changed his pace, driving harder and faster with each thrust, his nuts slapping rhythmically against Jeff’s firm ass.
When Finn rang the doorbell, Tyler jumped up and went to answer it, eager to get a look at the hung alpha•top upperclassman who was supposedly in the process of discovering his inner•bottom. Hadn’t someone said beer•can•cock?💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by Vilela Valentin