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The Transfer Jock (85) -- By Jack Richards

"You are the one I want."
“Neil, tell the truth,” Jay said mischievously as he entered Coach smoothly, his eyes locked onto Coach’s, “Did you really never pretend that Jeff was me when you guys were fucking?” “Not always,” Coach admitted, groaning with pleasure, “not even usually...but more than once...oh fuck yes...Jay, I’ve missed you so fucking much...fuck yes...fuck me harder...harder...”
One of the many physical things that Coach appreciated about Jay was that he could fuck and fuck and fuck without cumming, and then when it was time to end it, he could cum almost on request, and always explosively. Not as explosively as Jeff, perhaps, but that small difference didn’t affect Coach’s pleasure, not so long as he knew the man fucking him was satisfied. And when Jay finally blew that load💦, after what had felt like a blissful eternity, Coach had no doubt that he’d satisfied his man. The only thing that worried him, at least until Jay had completely fucked any sense of the outside world out of his mind, was the simple fact that Jay was topping him.
Coach had let Jay decide, of course, just as he had every time they’d coupled in the last 24 hours, but the fact that Jay had chosen the position that he knew Coach, at his very core, preferred, when Coach knew that Jay, at his very core, also preferred that same position, was something of a nagging concern to Coach. At least it had been a small worry until Coach finally lost that thought to the joyous repetition of Jay’s throbbing cock thrusting deep inside him, again and again and again. Coach relished every fucking centimeter of every fucking thrust of Jay’s beautiful, luminous cock, and he never once thought of Jeff. For a startled second, Coach even thought he might auto•nut when he felt Jay’s member swelling inside him just before he flooded his rectum with hot cum.
“THAT,” Coach gasped once the exquisite pummeling and Jay’s equally exquisite orgasm had ended and Jay lay spent and sweating in his arms, “was fucking incredible.” “Ditto,” Jay agreed, still panting, “I’m totally fucked.” “Not like you’re going to be,” Coach replied, “just tell me when.” “I can hardly wait,” Jay said, grinning exactly like Jeff would have, “but as much as I want it, I need to a few minutes to catch my breath.” They held each other in contented silence, Jay still on top of Coach, his head on Neil’s sweat•soaked chest.
“Hey Neil, you know earlier, when I was talking about Jeff,” Jay said a few minutes later as he and Coach lay sweating beside each other, “It’s not like I have a crush on him or anything...YOU are the one I want, and maybe it’s fucking stupid of me to even be thinking about bringing a third into our bed so early [Coach’s heart thrilled at the phrase ‘our bed’] - it’s just the idea of getting fucked by an 18•year•old with a big dick—” “Trust me, Jay, that’s a particular desire you don’t have to explain to me,” Coach interjected, laughing ruefully.
No, Coach understood all too well that Jeff, with his willing assistance, had planted his watermelon🍉seed in Jay’s fertile mind, and that the vine was already sprouting. Was that why Coach had so readily relayed Jeff’s offer to Jay? Maybe. Probably, even. Coach also knew that Jeff had known that Coach would plant that seed and, knowing that, Coach had still planted it, practically blurting out Jeff’s naughty invitation to Jay at the very first opportunity. The thought of watching those near•carbon•copies fucking each other with absolute abandon was almost as pleasing to Coach as the thought of Jeff’s young, virile watermelon🍉dick filling him up one last time, and his cock throbbed in hopeful anticipation.
“And I didn’t mean it as a slight to Mitchell, either,” Jay continued, “he’s hot•as•fuck, too, though in a different way. It’s just that four•ways are so awkward...and didn’t you say that he’s only 17?” Jay was thinking that if he and Neil were still together in a year’s time, he’d be happy to celebrate that anniversary and Mitchell’s 18th birthday by welcoming Mitchell into ‘their bed,’ just for the novelty of it, of course. ‘Soft, Mitchell’s dick was even bigger than Jeff’s,’ Jay thought, then amended, ‘not bigger than Jeff’s boner, but close, though not as thick...and I never saw Jeff’s cock flaccid...just how big is that ginger kid when he’s hard?’ Jay sighed.
“What I said was he’s barely 17...like a week ago he was still 16,” Coach replied. “Yeah, and I understand why you were tempted by him, too, but...I think we both agree now that just barely the other side of 16 is, well, you know...” Jay trailed off, not wanting to any more explicitly call Neil a child•fucker. “Besides, I’m pretty sure that Jeff’s into me, I mean, you know, he wants to fuck me.” “Oh, you think?” Coach asked sarcastically, laughing, as the watermelon🍉vine continued to grow. “It’s a crying shame that Mitchell wasn’t as, um, excited to get naked as Jeff was,” Jay said, laughing. “Just how fucking big is that barely•17•year•old’s cock when he is excited?”
“Jeff and I guesstimated ten inches,” Coach replied, fondly recalling the first time he’d seen Mitchell’s giant ginger boner, “but I’m not positive. That’s probably pretty close, though.” “And Jeff is nine inches?” Jay asked. “He says 8.25, but he has to be almost nine, because I’m about eight,” Coach replied. “Thinking about them standing next to each other, both of them hard as Chinese arithmetic, I’d say Mitchell’s got not quite two inches on Jeff in length, and Jeff’s got at least an inch on Mitchell in girth.” Jay quietly contemplated all those inches for several heart•beats.
“Look, Neil, I know you’ve sworn off fucking the guys on your team,” Jay continued, resolved on his course, “even the 18•year•olds, and I respect that, I really do...but would you consider making one exception, and I mean once, just one time, with Jeff?” “For you?” Coach teased him. “Sure, I’ll think about it. It wouldn’t really even be an exception, though, not with Jeff...because I haven’t promised myself that I’m through with him. The other guys, yeah, I swore them off. Jeff, on the other hand...I know I should draw a line around him, too, but—” “Why haven’t you?” Jay asked, “Not that I’m sorry you didn’t, not yet. Next week would be soon enough.”
“Hard to say exactly,” Coach explained. “Partly because I wasn’t sure I could keep that promise if I made it, though that wouldn’t be a problem if you stay in my picture...partly because he’s older, still not old enough, but older, and I wasn’t quite ready to close that door all the way. And partly because I just didn’t get around to closing that door before it suddenly no longer seemed necessary. I watched him fall in love with another kid on the team Friday evening, I mean, literally, boom, I saw it happen with my own eyes...and Max fell just as hard for him. Now, I’m not saying Jeff wouldn’t fuck around on Max, I’m just saying that I didn’t really think I needed to make him off•limits...since his interests were rapidly moving in a different direction. And then I bumped into you yesterday morning, and I haven’t thought about Jeff in the last 24 hours.”
“Max, huh?” Jay mused. “Sixteen, looks like he could be 18, 19 even,” Coach said, “Fucks like he’s 25.” “So, he and Jeff, huh? I’d have thought from, you know, just some vibe between them, that Mitchell and Jeff were a couple.” “Well, they’re close, for sure,” Coach conceded, “and Mitchell ended up in bed with Jeff and Max by the end of Friday night...and he, Mitchell, was positively glowing Saturday morning. But later that day Jeff was banging that baseball player I told you about...and when I came home late yesterday afternoon, the baseball player and Mitchell were, um, together, shall we say, right here on the fuck•platform.
“Craziest thing,” Coach continued, “I come out here and plop down in that chair right there, next to them, while Mitchell is boning the fuck out of that big beautiful first baseman doggy•style, his, Finn’s, big fat cock flopping everywhere, underneath him, you know? Fucking mesmerizing. Anyway, I just sat there having a normal conversation with both of them while Mitchell plowed that furrow to the end of his row. So, all I’m saying is, who really knows what any of their true feelings are for each other? I’m not sure they even know. They DO like to fuck, that much is for sure.”
“You never stood a fucking chance,” Jay commiserated with Coach. “Nope, not once I let the camel get its nose under the tent, I didn’t,” Coach agreed. “Sounds like whatever Jeff’s deal is with Max, or Mitchell, or whoever,” Jay summarized, “it wouldn’t stop him from spending one night, or at least part of a night with us, you know, if we both decided we wanted him to. After all, he is the one who suggested it.” “About the only thing I’m certain of, Jay,” Coach said, “is that Jeff wasn’t joking. If you want his 18•year•old rock•hard cock up your ass, he’ll put it there enthusiastically, and it will be well•placed. The way he was looking at you today is exactly the way he was looking at me last week...relentlessly, you might say.”
“Right now, what if what I want is your more experienced, perfectly•fitting and age•appropriate rock•hard cock up my ass?” Jay purred as he circled his hand around Coach’s thick shaft. “I believe I’m ready for another round.” “As Jeff said earlier,” Coach replied, grinning, “‘Let’s let Jay decide,’ so if that’s what you want, that’s what you’re going to get...after I pry my tongue out of your crack, that is.”
“Brilliant idea,” Jay agreed, as he disentangled himself from Neil to squat over his face. “Perfect,” Coach said as Jay’s ass lowered over his face. He put one hand firmly on each of Jay’s butt•cheeks to steady his position and to spread the cheeks apart. The next thing Jay felt was Neil’s expert tongue licking and then probing his asshole. He moaned in both remembrance and anticipation. “Oh fuck...nobody eats ass like you, Neil...mmm...fuck...” Coach removed his tongue long enough to say, “Actually, Jeff does,” and then dove back in. “That fucking figures,” Jay groaned as Neil’s tongue snaked deeper inside him, deeper than he thought possible for a human tongue to go.
“You OK, bro?” Max asked Jeff, who had stopped and bent over with his hands on his knees while they were walking up to the field house. “Just this side of puking,” Jeff replied. “But I’m fine, just gassed.” They had been running timing patterns - or, rather, Jeff had been running and Max had been throwing - for almost an hour and a half. They were both shirtless and drenched in sweat, which made Max’s soaked gym•shorts cling to his bulge, which was just about at Jeff’s eye•level. “You smuggling a beer can in your jock?” Jeff asked, laughing. “You look good enough to eat.” “So eat me, fucker,” Max laughed. He’d been in great mood all day - well, since he’d joined Mitchell and Jeff in Jeff’s bed that morning. And since Mitchell had agreed to join his and Jeff’s team.
Jeff stood up straight again. “Count on that, bro,” Jeff replied. “C’mon, let’s get our sweaty balls up to Mitchell.” “Hey, speaking of eating me,” Max said, “did I win two blow•jobs off you guys?” “Fuck yeah you did,” Jeff said, “but if you and Mitchell don’t mind, I have a feeling I’m going to get a sandwich•fuck or two out of Coach and ‘The Man in the Pictures.’ By the way, his name is Jeremy, but he goes by Jay.” “What the fuck? He was there?” Max asked, laughing. “Yep, he came over for some skinny•dipping with Coach right before we left. And the three•way is just a prediction, no offer yet,” Jeff replied, “but that dude fucking wants me, I can tell.”
“And...let me guess...you want him?” Max asked. “Only for one night, to fuck him ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye,’ and to fuck Coach ‘goodbye,’ for real.” “Well, thank God I’ve got Mitchell to keep me company,” Max said. “I told you having two boyfriends was going to come in handy. So is Jay hotter in person or in the pictures?” Jeff thought a moment. “Definitely in person,” he said, “and this is so weird, but when I picture him, like now, he fades to black and white...like in the photos...but with a fatter dick...a fat, luminous dick, you know, creamy, almost translucent dick•skin. Fucking delicious looking.” “You saw his dick?” Max asked, surprised, though he probably shouldn’t have been. “Fuck, I’ve never talked a dude out of his pants that fast in my life,” Jeff said, laughing, “He couldn’t fucking wait to get naked, and show me that his penis was under•represented in those pictures. Plus he was dying to see my—”
“—fat watermelon🍉dick,” Max interrupted, laughing. “And Coach was cool with you and his new•old boyfriend dropping trou?” Max asked. “Fuck no he wasn’t,” Jeff replied, also laughing, “but I outmaneuvered him. He’d made it crystal fucking clear that we had to leave as soon as he’d introduced us to Jay...and that damn Boy Scout Mitchell tried to oblige him before I got to see what I needed to see. Coach told us it was time for us to go, but I said, ‘Hey Coach, let’s let Jay decide...Five minutes of skinny•dipping with us or not?’ and Jay decided alright...he was naked before Coach could say another word...and by then, um, I had gotten a little over•eager, I guess, and...um, I popped a boner...which was kind of embarrassing, but kind of not, too, you know, so I just said ‘what the fuck’ and dropped my shorts. I’m standing there sporting wood right in Jay’s face...which is probably what’s going to get me invited me to a sandwich•fuck.”
“No doubt,” Max said as he opened the field house door. “Yo! Mitchell! You still beating your meat?” “Yes I am!” Mitchell called from Coach’s office. “Jesus, dude, you’ve been pounding your pud for like an hour and a half?” Jeff asked. Max was standing in the office doorway in front of him, so Jeff draped his arms over Max’s shoulders from behind, and began licking the salty sweat off his neck. Mitchell was completely nude, of course, with his legs spread wide apart, feet up on the desk. He had two fingers jammed as far up his asshole as he could get them, and he was tickling the big flared head of his giant ginger boner with his other hand.
“Not pounding,” Mitchell answered, “edging. I can cum whenever I want.” “Then cum in my mouth, bro,” Jeff suggested. “Sure,” Mitchell agreed. Max had one arm above his head, his hand clasping the top of the door frame, and when Jeff squeezed past him, he buried his nose in Max’s soaking wet armpit and breathed in deeply. “Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, “that’s what I’m talking about...Hold on, Mitchell, I’m coming...”
Jeff inhaled Max’s sweaty, musky scent one more time, then went around the desk, where he knelt down between Mitchell’s legs and hoovered several inches of throbbing cock into his mouth, squeezing his new boyfriend’s big, low•hangers at the same time. Jeff bobbed his head rapidly up and down Mitchell’s shaft maybe a dozen times and that was just about all it took. Mitchell suddenly grasped a handful of Jeff’s sweaty hair and croaked, “Almost...there...oh fuck...fuck yeah...” as Jeff’s head continued bobbing. He could feel Mitchell’s cock swelling in his mouth, and then it erupted💦, shooting rope after rope of salty•sweet cum into his mouth and down his throat. Mitchell lost control of his cock while he was ejaculating, accidentally jerking it out of Jeff’s mouth and painting his face with the last couple of ropes. “Style points!” Max exclaimed.
“Fuck, dude,” Jeff finally said after he’d finished gulping down all the jizz in his mouth. “Sorry about the mess, bro,” Mitchell said, “that was intense.” “No worries, comes with the territory,” Jeff replied as he mopped cum off his face with his wadded•up T•shirt/cum•rag. “That’s the biggest fucking load I’ve ever swallowed.” “Not surprised,” Mitchell said, “after edging for an hour, watching you and Finn hammering the fuck out of each other...my favorite part was when you were already rocking him pretty good over the rail, though not with all your inches, and Finn demanded, ‘Shove all of that watermelon🍉dick straight up my ass, bro,’ and when you finally did, he screamed...” [#65]
As all three of them laughed, Jeff turned around and saw himself and Finn frozen on the laptop’s screen. They were lying on the bed and Jeff was playing with Finn’s foreskin. He couldn’t recall if that was right before or right after Finn had fucked him. “Hey, un•pause it, would ya?” Jeff said. “Sure,” Mitchell replied as Max came around behind the desk to see the gorilla•porn, “but that’s all the fucking. This was my second time through it...”
“...or go find Mitchell...I can promise you if you bend over for his ten•incher, you won’t even remember what my little grade•school dick feels like,” Jeff said to Finn.
“Ten•and•a•half inches,” Finn corrected him.
“Huh?” Jeff asked, [realizing that he’d simply been estimating the size of Mitchell’s giant ginger cock, as had Coach. He’d never even asked Mitchell how big it was, since it was obviously huge.] “Mitchell told you he’s ten•and•a•half inches?”
“No,” Finn replied, “I told him. I actually measured it one night when we were fucking around. I used a tape measure exactly the way you’re supposed to, you know, like I googled ‘How to Measure an Erect Penis,’ and it said to put the end of the tape all the way to where the base of your dick meets the pubic bone and then measure along the top all the way to your pee•hole, so that’s how I did it. He’s got a solid ten•and•a•half inches of hard dick, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”
“Well, fuck, maybe I ought to re•measure mine then,” Jeff said, “I’d probably find another half•inch, too, if I did it like that. Anyway, even if you don’t want to bend over for Mitchell yet, shouldn’t you at least be fucking him? Didn’t you make him a promise yesterday?” [#66]
“There,” Jeff said, pausing the video. “Has Coach got a tape measure around here? I want to measure my dick the same way Finn measured yours.” “Looking for another half•inch?” Max asked, laughing. “Damn right I am, maybe more. I just want to be accurate...you know, when someone asks...” “Who has ever asked you how big your dick is?” Mitchell asked as he rummaged through a desk drawer. “Nobody does that shit.”
“Well...no real person,” Jeff replied, “except Landen, but every time I chat with some guy on Tumblr, they always ask that, or else ask me for a dick•pic—” “Dude, get the fuck off Tumblr,” Mitchell interrupted, “it’s so fucking lame now.” “I know, I know, Tumblr blows,” Jeff agreed, “but guys for sure are gonna ask on Grindr or any other hook•up site...” “What have you been telling inquiring guys?” Max asked. “Eight and a quarter.” “Nah, you’re bigger than that,” Mitchell, who (supposedly) never paid attention to cock•size, said authoritatively. “Here you go.” Mitchell found the tape measure and handed it to Jeff. “You’re going to need a good, solid boner, you know.”
Jeff pulled down his shorts and jock•strap, and flopped his partially•engorged cock around a few times, then stroked it a few times. “There...no hill for a stepper,” Jeff replied smugly. “I dunno,” Max said as he bent down to Jeff’s boner, “I’d hate for you to short•change yourself again.” He sucked Jeff’s cock into his mouth and kept sucking until it was rock•hard and throbbing, which didn’t take long. “Thanks, bro,” Jeff said when Max stood up. Mitchell held the end of the the tape measure at the base of Jeff’s big watermelon🍉dick where it met the pubic bone, and ran the tape along the broad top of his cock all the way to his piss•hole.
“Hmm...” Mitchell said, “I’d say...8.75. What do you think, Max?” “Um, maybe even eight and 7/8ths...see that line, there?” “Fuck, you could call it nine and nobody would know any different,” Mitchell agreed on further inspection. “Motherfucker,” Jeff groused, “I have been selling myself short for like three years.” “It’s still a beautiful dick,” Max said, giving Jeff’s balls a gentle squeeze. Jeff returned the favor, squeezing Max’s fat beer•can•cock through his shorts and jock. “It’d be a shame to waste the killer boner you gave me,” Jeff said impishly as he pulled Mitchell in closer by his mostly•subsided cock. Their three faces met, three mouths opened, and three tongues joined.
“What time is it, anyway?” Jeff asked after a minute. “4:45,” Mitchell mumbled through Max’s tongue. “Perfect, we can head back to Coach’s now. Then if nobody has a better idea, I’d like to suck Max’s sweaty balls out of his jock and lap up Mitchell’s delicious ginger crack in the shower, which I’ve been thinking about doing ever since I washed Max’s dried cum out of that sweet crack this morning. And then I want to fuck my newest boyfriend like he deserves to be fucked - Max, you can fuck me while I do that if you want to, your call - and then let’s go get something to eat and drop my Mom’s car off, then go back to the fuck•nest and fuck each other until we’re too tired to fuck anymore. How’s that sound?” “Works for me,” Max agreed, grinning. “Sounds fucking great,” Mitchell assured his two new boyfriends.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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