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The Transfer Jock (90) -- By Jack Richards

He walked away with the biggest public hard-on conceivable

“Are you worried that you haven’t heard from Coach yet?” Max asked a little anxiously. The three jocks were still waiting in Coach’s hot tub for a response to the double tag•team offer Jeff had made to Coach and Jay. “Honestly, I thought he would’ve called me by now,” Jeff replied, “and that the answer would be ‘Yes,’ but at least he hasn’t said ‘No’ yet. Worst case, you can deposit your two loads in me and Mitchell like you were planning.” “I never said I ONLY have two loads,” Max pointed out as he reached for Jeff’s cock.

After Jeff had walked away from their table at La Muralla with the biggest public hard•on either of them had ever seen, Coach and Jay sat without saying anything for what seemed like an age, but probably wasn’t more than a minute or so. Coach wished Jay would speak first, but he understood that these were “his” boys, he was the one who had relationships with them, and that he should probably be the one to break the silence. That didn’t mean that he would necessarily be the first one to say what he thought about Jeff’s offer of Coach’s three favorite rock•hard high school jock•cocks serially fucking both him and Jay. “That fucking bulge...the definition...I mean, the head of his cock was so clearly defined...” Before Coach said anything else, though, he was going to have another drink. He called the waiter over and ordered another round of margaritas. “I’m going to take a leak,” he told Jay, still procrastinating, “and then we can talk about Jeff’s idea, you know, if you’re ready then.”
“Sure,” Jay replied, relieved to have the chance to put his dick back in his pants and zip up. Jeff had been all•but giving him a hand•job under the table while he’d been conveying his offer - and while Jay had been massaging Jeff’s hard watermelon🍉dick through his pants. If Neil couldn’t or wouldn’t cross his line again - and Jay wouldn’t fault him if he couldn’t - Jay wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to wait until Tuesday night to get that watermelon🍉dick up his ass. Oh, sure, he’d be fine, he knew, but he did NOT want to wait any longer than it would take to drink one more margarita. ‘I should’ve demanded that Jeff fuck me against the men’s room wall when I had the chance,’ he thought, realizing that he was tired of always trying to do the right thing. ‘Fuck, the RIGHT thing here is for Jeff’s two horse•hung boyfriends to plow my hole right behind Jeff, and then forget about them until their 18th birthdays.’
“Well, I’m not proud of it,” Coach began, after taking a big gulp of his drink, “but we both know that under certain circumstances, I have been known to fuck minors, and to enjoy them fucking me. And I know you don’t approve of that, though you’ve been very understanding. Fuck, I don’t approve of it either. What I don’t know, I guess, is how strongly you feel about it. When Max was standing in my driveway wearing nothing but soaking•wet gym•shorts, it seemed pretty clear to me that you...well, that you were at least interested. Do you think there are ANY circumstances under which you’d green•light him ramming his sixteen•year•old rock•hard cock straight up your ass?”
“Once,” Jay croaked, hardly able to speak, and realizing he wasn’t being clear. “Jeff’s circumstances,” he tried again. “The only way I’d even consider it is the way he laid it out - it happens one time, and then we never do it, or even consider doing it again. Maybe that would work.” “And a seventeen•year•old rock•hard cock up your ass?” Coach asked. “Once, also,” Jay replied. “I mean, IF we’re going to bend•over for one minor, might as well take the package deal. I’m fucking tempted, Neil, I really am. And I don’t even think I’d feel bad or guilty about it, although I have a lot clearer picture of the dilemma you faced last week. What do you want to do? You’ve got a helluva lot more on the line than I do.” Jay was referring to the additional criminal exposure Coach could face for fucking student•athletes under his supervision, regardless of their age. Jay would ‘only’ be going down for statutory rape. He thought there ought to be some kind of an exception or defense when the minors in question all had considerably bigger dicks than the prospective criminal(s).
“First thing I’d say,” Coach replied, “is that I’m already sunk on the student•fucking charges, so I’m not any more worried about that than the under•age issue. The more important thing, though, is that if you think there’s any chance you’ll feel guilty when you wake up tomorrow morning, then we definitely ought to say no.” “Yeah, I get that,” Jay said. “If we were to decide, OK, Max and Mitchell can fuck us tonight, I’m not going to feel guilty at all about it actually happening. To me the question is ‘would it be wrong?’ ‘Wrong’ as in immoral, not illegal, because it’s obviously illegal. And maybe I’m justifying what I want to do, but I don’t see the actual harm in letting these mature, experienced young men—“ “with really BIG DICKS,” Coach interrupted, and they both laughed. “So as I was saying, I don’t see the harm in letting these horse•hung young men do what they say they very much want to do,” Jay finished his thought.
“I’m not going to lie,” Coach replied, “the idea of getting fucked seriatim by those three studs, which is not something that’s ever happened to me...” He paused a moment, remembering Thursday evening, when Mitchell, Dewey and Jeff had fucked him one after another, and Jeff more than once. [## 30-32] “Oops, I already lied. I need to clarify that statement,” he said, “During my insane romp last week, I did get fucked by three young men in a row, and it was fucking wonderful, but Max wasn’t one of the three, and he’s probably the most skilled top of the group. So as I was about to say, the idea of THOSE three guys fucking me makes me want to shout with joy. But I would pass on it in a flash if you’re the least bit squeamish about getting fucked by children. Anyway, as Jeff would say, I’m going to ‘Let Jay decide.’ Your call, Jay.”
“Nicely played,” Jay said, laughing. “Fuck...I shouldn’t laugh about any of this. There’s nothing funny about it. When you told me about your incredible week, I wasn’t appalled, or even disturbed, really, except for the potential legal consequences for you. Maybe I should’ve been...but these guys are hardly ‘children.’ In some ways they’re more worldly than me. How much do you trust them?” “These three?” Coach asked rhetorically. “These three I trust as much I trust you...and just to be clear, even after...we were apart...I never believed you’d ever do anything to hurt me. I trust these guys that much.”
After a long silence, Jay said, “Fuck yeah, let’s do it. And I can tell you now, I’m also going to fuck either Max or Mitchell...Jeff I can fuck Tuesday night.” “I’d recommend you fuck both of them, you know, if you can. And Max is killer when it comes to bottoming, too,” Coach advised. “You ready to go?” “Mmm...sorry to delay us, but I’ve got a raging boner. Give me a couple of minutes, will ya?” “Understood,” Coach said, laughing, “Possible embarrassment sure didn’t stop our young friend from waltzing his boner through the restaurant...not that I’m suggesting you follow his lead in everything. I’ll get the check...while you compose yourself.” “Shouldn’t you let Jeff know we’re coming?” Jay asked, trying not to think of coming. “Nah, we’ll be there in five minutes. Let’s keep them guessing a few more minutes.”
The three jocks were still in the hot tub, almost resigned to entertaining themselves for the remainder of the night. Which would not suck. They had resorted to playing Truth or Dare to keep their minds off their uncertainty over Coach and Jay’s decision. They had agreed that no dare could result in an orgasm, at least for another half hour.
“Truth,” Max said. “OK, not counting our locker room,” Mitchell asked Max, “what’s the most public place you’ve ever fucked anybody, top or bottom?” Max pretended to have to think about his answer for a few seconds, before saying, “I spent a weekend at Ole Miss with George and Fred last spring and we kind of played this game one night, real late, after midnight. We ended up going to three different public places on campus, and in each spot two of us fucked, and the odd man out had to strip completely naked and masturbate. The third guy couldn’t stop jacking until the the fucker blew his load. We started off in the football stadium, which I have to say was pretty fucking cool, though it would’ve been cooler if I’d gotten to be one of fuckers. We played rock•paper•scissors, and I lost, which meant I had to strip and beat my meat while Fred fucked George. Fred sat on a bench seat near the top of the South End Zone and George rode his cock reverse cowgirl, with me standing on the row in front of them pounding my pud...
“...I don’t really know what the point of making the third guy strip and stroke was,” Max continued, “just one of the twins’ drunken rules...except the jacker would be the next guy to top, so he had every incentive not to nut, because if he did he’d lose his turn to top...but he couldn’t stop stroking or he’d lose his turn. The fucker and fuck•ee had every incentive for the top to get off as soon as he could, of course, to limit our exposure in each location. We went over to the Grove next and I fucked Fred standing against the band•stand, which is probably as exposed as any spot in the Grove. Except for actually being on the band•stand...which is where George stripped and beat his meat. I stretched that fuck out as long as I could, just to fuck with George, you know, trying to make him nut first, but I was only willing to stand there in the middle of campus slamming my cock into Fred’s ass for so long. When George slowed his stroke to next to nothing, I went ahead blew my load. After that we ended up in the shower room at their frat house...kind of like in our locker room, wide•open with a bunch of shower•heads around the walls, with a shower•post with a few spigots on it in the middle of the room. That’s where George fucked me, standing against that central shower•post, while Fred jacked off under one of those spigots.”
“Fuck that’s hot,” Jeff said, thinking that spending a weekend with the twins at Ole Miss might be pretty fucking fun. “Did you guys ever get caught, or even have a close call?” Mitchell asked. “Caught is not exactly the right word,” Max replied, laughing, “but one of their bros, a fuck•buddy of theirs, stumbled in to piss, and when he heard George’s balls slapping against my ass, he came into the shower•room to see who was getting fucked in the ass. Seeing Fred unattached, that dude dropped his boxers, dropped to his knees and sucked Fred off. After Fred nutted in his mouth, that guy fucked the shit out of him against the shower•post right next to us...
“OK, my turn now...truth or dare, Jeff?” Max asked. “Dare,” Jeff declared impishly. “Hmm...I dare you to...suck my nuts while Mitchell polishes my knob.” Strictly speaking, Mitchell couldn’t be compelled to polish Max’s knob since it wasn’t his dare, but he was more than happy to help Jeff accomplish his dare. Max was standing in the middle of the hot tub, Jeff’s face at water level and his mouth filled with one of Max’s big hen•eggs, as Mitchell’s head bobbed up and down Max’s thick shaft, when Coach and Jay finally arrived.
“Anybody want another beer before I get wet?” Jay asked, after quietly watching the steamy scene unfolding in the hot tub. He was already stripping off his shirt. “Me, please,” Jeff said after spitting out Max’s nut, “I am so fucking glad you came.” “It was an easy decision,” Jay said, dropping his pants and revealing his latest erection. “Thanks for asking us.” “You’re fucking beautiful,” Jeff said softly, drinking in Jay’s chiseled body and throbbing boner with his eyes. “I’ll get the beers,” Coach offered from somewhere behind Jay, so Jay climbed into the hot tub. “Me too, Coach, please,” Mitchell called out. “Thanks, Jeff, you’re not so bad yourself,” Jay acknowledged. “And I’m sorry for breaking up your blow•job, Max. That wasn’t my intention at all.”
“We were just playing a game to kill time,” Max assured him, “and it was time to break it up...or I’d have broken a rule.” Jeff and Mitchell both laughed. “By nutting,” Mitchell explained to Jay. The thee jocks had all gravitated back to their seats to make room for Jay and Coach. “Now, which one of you is the best kisser?” “Jeff,” Max and Mitchell replied simultaneously. “Not,” Jeff said, laughing. “We’ll see about that,” Jay said as he planted his mouth on Jeff’s, reaching for his dick underwater. Jeff’s boner had firmed up as soon as he’d seen Jay getting out of his clothes as fast as he could, and he was already thinking about maneuvering Jay’s ass right over his throbbing cock, and then rapidly closing the distance between the two.
Unfortunately for Jeff, Jay let go of his mouth and cock before Jeff could work out the necessary logistics for burying his cock in Jay’s ass while underwater, and Jay had moved on to Mitchell. He reached for Mitchell’s dick as their mouths joined and their tongues met. “Holy fuck,” Jay mumbled as his hand explored the dimensions of Mitchell’s amazing cock, which he badly wanted to see. He’d be patient, though, not wanting to embarrass Mitchell by asking him to stand up. “Now Max,” he said, gratified that Max had already taken his (Jay’s) boner into his (Max’s) hand even before he had grabbed Max’s rock•hard cock. “I’d say you’re all great kissers,” Jay declared after he removed his tongue from Max’s mouth. His fingers remained behind, however, as Jay continued to explore Max’s equipment, especially his impressive girth and intriguing foreskin.
“Hey Jay, would you mind standing up again?” Jeff asked, and as soon as Jay was standing, Jeff greedily slurped his luminous cock into his mouth and wouldn’t relinquish it. He could hardly wait to eat Jay’s ass before he fucked him. “Have you guys put together a game•plan yet?” Coach asked as he handed out beers, leaving Jeff’s on the deck next to him. “Actually we have, Coach,” Max replied, “and it starts with me sucking your killer boner. Mitchell will fill you in on the other details since it would be bad manners for me to talk with my mouth full.”
“Perfect,” Coach said as he hopped into the hot tub and stuck his boner in Max’s face, seconds away from committing his first felony of the night. Max promptly deep•throated the whole fucking thing. Coach recalled the white•hot lust he’d felt for this kid standing at his locker after practice late Friday afternoon while ’the ravenous gay wolf’ had flounced his unbelievably (and previously unknown to Coach) fat uncut cock, then casually stretched his foreskin while Coach had been yammering on about ‘leadership’ and Max’s promising skill•set. Max teasingly stretching his foreskin had resulted in Coach’s boner nearly popping out of his tight green coaching shorts, which led to a hot•as•fuck emergency 69 session on the floor of Coach’s office and Coach swallowing Max’s tremendous load, which had led in turn to Max riding his boner like a fucking he•devil on the floor of the shower room...which had led to Jeff’s sudden discovery that he had to have the back•up QB for his very own.
“So, we drew lots for the initial lineup,” Mitchell lied about the game•plan, “and whenever you guys are ready, Jeff is going to fuck Jay and Max is going to fuck you, Coach, and then I’ll be second after whichever of them finishes first. Then as soon as we’re recharged, we’ll swap as necessary so that you each get all three of us.” “Great fucking plan,” Coach said as Max and Jeff continued sucking cock like they’d just discovered penis, which is to say voraciously. Jay was already squirming as if he might lose a load in Jeff’s mouth, which is not where he wanted to lose it. “Better pump the brakes, Jeff,” he urged, “before I break that rule,” and Jeff reluctantly regurgitated Jay’s dick.
“And while we’re recharging, feel free to fuck any of us,” Jeff offered eagerly, “though I’d suggest fucking Max and Mitchell.” He left unsaid ‘because you can fuck me all night long on Tuesday night.’ “Jeff, I want your dick in my mouth first,” Jay announced, “like right fucking now.” Jeff laughed and stood up, his watermelon🍉dick as hard as Coach had ever seen it. “Fuck me...that’s huge,” Jay said, transfixed. Jeff laughed. “Large, maybe, but if you wanna see huge,” Jeff replied, still laughing, “Mitchell, stand up, will ya?” Jeff was proud of his newest boyfriend’s incredible cock, and wasn’t concerned about possibly embarrassing him so he could get the credit he was due.
Mitchell smiled shyly and slowly stood up. “Jesus Fucking Christ,” Jay said in genuine awe. “I’ve never seen so much dick in one place.” He reached out and put his hand on Mitchell’s ripped body, feeling one of his tight pecs and sliding his hand down to his well•defined six•pack before wrapping his fingers (partially) around the thick base of Mitchell’s throbbing cock. “And you are absolutely gorgeous, too,” he said breathlessly. “Max, let’s swap,” Coach said, gently pulling him to his feet, “or I’m going to nut.”
Max pushed himself effortlessly onto the deck with his strong arms, his legs in the water, his thick cock rising from his lap, water sheeting off his beautiful body. He reached down and, grinning, naughtily stretched his foreskin over the flared head of his thick cock, pulled it back down and stretched it again, never taking his mischievous blue eyes off Coach’s. Coach laughed and said, “You fucking drove me around the bend doing that on Friday.” Then Coach gobbled up Max’s rock•hard sixteen•year•old cock, committing his second felony of the night.
Meanwhile, Jeff and Mitchell sat down next to Max, and Jay was taking turns sucking the two biggest dicks he’d ever seen. He could hardly wait for those cocks to be pounding his hole. Jeff was almost ready for that to happen, as skillful a cock•sucker as Jay was. He leaned over and gave Mitchell a long, passionate kiss as Jay’s mouth alternated between them, worshipping each cock in turn, back and forth, and back again, while Coach found himself thinking how fucking stupid he’d been to make Max off•limits to himself. He could hardly wait to feel that thick cock balls•deep in his fuck•tunnel, filling him up again. “Where are we fucking?” he asked the game•planner hoarsely. “Hmm....I don’t think we talked about that, Coach,” Mitchell replied. “What do you think would work best, you know, where we can all be together?” Since Mitchell would be second in line behind either Max or Jeff, he wanted to be able to watch all of the action while everybody else was fucking.
“Corbin Fisher pool•side fuck•platform,” Coach said, “ASAP.” He grabbed Max by one of his biceps and pulled himself out of the hot tub. He had the presence of mind to tap Jay on the back of his head on his way out of the water. Max gestured to Mitchell and Jeff, as Coach dragged him by the hand toward the fuck•platform. “We are going to fuck now,” Coach said as an after•thought. Jay hadn’t seemed to notice getting slapped on the back of his head, but he did hear “We are going to fuck now,” and he wasn’t going to be left behind.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by Tom of Finland; center model: Peter Berlin