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The Transfer Jock (89) -- By Jack Richards

“Max is a special young man, as is Mitchell.”


“I’ve got no problem boning Coach again,” Max told Jeff, “it’s him that has a problem with me.” The three high school jocks were having dinner Sunday night across the deck from Coach and Jay, and both Jeff and Max had made separate cock•inspection expeditions to the men’s room with Jay. Jeff had an idea that might just result in all five of them fucking each other later that night, despite Coach’s renewed resistance (supported by Jay) to the temptations presented by the under•age Mitchell and Max. Jeff had been quizzing the two minors on their willingness to fuck the two older men if he could get them to bend their rules (again, in Coach’s case).
“That’s not true,” Jeff said, “it’s not about anything but your age. I promise you they both think you and Mitchell are hot•as•fuck. So, could you dump two more loads tonight?” “I’m planning on doing exactly that,” Max said, laughing, “one in you and one in Mitchell.” “Well, would you rather just do that than fuck Coach and Jay?” Max had to think about that one a minute. “Day in and day out, I’d choose you guys, it’s not even close...but since it’s NOT going to happen anyway, and we’re just playing Twenty Questions, then, yeah, I’d love to fuck Jay tonight, if just for the novelty of it. And I still feel like Coach and I have some unfinished business, so yes.” “I’d love to watch while you finish that business,” Jeff said. “What about you, Mitchell?” “If you can pull it off, “ he replied, “count me in.”


Jeff pushed his plate back, threw a couple of twenties on the table and stood up. “Good. I’m going to do my best to make that happen. You guys get the check, OK? Then sit tight, like whatever you do, don’t come over and remind them how young you hot fuckers are. They’ve already decided to cross their boundaries with me on Tuesday night, and I just might be able to convince them it’s in their best interests to forget about those boundaries altogether for tonight. Head straight out when I stand up from their table, and I’ll meet you at the car.”
Jeff took his drink with him and went back over to Coach’s table. They were through eating, too. “Mind if I sit down a minute?” he asked as he sat down next to Jay. “My goodness, but my ass is sore...in a good way, you know,” Jeff announced, planting his hand firmly on Jay’s crotch under the table and squeezing hard. He had felt Jay’s burning desire in the men’s room earlier and he was counting on that barely•contained fire to help him get what he and his two companions wanted. For that to happen, Jeff figured he needed Jay to want his cock up his ass that night, immediately, unwilling to wait 48 more hours, or even another hour. Jeff was also banking on the promise of three rock•hard cocks he could aim and deliver right where Coach and Jay most wanted them...that night only, or so he intended to suggest.
“I mean, I’ve never been fucked like that stud Max fucked me just before we came over here. Jesus, this is like the best well•fucked feeling I’ve ever had, you know? Unless it was the well•fucked feeling I had after Mitchell boned the fuck out of me with his giant ginger cock this morning. Fuucckk...” Jay could feel the blood rushing to his cock as Jeff aggressively massaged his junk. He couldn’t resist picturing Max’s beautiful uncut beer•can•cock pissing right next to him - Max had been so fucking close to him their shoulders were touching - just a few minutes earlier. Then he thought of the video of the three hot•as•fuck jocks fucking each other that he and Neil planned to watch as soon as they got back to his house. He gulped his water, and then discreetly eased his hand into Jeff’s lap, imagining the nine•inch boner he found there pushing into his rectum...within the hour.
Coach was remembering how fucking good Max’s thick cock had felt buried in his ass Friday night, when Max had nailed him to the locker•room shower wall while Finn was hammering Jeff right next to them. [#46] He felt a twinge of bitter•sweet regret that that had ended up being the only time Max had topped him, and Max hadn’t even blown his load in him, since Finn and Max had swapped partners toward the end - Max had nutted spectacularly, but it had been in Jeff. The funny thing was that all of them, including Coach, had believed that Max was straight, and he’d had no reason to doubt that fact - until he’d stopped by Max’s locker after practice that day for a second innocent look at the backup QB’s big fat dick. To his surprise, Max had come on strong to him, almost relentlessly, and he recalled the moment he’d realized that Max wasn’t straight at all, but was instead a ‘ravenous gay wolf.’ [#44] “Max is a special young man,” Coach mused wistfully, “as is Mitchell.”
“Look, I was going to give you guys some bullshit song•and•dance about feeling all guilty about hooking up with you on Tuesday night without my wing•men, since those two studs want to fuck both of you just as much as I do - all of that is true, except I don’t feel guilty at all. I wouldn’t miss that for anything. Max and Mitchell are OK about it...but they’re also envious as shit. I know you both say they’re too young for you, but they’re both more experienced than I am. I’m just saying that it’s not at all like you’d be taking advantage of them or corrupting them, it’s more like the other way around...
“...So I’m going to ask you to keep an open mind and consider the proposal I’m about to make,” Jeff continued as he fumbled with Jay’s zipper, “then we’re going to leave. Don’t answer me now - maybe go watch the video of the three of us fucking - and talk it over. Then call or text me. Will you please keep an open mind?” Jeff managed to get Jay’s hard dick out of his fly, but he realized that he couldn’t very well give him a hand•job at the table, not without Coach and everyone else on the deck knowing about it, so he contented himself with holding and periodically squeezing Jay’s boner. Jeff figured that if Coach didn’t say ‘No’ immediately, there was a decent chance that the watermelon🍉seed he was about to plant would bear fruit, and soon. Jay was hardly breathing, wondering if Jeff had any idea how desperately he wanted him.
“We’ll keep an open mind and talk about it before we decide,” Jay blurted out immediately, before Neil could say ‘No.’ Coach looked surprised, but he nodded his agreement. He assumed Jeff’s proposal would include the offer of Max’s beer•can•cock filling up his ass one more time, and he knew that was going to be hard to refuse. “Coach, you’ve been wonderful to all three of us, and we want to do something for both of you. And we know that you’re all but done fucking your student•athletes. We respect that, but there’s no real reason that Friday night HAD to be the last time you had Mitchell’s ten•and•a half•inch cock inside you. Tonight could just as well be the last night. One is just as arbitrary as the other. Same thing with Max. It’s unfortunate, really, that Friday in the shower room turned out to be the only time he got to fuck you. That’s my fault, I know, because I started monopolizing him right after that...
“...Anyway, here’s what we’re suggesting,” Jeff continued (as he also continued to squeeze Jay’s hard•on, which was beginning to ooze pre•cum). “Come back to your house tonight and the three of us will top both of you, one•two•three rock•hard cocks right where you want them, one after another. So that’s it. Well, almost...if either of you want to get off in one or more of us, that’d be cool with us, too, but if you guys want to get off with each other instead, we’ll certainly understand. Max and Mitchell promise to turn into pumpkins at midnight or whenever you say, and I’ll turn into one after Tuesday night.”
Jeff gave Jay’s throbbing boner one last squeeze and stood up, signaling to Max and Mitchell as he did so. They got up and walked out. Coach and Jay gaped in amazement at the enormous bulge in Jeff’s pants, which left few details to the imagination. “We’re going to drop my mom’s car off, but we’ll be back at your house within half an hour. Give me a buzz then, OK?” Jeff turned and left his watermelon🍉seed to germinate, walking out of La Muralla with an obvious erection for the second straight night as he licked Jay’s sweet, sticky pre•cum off his fingers.
“How did it go?” Mitchell asked eagerly as they piled into the car. “I hope I made them an offer they can’t refuse - basically two mini•trains, with each of us topping both of them later tonight. They agreed to keep an open mind, talk it over and give me a call in a half hour or so. Oh, by the way, I meant to tell you earlier that the camera is still on. I asked Coach to leave it on, just in case Landen becomes a bigger problem, but I didn’t tell Coach the reason. Which also reminds me...” Jeff sent a quick text message to Landen.
“Hey Jeff,” Max said, “Even if they don’t go for it, thanks for going to bat for us. You didn’t have to do that.” “Agreed,” Mitchell said, “Thank you.” “Well, don’t get all sloppy on me,” Jeff replied, “and don’t think I did it only for you guys. I don’t want to wait until Tuesday night to fuck Jay...so if they agree, I get Jay first while one of you bones Coach.” They dropped off Jeff’s mother’s car and Jeff was able to extricate himself from his parents pretty quickly, assuring them that he’d be home the next day after spending just one more night with Mitchell. He made a detour on his way back to Coach’s, and Max groaned when Jeff pulled over to the curb and parked in front of what he knew was Landen’s house. Max had been there several times, but only to fuck Landen. Not exactly against his will, but it had always felt like a command performance. “Being here makes me want to throw up,” he said miserably.
“This won’t take but a minute,” Jeff assured him as he got out of the car. “Landen’s bullshit ends tonight.” Jeff had texted Landen a few minutes earlier that he was coming over. Landen apparently believed that Jeff was coming over to fuck him, because he answered the door naked. Faced with that circumstance, Jeff decided he’d better conduct his business with Landen inside, instead of on the front porch. He pushed past Landen and when Landen closed the door, Jeff suddenly grabbed him by the throat and slammed him back against the door. Remembering what Landen had done to Max, and also figuring that was a good way to keep Landen from struggling, Jeff grabbed Landen’s junk with his other hand, squeezing hard. ‘He really does have a nice dick,’ Jeff thought, ‘its a shame he’s such a fucking slap•dick.’
“How dare you threaten me, you mother•fucker,” Jeff growled fiercely as Landen stared at him wide•eyed. “Now listen carefully, because I’m not going to repeat myself. Number 1, If you do anything other than run the plays that Coach calls to the best of your limited ability, then I’m going to break your throwing arm in four places.” Jeff gave Landen’s dick a painful twist, just as Max had described Landen doing to him. “Number 2, If you ever fucking threaten me again about anything, I’m going to break your throwing arm in four places. Number 3, If you ever touch Max again, speak harshly to or about Max, or so much as think about Max again, I’m going to break your throwing arm in four places. Stay the fuck away from Max. Number 4, if you tell a fucking soul that I came to visit you tonight, or if you repeat to anyone one fucking word of what I’ve just said, I’m going to break your throwing arm in four places. Any questions? Good, now get the fuck out of my way, Max is waiting for me, and I can hardly wait for him to fuck me again.” Jeff gave Landen’s cock another hard twist, pushed him aside, opened the door and left Landen staring speechless after him, looking as if he might cry.
“Fucking arrow, that felt great!” Jeff exclaimed as he got back in the car. “Especially holding his fat dick in my hand...like he held yours, Max.” And then he started laughing. He gave Mitchell and Max a complete rundown on what had happened with Landen on their way back to the Fuck•nest. “What do you think Coach’s answer is going to be?” Max asked when they pulled into his driveway. “The fact that he didn’t say ‘No’ immediately gives me some hope. But he may not be the problem. I mean, we know he’s broken his rules before, so it’s not such a stretch to think he might extend his rule•breaking by a few hours. And God knows, I tempted him with what he loves most, three big rock•hard cocks pounding his hole. Jay, though, I just don’t know how strongly he’s opposed to under•age dick. He’s fucking dying for me to fuck him, but if his ‘no minors’ rule is carved in stone, we’ll be fucking each other tonight. Which will not suck.”


Jeff, Mitchell and Max were in a (lengthening) holding pattern, drinking beers in the hot tub while they waited to hear from Coach. All three of them were hard when they got in the water, and they all wanted to be fucking already...but on the chance that they might be fucking Coach and Jay within the hour, they couldn’t afford to blow a load yet. They had spent most of their time in the hot tub picking over every word that Jeff, Coach and Jay had said when Jeff had made his pitch, and then how they thought the night would, or might, go down - IF Jeff got the right answer from Coach. Although Jeff was starting to become concerned that he hadn’t heard from Coach by the time they had their plans laid, he tried to maintain a positive outlook.
They agreed, of course, that Jeff should have first crack at Jay’s crack. Jeff didn’t say so, but he was pretty sure Jay would insist on that. Max hadn’t been shy about advancing his claim to be the first to top Coach while Jeff was boning Jay, mostly on the grounds that Mitchell had fucked Coach more times than he had, and he had never blown a load in Coach. Mitchell hadn’t needed convincing in any event, since he usually preferred sloppy seconds anyway. He also kind of liked the uncertainty of not knowing who his first partner would be - he’d fuck whoever’s ass was vacated by Jeff or Max first, appreciating the cum•slick one of them had laid down for him. Then as soon as they could get it up again, they’d each fuck whichever non•teenager they hadn’t yet fucked.
Jeff suggested they try to give Coach and Jay three different positions, or at least two for sure. “How do you want Jay first?” Max asked. “Balls•deep,” Jeff replied laughing. “Anything beyond that, I’ll probably let Jay decide.” He hoped they weren’t making their plans in vain. “Hey, by the way, if you’re going to be fucking Jay and Coach on Tuesday night, what are you going to do about Finn?” Max asked. “Didn’t you have something set up with him for Tuesday night?” Mitchell’s ears perked up.
“Yeah, still do,” Jeff replied, “but I’m sure he won’t mind if we push it back a day or so.” What he really meant was that Finn didn’t have a choice if he wanted Jeff to fuck him, but he knew from recent experience Finn would try to extract additional ‘concessions’ for making him wait. “So what IS your plan for moving him from the ‘potential boyfriend’ category to the ‘just friends’ category anyway?” Max asked. “Well, you already know about me and Finn flipping yesterday while you were at home visiting with Fred and George. After that Finn was pretty fucking insistent that I top him again, but you and I were trying to conserve our orgasms, so I talked him into fucking me again instead - that was the shower•fuck you joined in•progress - in exchange for my promise to top him Tuesday night in the baseball dugout.”
“Three times,” Mitchell interjected, to Jeff’s surprise. “Finn told you about that?” Jeff asked. “The video,” Mitchell reminded him, “that whole conversation was on the DVD.” “Right, I forgot all about that.” “OK, but what’s your plan for nudging him into the ‘just friends’ column?” Max persisted. Whether justified or not, he hadn’t quite ruled Finn out as a potential rival. “Simple. Instead of me fucking him three times, I was going to ask you and Mitchell to come with me, and we’d take turns boinking him.” Jeff was grinning like he’d just solved climate change.
“And?” Max prompted. “And?” Jeff said. “There is no ‘and.’ That’s the whole plan.” “Jeff, sure, I’ll help you out of your jam by fucking Finn with you, and my guess is Mitchell will, too...but there’s nothing about your ‘plan’ that will move him out of ‘boyfriend•in•waiting,‘ which is clearly what he’s thinking he is, to ‘just friends.” Max much preferred the idea of him and Mitchell sharing Jeff’s ‘burden’ to Jeff being alone with Finn and topping him three times. There was no fucking way Finn would see a hat•trick like that as the ‘goodbye fuck’ Max wanted it to be.
“I have to agree with Max,” Mitchell chimed in. “I already knew you had promised to fuck Finn three times Tuesday night, but I never connected that with your ‘plan’ to ease him out...because it’s not a plan.” “Hmh,” Jeff reconsidered. “Oh, well, maybe not. But just to be clear, I never said ‘just friends.’ I was always planning on moving Finn to ‘friends•with•benefits.’” “Full benefits?” Max asked pointedly. “We can talk about that,” Jeff replied, plainly not wanting to talk about that then. “Well, do you have a back•up plan?” “Um, sure,” he said, improvising. “Finn understood that we weren’t going to see each other before Tuesday night, which will now be Wednesday night at the earliest. So I’m thinking let’s just play this by ear and deal with it if and when it becomes a problem.”
“Have you heard from Finn today?” Mitchell asked. “Yeah, we texted earlier, and that’s the other thing,” Jeff replied, “he and Tyler have basically been fucking each other all day, including Tyler taking him to his spot in the park, where they supposedly flipped...and they’re going to spend the night together, too. Who knows? He might be in love by Wednesday.”
“Are you worried that you haven’t heard from Coach yet?” Max asked a little anxiously. “Honestly, I thought he would’ve called by now,” Jeff said, “and that the answer would be ‘Yes,’ but at least he hasn’t said ‘No’ yet. Worst case, you can deposit your two loads in me and Mitchell like you were planning.” “I never said I ONLY have two loads,” Max pointed out as he reached for Jeff’s cock.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by Rick Chris