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The Transfer Jock (91) -- By Jack Richards


“How long until you’re ready to fuck again?”


“Where do you think we ought to fuck, Coach, you know, where we can all be together?” Mitchell asked, it going without saying that he wanted to watch every pairing that didn’t involve him. “Corbin Fisher pool•side fuck•platform,” Coach replied, “ASAP.” He was well past ready to have Max’s throbbing beer•can•cock buried balls•deep in his ass.
Max had been sitting on the deck with his legs in the water and his cock in Coach’s mouth. Coach grabbed Max by one of his bulging biceps and pulled himself out of the hot tub. On his way out of the water, he had the presence of mind to tap Jay, who was alternately sucking Jeff and Mitchell’s dicks, on the back of his head. Max gestured to Mitchell and Jeff, as Coach dragged him by his hand toward the fuck•platform. “We are going to fuck now,” Coach said as an after•thought. Jay hadn’t seemed to notice getting slapped on the back of his head, but he did hear “We are going to fuck now,” and he wasn’t going to be left behind.


Even so, by the time Jay, Jeff and Mitchell got to the fuck•platform, Max had already asked Coach how he wanted it (“Looking me in the eye,” he’d insisted, recalling that the one time Max had fucked him it had been from behind), had lubed his hole and was poised to shove his beer•can•cock into Coach’s waiting nether•regions. Jay, Mitchell and Jeff had all stopped to watch Max fluidly penetrate Coach and the subsequent disappearance of Max’s rock•hard sixteen•year•old cock all the way up Coach’s bung•hole. “Eat my ass next time,” Jay instructed Jeff, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to a spot on the fuck•platform behind Max and Coach. Max’s body was already rising and falling gracefully, meeting Coach’s thrusting ass, his thick cock plunging deep, withdrawing almost entirely, then driving back in powerfully. “Fuck me right now,” Jay demanded as he watched Max’s dick disappearing into Neil’s ass and reappearing over and over again, “and by the way, there’s no such thing as ‘too hard’ or ‘too rough.’”
Given those instructions, Jeff pushed Jay backwards onto the padded deck and dove on top of him, in between his legs, managing to squirt a little lube on his dick as he prepared to thrust his watermelon🍉dick into Jay as hard as he could. In the instant just before penetration their eyes locked, and Jay nodded almost imperceptibly. Jeff grabbed his shoulders, planted his mouth on Jay’s and pressed the head of his dick against Jay’s puckered asshole, then powerfully drove all but about two inches of his cock into Jay’s velvety fuck•tunnel. Jay yelped the whole time, but when Jeff paused, he said, “No...I’m fine...I love it that way...it fucking hurts so good...hammer me...” Jeff withdrew partially, covering Jay’s mouth with his own, and thrust in hard, balls•deep. “More...” Jay moaned.
So while Max was oh•so•slowly fucking Coach as tenderly and as passionately as he knew how, Jeff was hammering the absolute fuck out of Jay, as if he could somehow get deeper still, but as hard as Jeff fucked, as deep as he thrusted, Jay still wanted more, harder, deeper, faster. Jeff felt every thrust and counter•thrust along every inch of his cock...until he almost nutted. He stopped cold, with Jay still demanding more, until Jeff smothered his mouth again with kisses.
“Jay...shhh....shhh...Jay...shhh...I’m not ready for this to end yet...but if I don’t stop for just a minute, I’m going to cum,” “Don’t listen to a word I say,” Jay replied, “do me your way...without ending...not yet.” Jay flung his arm over his shoulder and found Coach’s face, lightly stroking it with his fingertips while Jeff rooted his face into Jay’s heavenly armpit. “Neil...fuck...oh fuck...is this good for you, too?” Jay asked, as Coach moaned in pleasure at every thrust of Max’s thick cock.
Jeff looked up and watched beautiful Max’s long, lithe body rising and falling over Coach, his big loose balls slapping rhythmically against Coach’s ass. He started moving again, slowly at first, but gradually matching Max’s rhythm by the sound of his balls hitting Coach’s butt, which was only a bit more difficult than matching Max’s thrusts when they were plugged in together. As he lost himself in Max’s rhythm, Jeff occasionally experienced the odd but very pleasant, fleeting sensation that he was simultaneously fucking both Jay and Max. Jay continued demanding more and alternately assuring Jeff not to pay any attention to him, and Jeff mostly ignored Jay’s demands as their bodies continued to moved together seamlessly in a rhythm established by Max.
Jeff’s deep thrusts filled Jay up in a way he hadn’t quite been filled before. “Slower...slower...stop...just a second...please,” Jay whispered. Jeff stopped and snugged in tight to Jay, holding him as close as he could, and became aware of someone...had to have been Max...having an orgasm💦...that seemed to go on and on💦. “I just wanted to feel you filling me all the way up,” Jay explained in a whisper, “without you withdrawing any of that beautiful cock...Now do exactly what you were doing...only keep fucking me...and don’t stop until you cum.”
Jeff looked up and saw Max rolling off of Coach with a shit•eating grin on his face, sweat glistening on his body, cum dripping from his cock, and Mitchell poised with his giant boner to take over whenever Coach was ready. “You’re getting Max next,” Jeff whispered in Jay’s ear as he started pummeling him again with every inch of his watermelon🍉dick. “I want to watch you and Max...fucking like banshees,” Jay gasped as Jeff’s big nuts started crashing against his ass again. “The video?” Jeff asked. “That’s three banshees fucking.” “Live, after...this part,” Jay replied.
“Who’s fucking who...whom...on the video?” “I’m fucking Mitchell while Max is rimming the fuck out of me,” Jeff said, still thrusting hard, “and then Max climbed on and hammered the fuck out of me...we came at about the same time...and he fucking nutted forever, pounding me all the way through that amazing orgasm.” “Both, then,” Jay said as Jeff stepped it up another notch, “I want to watch both.” Jeff had to stop talking. He doubted he’d ever fucked anyone as hard as he was fucking Jay then, and every thrust felt like the best yet. He could feel his orgasm building in his balls from a long way off, rising from his tightening nuts, cresting and finally breaking the dam, all in surreal slow•motion, until he heard himself shouting as he flooded Jay’s rectum with blast after blast of his hot cum💦. Jeff kept fucking until he could no longer move, and he yelled again when Jay reached around behind him and squeezed his super•sensitive balls.
“I’ve never, ever been fucked like that,” Jay whispered in his ear, as they lay motionless together, sweating and breathing hard, “but don’t tell Neil I said that.” Jeff laughed, and a minute later he asked, so quiet as to almost be inaudible, “Do you love Neil? I mean, like really love him?” “With all my heart,” Jay replied, “and maybe some extra for agreeing to this.” “I want him to be happy,” Jeff said, “and I hope that’s with you.” He kissed Jay passionately again and then began to slowly withdraw his softening cock. “How long until you’re ready to fuck again?” Jay asked. “I’m just curious.”
“Not long,” Jeff replied, gathering himself on his knees and looking around for Max, who was lying on his back on the other side of where Mitchell was slow•boning Coach doggy•style. “Probably about ten minutes. Sometimes it’s different, but Max usually takes a little longer, and Mitchell usually a little longer than Max. I’m going to go get a cold beer and enjoy a little 69 with Max to make sure he’s good and hard for you.” “What would get you hardest the fastest?” Jay asked. Jeff laughed and said, “I’m going to tell you a secret...and it might gross you out.” He started laughing as he leaned forward to whisper his secret in Jay’s ear.
“Thing is, it’s not a secret. Everybody here except you already knows it...and they’ve all done it for me before,” Jeff said. “But if you stood up and pissed on my junk right now, I’d be ready•to•fuck again...as soon as I rinsed off. You know those little sea•monkeys or whatever they’re called?” Jeff asked. “A little shriveled•up piece of compressed paper...and you pour water on it and it transforms miraculously into a sea•monkey before your eyes? Well, that’s my dick...piss on it, and BOOM!” “Do you want me to do that now?” Jay asked, sitting up. “That doesn’t gross me out at all.” “No, thanks, I’ll have a boner before Mitchell finishes reaming out Coach,” Jeff replied, “but if you want to watch me fuck Max after I fuck Coach, I might need an assist.”
“How was it, bro?” Jeff asked as he offered Max his beer and then stretched out next to him in a pre•69 position, happily noting the globs of semen on Max’s fat dick and in his pubic hair, just waiting for Jeff to clean off. “That was fucking amazing,” Max replied animatedly. “I’m so glad we did this, Jeff. You know when Coach and I finally hooked up on Friday that was some sizzling shit...and then, boom, all of a sudden Coach started feeling guilty as shit about my tender years and all...and I felt kind of frozen out by him. But this...this was great, he couldn’t have been more passionate. I just think we needed a good fuck...and intimate conversation...to clear the air or whatever.”
Jeff loved Max at that moment more than he ever had. He leaned over and sucked the cum off his meaty cock, and then started sucking his balls, the very best balls he’d ever sucked. When he took Max’s dick in his mouth again it was already bigger, and he enjoyed feeling it grow hard in his mouth as his cock began to swell in Max’s. “Go get ‘em, Tiger,” he said to Max after ejecting Max’s throbbing boner from his mouth. “Jay’s a fucking fire•cracker and he’s ready for you. I’m sure he’ll tell you this himself, but you can’t fuck him hard enough.” Max just laughed. Mitchell was still boning Coach, but a lot faster by then, and Jeff figured Mitchell would be blasting off pretty soon...


Landen was still home alone, naked in front of a mirror, some hours after Jeff had left his house, wondering how things had gone so side•ways between them. He knew Jeff fucking loved him to death, he thought as he slowly rolled his foreskin over the head of his fat dick and back down again, up one more time. Well, for one thing, he thought (nonsensically), until Jeff had transferred to Hard•bone, he’d had the biggest swinging dick in the locker room...except for that fucking weasel•manager Mitchell, but nobody had known that squirt had a giant cock before Jeff had gotten there and sniffed it out...and except for that little pretty•boy back•up QB who had kept his beer•can•cock under wraps in the JV wing...until Jeff had transferred in...and Landen had claimed him before Jeff could...
...and, probably except for Dewey, yeah, he had to admit that Dewey’s dick had always been bigger than his, all the way back to pre•K, but everybody knew black dudes’ dicks were bigger...oh yeah, and except for that fuck•stick William, whose cock probably wasn’t any longer than his but, he had to admit, looked like it was a good bit thicker, that fucking über•straight jock who was banging that Chinese pom•pom girl but would let any fucking queer on campus suck him off anytime, any place - every fucking queer on campus, that is, except for Landen, whom that stuck•up prick had turned down cold at least four times. If Landen had had William’s number in his phone he’d probably have given William a fifth chance to turn him down.
Landen took yet another swig of of his father’s whiskey and then pulled the cucumber🥒 out of his ass. He stood up as close to the mirror as he could get...he thought the purplish finger•print bruises around his throat looked pretty fucking hot. He felt like a survivor...NO, he WAS a survivor! He had beaten back that crazed, violent home•invader all by himself, chased him out of his house, and had nearly caught him before he had jumped into a car with two other perverts and sped away. That fucker wouldn’t be fucking with Landen again, no sir!
Landen sat back down and tilted back in his chair, feet propped against the full•length mirror. Fuck, he looked good, he thought, as he took another big swig of whiskey. He started stroking again. He could hardly wait to show the bruises around his throat to Jeff the next day in the locker•room. Jeff would think he was the biggest bad•ass hero who had ever lived...oh fuck, Jeff would bend him over and fuck the shit out of him in front of the whole team for being such a fucking hero! Or worst case, they’d hang back in the showers until everyone, except for maybe that little queer JV QB with the gorgeous guns, had left and then Jeff would fuck him against the shower wall while Max, that was that dick•head’s name, beat his huge meat watching the two hot•as•fuck seniors fucking like men. Jeff loved to fuck him, he was pretty sure. But it wasn’t fair that a sophomore had a bigger dick than him.
Landen bent down and found the cucumber🥒 again and shoved it half•way back up his ass, easy•peasy, remembering faintly when he hadn’t even been able to penetrate himself with a banana. Ha! That had been like eighth grade. The cucumber felt like Jeff, alright. Maybe not quite as big as Jeff. He’d find an even bigger cucumber tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market. Probably time to cum, he thought. First he took another gulp of whiskey. He stretched his foreskin looking in the mirror and had a sudden vision of that...sophomore, um, Mac something or other, couldn’t quite think of his name, gigantic fat dick, though, stretching his foreskin the same way...what was that punk’s name? Maybe he’d get that little twerp to fuck him again, he thought as he squirted more lube on his big beautiful hard•enough dick.
Fuck it, he wanted to nut and go to bed so he could dream about Jeff. Landen gave himself a dozen more good, hard strokes and convulsed, shuddering, enjoying watching his third fucking cum•fountain💦 of the night in the mirror as he fucked himself hard with his cucumber. Not fucking bad, he thought, for a battered hero who’d been assaulted out of the blue by a home•invader who’d talked so ugly to him. Hmm, maybe he’d pushed that cucumber just a little too far up his ass. The thing was it was just so fucking slippery. He tried to grab the cucumber with just two fingers and it kind of squirted through them. Whoops! Landen watched in amazement as the whole fucking thing slid up into his ass...and disappeared. What the fuck? he thought. Where’s the fucking handle...or doohickey or whatever?
All he could see was his sweet puckered asshole winking back at him. Hmm...Landen stuck a couple of fingers up his ass to try to pull the cucumber out, but all he could feel was the cucumber being pushed uncomfortably deeper inside him. And, oddly, it felt like it was still being sucked deeper and deeper into his bowels, but that couldn’t be right, could it? Like the fucking Starship Enterprise venturing into the unknown... He felt vaguely nauseated, then much more specifically nauseated. Fuck, his dick looked good, though. He wished he could get off again, but he knew Sparty - that was what he called his dick sometimes when they were alone together - wasn’t spitting up again anytime soon. Three times within a couple of hours was usually his limit. Not like Jeff, who didn’t seem to have any limit.
He smeared some of the cum on his chest around and tasted it, good ol’ Sparty hadn’t let him down, not like that fucking sophomore whose name he couldn’t recall. Then Landen had a great idea and picked up his phone to call that kid...Max, that was his name, saved in his favorites with a close•up picture of Max’s pee•hole, the blunt end of his dick partially shrouded by his fore•skin...but then Landen remembered he’d blocked or deleted the kid’s number. He hadn’t had any choice, that little nymphomaniac just wouldn’t leave him the fuck alone.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, Landen thought as another awful wave of nausea swept over him. He felt so fucking...bloated...and full...and not in a good way at all. He suddenly threw up all over himself. He wanted his mother, but his parents were at the lake until the next day. Just as well, because he wouldn’t want to explain to his Mom what had happened to her prize cucumber. He nearly vomited again, and felt worse when he didn’t. Hmm...he was surprised when he saw that he was still holding his cell phone in his hand.
Before Landen passed out he had the surprising good sense to call 911. “911, what’s your emergency?” His cucumber was missing, he told the operator, and he had a really bad stomachache. He was sure Jeff would come get it out of him if she could just find Jeff...please, it really hurts...🥒

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by Micha Jarkkoff