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LustSpiel Festival (22) -- Small dick (?)

We've passed the milestone of 4 million clicks, and it's time for another self-congratulatory festival: a pageant of the best, most-successful posts of the last 10 month.

Here's  entry #22, which was published on Feb 2 under the eternal heading Small Dick? It's an unusual DICK entry, featuring TWO men, none of them meeting the eye of the beholder (eye contact is normally a precondition for a successful Small Dick) but it (the entry) also features Sean Ford, who is set to become the famest porn star in history:


 Weren't we all as pretty as Sean Ford at his age? It's unfair.


  1. Ho yeh! I was a twink with nice abs... For the pic, the top, Colby Corbin has a nice dick and I could kneeled for him anytime....


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