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The Commission -- Priapus of Milet

The Transfer Jock (77) -- By Jack Richards

“Damn right, bro, come over here and fuck Tyler right next to us.”



“Damn right, bro, come over here and fuck Tyler right next to us,” Jeff said to Finn as Fred, the fifth car on the train, entered him effortlessly, patting the top of the couch which he was bent over. Fred was grinding away on his back•thrusting ass in no time flat. “Oh fuck yeah, Fred, there, that’s the fucking spot!”


“Let’s fucking do it then,” Finn said eagerly, pulling Tyler to his feet. Then taking him by his boner and leading him around the couch, he added quietly, “Sorry for partying, stud, but you’re absolutely hot•as•fuck. You already know that, though.” “Not so fast,” Max chimed in mischievously from below Finn’s swinging junk, laughing. “One rule still applies - you both have to take a shot before doing the dirty deed. He pointed Finn toward the bar - with which Tyler had already become intimately familiar - then lay back down on the floor behind the couch, almost underneath the fuckers and soon•to•be•fuckers with a great view of the action, his head in Mitchell’s lap, pillowed by the ginger’s fat, cushy cock.
After Finn had downed some bourbon•something, and Tyler had opted for a beer shot, Finn again led the wood•nymph by his rock•hard sixteen•year•old cock to the backside of the couch, stepping over a snoring George on the way and pausing to check out his still•ample flaccid cock, as well as to read the lettering on George’s chest: ‘FUCKING PROM QUEEN.’ Below the words, Mitchell had drawn a charicature of an erect penis ejaculating, complete with pubic hair, big swinging balls and semen taking flight. The artwork covered George’s whole mid•section.
Finn noted that, minus the artwork, the twins did indeed look exactly alike, and hot, blond versions of Max without quite as much, though still plenty of, penis. The only differences he noted were due to their present circumstances: George’s fat, scrumptious dick was soft and sleeping, while Fred’s dick was rock•hard, which he’d seen before Fred buried it in Jeff’s ass; George was drooling peacefully, whereas Fred was grunting and spluttering furiously as he hammered the other transfer•jock. He’d be more than happy to fuck or bend over for either of the twins…after Tyler, of course, and Jeff.
To Tyler’s surprise, Finn bent over the back of the sofa (and Max) himself, right next to Jeff, propped up on his forearms. “You fuck me first, Tyler. No sense in letting your killer hard•on go to waste. Besides, I want to keep you happy…and close.” Tyler, who had thought Finn was about to top him, didn’t argue with the big, beautiful first baseman. He immediately reached for the Astro•glide, then happily went to work lubing Finn’s beautiful blond•fringed (pink) asshole. ‘What a beautiful fucking crack,’ he thought as he stretched Finn’s surprisingly snug hole with two long fingers.
“What a beautiful fucking cock,” Mitchell whispered into Max’s ear as looked up at Finn’s heavy dangling dick. “And those huge nuts,” Max observed. “Fair warning, and just so you know,” Mitchell advised, “I’m probably going to want to stroke one out when that great big floppy starts flopping right in our faces.” “Cool,” Max said, “you can finish in my mouth if you want.” “10/4…but I probably won’t nut until Finn is fucking Jeff.” “Whenever is fine.”
As Tyler quickly fingered and stretched him, Finn, looking at Jeff, asked, “So, do you come here often?” Jeff laughed, replying, “Not before tonight, but this is my fifth time so far…and four dudes have already cum right here.” “Sounds like a veritable honey hole,” Finn said as he felt the swollen head of Tyler’s dick pushing into him. Fuck, but that kid felt good inside him.
“You doing OK?” Finn asked Jeff under his breath. “Crushing it,” Jeff assured him as Fred began driving him hard again, Fred’s balls slapping rhythmically against Jeff’s sweet ass. “Fred, who fucks like Max, which is to say great, is a golden shower aficionado, too,” Jeff knowingly informed Finn with an impish grin. “You don’t say,” Finn replied, chuckling. “Yep, it’s true,” Jeff assured him. “The only thing he got wrong,” Fred said, beaming, “is that I don’t fuck like Max, Max fucks like me.” “What can I say? I had a great teacher,” Max chimed in.
Finn leaned his face over to Jeff’s and kissed him deeply. They more•or•less continuously swapped saliva throughout the remainder of that double ass•fucking, during which they both got absolutely fucking hammered, in the best way possible.
Fred, of course, had a pretty good head start over Tyler. When his balls finally stopped slapping against Jeff’s ass and he exploded deep inside his partner, collapsing onto Jeff’s sweaty back💦, Jeff looked over at Finn, grinning, and announced, “You’re up, bro. You still hard enough?” Finn wasn’t still hard enough, but he could fix that PDQ.
Tyler slowed down upon Jeff’s announcement, as if he might withdraw, ready to yield Finn over to Jeff without nutting, even though Fred was still heaving and panting on Jeff’s back. “Unh unh, sport,” Finn declared, “you’re going to finish what you started. Jeff can wait, Tyler. You fuck me as long and hard as you need to, or at least as long as you want to.” “I’d like to fuck you all night,” Tyler responded, “but I can make do with a couple more minutes.”
Finn knew Tyler had just fucked Jeff a few minutes before he’d arrived - he had seen the still•wet cum in Tyler’s pubic hair when he opened the door - but he had no idea how many other loads, if any, Tyler might have deposited that night. He was up for whatever Tyler was up for and, as soon as he’d recharged after busting his nut in the not•so•tight•end, he planned to give that hot•as•fuck kid the fucking of his young life. He was glad he’d met Tyler (fifteen minutes earlier), he’d help keep his mind off his new•best•friend, whom he would be fucking soon enough, and from whom he wanted more than best•friendship.
Tyler did more than help keep Finn’s mind off his new•best•friend for the next couple of minutes: he fucked the daylights out of him; granted Finn was still almost an anal virgin, had been one until Coach had broken him in (gently) the night before, but Tyler was pounding him with renewed vigor since Finn had basically told Jeff to chill the fuck out, fucking him harder than Jeff had earlier that day - and it felt great to Finn, so great that he was a little disappointed when Tyler seized up and, gasping, erupted deep inside of him, blowing a huge load💦.
That young fucker sure could fuck, and he had been rewarded with a long, powerful orgasm. Tyler kept driving his cock into depths he shouldn’t have been able to reach throughout his climax until he simply could no longer push his dick forward, and by then Finn was rock•hard and again oozing copious amounts of precum. He was ready to play the caboose.
“Fucking bravo, Tyler,” Jeff said, and he wasn’t being sarcastic. “If that stud puts the wood to me half as well as you just did to him, I’m not gonna be able to walk for a fucking week.” Of course, Jeff might already have passed the point of being unable to walk for a week. After five ass•fuckers have worn your ass out and dumped five loads inside you, what real difference would one more ass•fucking make? Finn wanted to be the difference•maker, not to overtake Max’s place at Jeff’s side, which he knew was unrealistic, but to at least shoulder his way into the conversation he hoped was going on inside Jeff’s head. Finn didn’t see any reason he and Jeff shouldn’t have some kind of side deal in which they kept fucking each other on the down•low.
“You have to you take another shot first,” Max reminded Finn as he moved into position behind Jeff. “Jesus Christ, what are you, Max, the fucking hall monitor?” Finn griped good•naturedly, but he dutifully trudged over to the bar, sporting his thick leaking wood, and downed another shot of whiskey, no something added to that one. “What about you, Jeff, what do you want?” he asked. “He gets a pass,” Max said protectively, “or else he’d have had to take six shots on top of all the others he had to take earlier…and at least one of us wants some QT with him after this train pulls into the station.”
Finn saw Fred look sharply at Max, then quickly look away, and thought, ‘Uh oh, both brothers want Jeff’s big fat watermelon🍉dick up their butts, and little bro is tired of sharing.’ Finn knew for a fact that three guys (at least) wanted Jeff’s big fat watermelon🍉dick up their butts, but he’d be more than content with Tyler for the meantime, looking forward to Jeff plowing his hole in the baseball dugout on Tuesday night - three times - as Jeff had promised him earlier that day.
Jeff and Finn had flipped at mid•day, and Finn had then begged the tight•end to bone him again (before Max returned), but Jeff had been adamant about conserving his seed that day after an epic performance the night before. Finn had (reluctantly) agreed to bend Jeff over instead in exchange for Jeff’s agreement to fuck him three times in the dugout Tuesday night [#66]. As Jeff had put it at the time, ‘Just help me get better in touch with my own inner bottom today, and I’ll pay you back double.’ Finn, also anxious to get better in touch with his own inner bottom, had insisted on triple payback, and Jeff had agreed.
Finn was then thinking that maybe he’d been too greedy, and ought to settle for a pair of good ass•fuckings from Jeff on Tuesday, and hold the third in reserve…until, say, Wednesday. After all, as fucking hot (and humid) as it was that August, even at night, two sessions in the dugout would probably waste both of them. Finn had thought he might collapse from heat•stroke by the time Mitchell had finally finished boning the fuck out him, poolside at Coach’s, that afternoon. That had been the real reason Finn had crawled home after getting a quick post•fuck bite to eat with Mitchell. He felt re•energized now, though, and was ready to top Jeff for the third time that day.
“Finn, are you going to fuck me or just stand there playing switch•em all night?” Jeff demanded. “What’s switch•em?” Finn asked, curious. He’d never heard that phrase before. “You know,” Jeff replied, and then demonstrated, popping one thumb into his mouth and sticking the other up his ass, then switched them so that he was sucking the cum•covered thumb that had been up his ass, with the thumb he’d first sucked replacing the other in his butt, and then switched them one more time. “There, I think I got most of it, the third thumb tasted mostly like ass. Which did not suck. Hey Fred, that was a sweet load, my man. Ready, Player One?” Jeff looked pointedly at Finn.
“Brimming,” the big blond first baseman replied as he walked back around the couch and stepped up to the plate, all eyes (except George’s) on him and Jeff. “Hit a home run, bro,” Jeff urged him. “Picture me bent over the dugout rail, ‘cause that’s what I’m doing.” What Jeff was really doing, Finn knew, was letting him know that he hadn’t forgotten the (arguably rash) promise he’d made to Finn earlier that day.
Feeling the way Finn had begun to feel about Jeff, more as a future boyfriend (even if a shared one) than a mere best friend (with benefits), Finn couldn’t help but read more into Jeff’s allusion to their planned Tuesday night rendezvous than Jeff had intended. He wanted Finn to hit a home run, for sure, and he did plan to bone the fuck out of Finn in the dugout Tuesday night, but what he was thinking as Finn first lapped Fred’s remaining protein out of his crack and hole wasn’t how good Finn’s tongue felt in that worn•out hole (which it did), but how he wished his new best friend would hurry up and hit his home run so he (Jeff) could curl up somewhere private in Max’s waiting arms.
Though he might need to piss first…and that thought naturally made him think of Fred, who was sitting on the couch not more than two feet away. As Finn’s tongue continued to expertly find and extract more and more of Fred’s salty seepage, Jeff caught Fred’s eye. He smiled and said, “It seems like you left an even bigger deposit back there than I’d guessed.” “You holding up OK?” Fred asked. “Great…although I should’ve pissed when I took that dump,” Jeff replied quietly, winking at Fred. “I’m glad you saved it,” Fred acknowledged, feeling something stir (slightly) in his spent dick.
Jeff’s asshole wasn’t gaping, not exactly, but Finn found it waiting open, ajar, and leaking gobs of cum, an enticement Finn’s skilled tongue could not ignore. Only when there was no more semen to be found did Finn stand up and push his already•lubed and still•throbbing beer•can•cock into Jeff’s inner sanctum. Finn entered him much more easily and much more quickly than he had at noon that day, which was no wonder to Finn since he knew Jeff had been fucked five times in succession just before him, plus from what he’d heard about the game that night, he was sure Jeff had been fucked at least a couple of other times, albeit briefly, that night before he pulled the Train card.
And for all Finn knew, Max might have boned Jeff a couple of times that afternoon with his own beer•can•cock after their three•way in the shower, when Max had ‘caught’ them fucking and had then magnanimously pounded him (Finn) while he was pounding Jeff in the shower - the topping of Jeff that had earned Finn the promise of three return favors. Even with all that ass•fucking, though, Jeff remained a good (if not exactly tight) fit for him, and despite how exhausted Jeff had to be, he was still a rowdy power•bottom, pushing back hard to meet Finn’s every powerful thrust.
“Can’t you fuck me any harder that that?” Jeff asked. “You fucked me a lot harder earlier today.”💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by Rick Chris


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