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The Transfer Jock (76) -- By Jack Richards

“Hey, will somebody make sure Fred is good and hard while I take a quick dump?”


When Finn rang the doorbell at Jeff’s house, Tyler jumped up and went to answer it, eager to get a look at the hung alpha•top upperclassman who was supposedly in the process of discovering his inner•bottom. Hadn’t someone also said something about him having a beer•can•cock?


Finn just laughed when the front door opened and he was greeted by a tall, lanky - and naked - stranger with a swollen, red, cum•smeared dick. The kid still had blobs of wet cum stuck in his neatly trimmed pubic hair. In fact, to Finn he looked good enough to blow on the spot, although he did appear to be a little on the young side. Where did Jeff keep finding all these hot fucking queers with fat cocks? In the background Finn could hear the unmistakable sounds of fucking...more precisely of Jeff getting plowed and loving it.

“Yep, this must be the right house, alright,” Finn observed, laughing. “I recognize that noisy fucking bottom taking one for the team. Hi, I’m Finn, and I heard you guys need some help fucking my buddy into submission.”

Finn extended his hand and shook Tyler’s warmly. “I’m Tyler and I’m damned glad to meet you,” the sophomore gushed. The guy whose hand he refused to release and who was staring at his freshly•used junk was drop•dead gorgeous...if you were into platinum blond studs with piercing blue eyes. Tyler had thought he’d just fucked the best looking guy he’d ever seen...but suddenly he was no longer sure of that fact. And Finn had dressed ready•to•fuck, too, which is to say barely. He was wearing an old faded T•shirt, worn cotton gym•shorts (obviously free•balling, Tyler noted correctly, with the visible outline of a big fucking dick), and flip•flops.

“What number were you?” Finn asked, deciding that while the kid with the swollen, cum•smeared dick blocking his entry into the house might be a little on the young side, he obviously wasn’t TOO young, or he wouldn’t have been there. “Huh?” Tyler asked, barely able to take his eyes off the bulging beer•can poorly disguised by Finn’s shorts. “Fucking Jeff? In the train? What number were you?” Finn clarified, wondering if the minor was a little ’slow.’ “Oh yeah, sorry,” Tyler replied, “I just finished up a few minutes ago. I was number 3.”

“So how was it?” Finn asked, winking at him with one eye and ogling his junk with the other. “Fucking awesome,” Tyler responded, grinning ear•to•ear. “I’ve never fucked a dude who hammers your cock with his ass as hard as Jeff does.” “Yeah, in my limited experience the only thing better than Jeff bending over for you is bending over for his big fat watermelon🍉dick,” Finn said. “What’s the status now?”

“Well, that noisy fucking bottom you can hear in there is in the process of taking his fourth hard one for the team,” Tyler replied. “Mitchell, No. 4, was getting close to nutting when I got up to answer the door, and Max is blowing Fred, who’ll be the fifth. George, who went second, after Max, is already passed out. Max is blowing Fred to get him hard again, he’s next but he just fucked George right before the train started. George is already passed out...way too many shots.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry I missed the twins fucking,” Finn sighed, genuinely disappointed. “How was that? Are they as hot as Max?” He and Tyler were standing awfully close together just just across the threshold from one another, and Finn was surprised by how badly he wanted to kiss the kid’s graceful neck...and every other part of him, too. The fact that Tyler seemed to be smitten by him wasn’t lost on Finn.

“They’re hot, and clearly very experienced,” Tyler replied, “but they’re not as hot as Max. Don’t get me wrong, if you ordered a whole fucking boxcar load of hot queer studs and when you threw open the door, there was only one of those fuckers, either one, standing in the boxcar, you’d have still gotten your money’s worth. Know what I mean?” “I think I do,” Finn replied, laughing at Tyler’s very descriptive description. The lithe sophomore was not only hot, he seemed to have a way with words. “So what’s been the hottest thing so far for you tonight?” he asked Tyler.

“Without a doubt being the middleman in a sandwich fuck with Jeff and Max, Jeff topping me...um...Finn...you’re up after Fred, and, uh, if you’d like, I’d be happy to...um, make sure...you’re...um...you know...you’re ready...um, that you’re good and hard...for when it’s your turn to fuck Jeff...” Tyler stammered, relishing the thought of pulling down Finn’s shorts and swallowing what he could see from the bulge was plainly a great big fat upperclassman dick. His cock twitched and began to swell (more) at the thought of helping prime Finn for Jeff.

Finn laughed again, not at the kid’s blossoming erection, but at the fact that Tyler was still standing naked in the open doorway and was about to be standing in the open doorway with a full•blown boner. “Maybe you should let me inside and close the door first,” Finn suggested genially, “and then you can do whatever the fuck you want to me, including skipping the sausage•fest and taking me straight to an unused bedroom.” New meat was every bit as appealing to Finn as it was to most other guys, but there was something about Tyler that he found particularly exciting.

Tyler’s cock throbbed and continued to rise as he jumped aside in embarrassment to let Finn enter. “Gosh, I’m, um, I’m s-sorry for being such a sap...I, I, um, I don’t know what came over me.” “Lust, I hope,” Finn laughed as he closed the door behind him. He reached for Tyler’s hand again and pulled him gently to him. He and Tyler’s faces were just inches apart as Finn looked deeply into Tyler’s clear green eyes. He moved to plant his mouth on Tyler’s but stopped himself short, Tyler’s mouth already parting for him. “I’m sorry,” Finn breathed, barely audible, “do you mind if I kiss you?”

Tyler answered by clasping his mouth firmly over Finn’s, his tongue searching urgently for the senior’s. They kissed hungrily as Tyler’s hand squeezed Finn’s stiffening beer•can•cock through his shorts. Tyler moaned with his first touch of Finn’s basketful of junk as Finn’s hand closed tightly around his new friend’s throbbing boner. “You can fuck me right now if you want to,” Tyler managed to say through their joined tongues.
“Is that allowed?” Finn asked hopefully after Tyler broke their lip•lock to drop to his knees. “I mean, I don’t know what the rules of the game are..but, yeah, I want you.” Tyler paused before pulling down Finn’s bulging gym shorts, which took all of his self•control. “Well...I don’t think the rules even apply to you since you just got here,” he replied tentatively, “but if they do, you could still fuck me but you couldn’t get off in me. You can only nut when it’s your turn. So you could fuck me until Fred blows his load in Jeff, then you’d have to take over and finish up in him...I think.”

Having answered Finn’s question as best he could, Tyler returned his concentration to the only task that mattered to him, tugging Finn’s shorts down to his ankles, while Finn pulled his T•shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. Tyler moaned like a tenth•grader when he saw Finn’s thick patch of light blond pubic hair. ‘Fucking beautiful,’ he thought, and accurately so.

Finn’s huge hard cock got Tyler’s attention too, and he was quickly licking the thick hooded shaft while he rolled down his foreskin (Finn’s; Tyler’s was already bunched below the head of his dick) and smeared the gobs of Finn’s oozing precum over the bulbous head of his massive cock. From where Tyler knelt he’d hit the fucking jackpot. This dude’s dick was every bit as big as Jeff’s, and he didn’t think he’d have to share this guy with Max.

The two of them had mostly been oblivious to the crowd behind them since Tyler had opened the door and Finn had immediately identified Jeff’s raucous voice loudly encouraging the impaling of his ass by Mitchell: ‘You call that FUCKING?! C’mon, motherfucker! FUCK ME! Harder! Faster! Deeper!’ Then the acoustic bubble around the two new lust•birds burst with Mitchell’s piercing orgasmic cry and the accompanying cheers of the watching gallery💦.

As Mitchell pulled out of him, Jeff looked up and saw that Finn had arrived, and their eyes met. Jeff took in the fact that Finn was barely inside the front door but was already completely naked and getting a vigorous blowjob from that horny little sex•box he and Max had picked up in the park. “Jesus Christ, Finn!” he yelled, “I have Mitchell invite you over here to be the caboose on my train, and you hardly get inside the house before you’re doing vile and unspeakable shit with my new favorite woodland•nymph.”

“Hey, bro,” Finn replied, grinning, “you’re looking pretty solid for a dude who’s just gotten hammered by four big swinging dicks.” As a matter of fact, Jeff looked positively radiant. “And, yeah, I do like your new friend a lot.”

“Fuck yeah you do,” Jeff said, “because he’s hot•as•fuck, has a perpetual rock•hard sixteen•year•old cock and, as you’re finding out for yourself, I’ve been told he he can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Plus, as you can also see, he’s a very friendly guy. Hey Tyler, go easy on that big cock, Finn’s got a real hair•trigger, and I’d hate for him to accidentally blow his load before he cabooses me.”

“Hey, will somebody make sure Fred is good and hard while I take a quick dump?” Jeff continued chattering. “And Fred, say hello to my best bud Finn, who’s got a giant beer•can•cock like mine, only you can’t see it right now because the woodland•nymph has apparently unhinged his jaw and swallowed it whole.”

“Hi, gorgeous, hope to fuck you later, or vice•versa,” Fred said pleasantly to Finn. “Either would be my pleasure, stud,” Finn replied. “I’ve heard a lot about you - and George.” “All filthy, I trust,” Fred quipped. “The filthiest,” Finn assured him.

When Jeff returned to the den a few minutes later, Max was sucking his big brother’s nuts and lightly stroking his shaft, Tyler and Finn were engaged in some fairly aggressive sixty•nine in the middle of the room, and Mitchell was down on the floor near them, writing something on George’s chest with a magic marker.

“Fred, you’re up! Get your ass over here and start pile•driving me, you beautiful fucking queer!” Jeff yelled. “Finn! Goddamn son, you do work fast!” Jeff was clearly still on his adrenaline high. “You know you’re after Fred, right? You ever been the sixth man in a gang•bang?”

“Nope, and I can hardly wait,” Finn replied. “As a matter of fact, I CAN’T wait...but Tyler and I are a little fuzzy on the rules of the game. If I don’t nut is it OK if we fuck until you’re ready for me?”

“Why the fuck are you asking me?” Jeff asked quizzically. “Better to ask Tyler, although I think I know what he’ll say...or what he’d say if you weren’t gagging him with your mule•dick. Hey Fred, sorry about having to take that dump and blow out all that great natural lubrication, bro, but Mitchell broke something loose inside me with his giant cock...re•lube me before you dive in, OK? And don’t worry, I wiped and everything.”

“So we won’t be breaking a rule if Finn fucks me now,” Tyler asked Mitchell hopefully, but wanting to be very clear, “you know, just until Fred finishes?” “Fuck no, the rules are suspended,” Mitchell replied, “or that rule is, anyway, so long as you fuck in here so we can all watch you.”

“Damn right, bro, come over here and fuck right next to us,” Jeff said to Finn as Fred entered him effortlessly, patting the top of the couch which he was bent over. Fred was grinding away on his back•thrusting ass in no time flat. “Oh fuck yeah, Fred, there, that’s the fucking spot!”

“Let’s fucking do it then,” Finn said eagerly, pulling Tyler to his feet.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by R.A.Schultz