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Hold the presses -- Birthing people

The Transfer Jock is delayed, so we have this:


Around 7pm today, I heard some knocking on my door. I opened it and it was my next door pregnant neighbor (he was, I think, in his 7th or 8th month). She was holding a small plate in her hand. In a very shy voice, she asked me if I could give him some of whatever I was cooking---because he liked the smell. I think pregnant people sometimes have strong cravings that they cannot resist.


Anyway, she was shy and apologized a lot for her request since we didn't know each other. I laughed and told him it's OK. I was cooking a traditional meal from my country (not Alabama or any of these places that voted for...you know whom), and the recipe has olive oil, garlic, jalapeños and some spices. I think the smell was nice. I gave her some of my dinner, then he left.

I watched her walking home like a cute little penguin who's happy with his successful little hunting. I felt really happy too for some reason.