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The Transfer Jock (93) -- By Jack Richards

"Landen, I don't even knw what to say."


The next day, Tuesday, in between practices and still several hours before he was going to spend the night with Jay and Coach, Jeff went to see Landen in the hospital. Needless to say, that was not a visit Jeff relished making. While he understood rationally there was no connection, Jeff had been unable to shake the feeling that whatever had caused his former friend’s sudden emergency late Sunday night - something about his small intestines getting tangled up or blocked - was somehow connected to Jeff’s drop•by earlier that night. He could still feel Landen’s throat in his hand...and his fat dick in his other hand. To his surprise, Landen seemed genuinely delighted to see him when he walked into Landen’s room.
“Landen, I don’t even know what to say,” he began awkwardly after Landen’s parents had left them alone. Jeff had moved closer, and was sitting on the edge of Landen’s hospital bed, primarily so that he wouldn’t have to speak as loudly, because he was expecting a pretty frank discussion about his Sunday night visit and what had led to it. “I feel absolutely terrible about what happened—” “What, about my ‘intestinal blockage’? That’s not on you, bro.” “No, about earlier that night—“ “Jeff, shut the fuck up. I had a whole lot worse than what you did coming to me. I was fucking awful to you. And even worse to Max. I’m surprised you’d even come see me after how I treated you. Your, um, visit Sunday evening might just be one of the best things anybody’s ever done for me. It was a real wake•up call...after I passed out and woke up here.”
“But your intestines—” Landen burst out laughing, cutting Jeff off. “Ouch, that hurts, still tender. My ‘intestinal blockage’...Dude, I shoved a fucking cucumber the size of your dick, maybe even bigger, up my ass...all the way up my ass. I got drunk as a fucking lord after you left and I was thinking about you, jacking off, fucking myself with a goddamned cucumber. Picture this shit, man...I’m sitting back in an Eames chair, naked as a jaybird, of course, my feet propped up against a full length mirror, with about half of that big•ass cucumber shoved in my hole. Well, that wasn’t fucking deep enough, so I push it in farther...whoops, too far, I realize too late...
“Naturally, the cucumber, my ass and my hands are slathered with Astro•glide. There’s probably only about two inches of that bad boy sticking out of the black hole that is my butt•hole, and that black hole is still drawing it in, slowly but inexorably. So I know I’ve got to take action. I try to grab the tip of that slippery fucking cucumber with my thumb and one finger, but they slip off, of course, and in the process I actually propel it the rest of the way inside me...WHOOSH‼️...straight up my ass. I mean, I’m watching all of this in the mirror...one second I’m looking at two inches of green sticking out of my ass and the next I’m looking at my puckered pink ass•hole.” Landen started laughing his ass off again, holding his incision in pain, and Jeff joined in with him. They fed each other’s laughter until both had tears in their eyes, and that felt really good, at least to Jeff. He reached over and put his hand on top of Landen’s.
“You know, this might sound almost as fucking crazy as you shoving a cucumber up your ass,” Jeff said, feeling a need for confession, “well, not that crazy, but when I shoved you against the door and then I grabbed your junk, do you know what I was thinking?” “Probably that you were going to fucking kill me,” Landen guessed. “No, man, I mean, I was fucking furious, but when I had your big fat dick in my hand - again - all I could think was, ‘Fuck, Landen really does have a nice cock’ and it was all I could do to stay mad at you...and not give you a fucking hand•job.” They laughed together again and, on an impulse (more or less), Jeff slid his hand off of Landen’s and under the sheet, seeking and finding Landen’s fat dick, squeezing his junk gently but firmly, over and over again through his hospital gown.
Jeff hadn’t counted on that fucking hospital gown, having assumed Landen would be wearing boxers or whatever. ‘Fuck it,’ Jeff thought, and ran his hand down to the bottom of the gown and underneath it, back up to Landen’s warm flesh•and•blood penis, which he resumed squeezing rhythmically, just like you might do if your whole purpose was to get your buddy hard. From the moment Jeff’s hand slipped under Landen’s sheet until the last time he pulled it out, with only a couple of exceptions, their eyes remained locked on one another’s. “You really do have a nice fat cock,” Jeff whispered as Landen’s dick responded to his insistent touch. “Feel anything different down there, bro?” Landen asked. “Your fat dick is getting fatter,” Jeff replied, grinning. “True,” Landen acknowledged, “but I meant my pubic hair.” Jeff slid his hand up a couple of inches. “It’s fucking gone!” Jeff exclaimed, surprised.
“The incision is just above where my pubes used to be,” Landen explained, “so they shaved me bald before surgery. I gotta admit, I kinda like the look, but temporarily only. Here, I’ll show you.” He threw back the sheet, and Jeff instinctively snatched his hand back, looking uneasily at the door. “Relax, just a quick look. If anybody comes in, I’m just showing you my scar.” Jeff nodded OK but kept his hands to himself as Landen pulled up his gown to reveal his shaved pink uncut worm...and, of course, his scar, which Jeff barely noticed. “What do you think?” Landen asked. “I think it makes your fat dick look even bigger,” Jeff observed, and, in fact, Landen’s dick was getting bigger before his very eyes, “but I’m a huge fucking fan of blond pubic hair, and you had one of the best looking patches I’ve ever seen.” “Thanks, I’m definitely letting it grow back, I just thought it was interesting.”
When Landen started to pull his gown down, Jeff whispered, “Hey Landen, leave your gown pushed up, just pull your sheet back over it, you know, for my ease of access.” Landen grinned from ear•to•ear. He had feared that he’d broken the moment or whatever it was when he’d impulsively thrown his sheet back, and he’d immediately regretted it when Jeff yanked his hand away. Regardless of where that groping was going, he’d been enjoying the fuck out of having his cock in Jeff’s hand. And as soon as he pulled the sheet back up, Jeff slipped his hand back under it, going straight for his dick.
As Landen’s cock continued to swell, Jeff alternately flopped it around and stroked it lightly, urging it toward full erection. It had finally become clear to Landen that Jeff had more in mind than just more groping, and that what was happening had become more overtly sexual, and not just playful. When Landen realized that Jeff’s actions had been purely sexual from the outset, he pointed at the bulge in Jeff’s gym•shorts and whispered, “Are you, um, getting hard, too?” “Harder than you,” Jeff laughed. Landen exhaled deeply and said, “I’m getting there, bro.” Jeff rolled Landen’s foreskin down with his thumb and felt his cock throb in his hand. “You feel so fucking good, bro,” Jeff whispered, barely able to speak.
When Landen was fully erect Jeff pulled his hand out and squirted a generous amount of Astro•glide, which he’d taken from the pocket in his shorts, into his palm. Landen laughed out loud again. “Dude, you brought fucking lube to the hospital?” “Fuck yeah I did,” Jeff replied, “I remember how you like your hand•jobs...besides, I can’t very well give you a blow•job here...a nurse or your mom would walk in for sure and freak the fuck out.”
“Good point,” Landen agreed, laughing at the thought of his mom busting in while Jeff was blowing him. He moaned as Jeff’s lube•slickened hand slid up and down his shaft, sometimes twisting, sometimes covering the knob, varying his grip and speed. When Landen got close to nutting, Jeff throttled back, wanting to extend Landen’s evident pleasure, as well as his own in delivering it.
“Jeff, why the fuck are you giving me a hand•job? And a great hand•job, at that? Not that I’m complaining...” “Because I love the feel of a good hard cock in my hand and you can’t really get away from me,” Jeff said, laughing, “plus, Landen, I don’t know exactly...except I’d like for us to try to be friends again, if that’s possible.” “Friends with benefits?” Landen asked mischievously. “Benefits like this, absolutely,” Jeff replied, “anything else I’d have to talk to my boyfriend.” “Well, that’s fucking new. You and Max?” Had to be Max. Jeff had told him Sunday night he was fucking Max, though he hadn’t believed it was serious, if it was even true. But Max had obviously told Jeff what had happened in the showers after Friday practice. Unless they were really tight, Jeff wouldn’t have brought Max up when he was telling him all the shit he could do to get his arm broken in four places, the exact same threat Max had made.
Jeff was nodding ‘yes’ when the door flew open and a young male orderly or nurse’s aide walked in while Jeff was in mid•stroke. It was perfectly obvious what was happening under Landen’s sheet, because Jeff was stroking him rapidly again by then, and to the orderly’s credit, he almost immediately started backing out of the room. “Sorry guys, I’ll come back later,” he said as he closed the door. To Jeff’s credit, he never stopped stroking (though he had slowed down). What would’ve been the point in stopping? Jeff figured, what the fuck, he’d already been caught lending a hand to his friend.
Jeff and Landen looked at each other and burst out laughing. “That guy was hot,” Jeff observed as he resumed his former stroking•speed. “Plus, he was so chill about it. Fuck, he was probably coming in here to do exactly what I’m doing. Seriously, bro...my queer•cock•detector was pinging off the charts.” “Real fucking hot,” Landen agreed, but he couldn’t pursue that subject any further at the moment. “Ohh...ohh...I’m getting close...let me squirt this time...stroke me really hard...fuck yeah, like that...oh FUCK!” Landen arched his back as his cock swelled and exploded in Jeff’s pounding fist, gushing cum into the sheet and all over Jeff’s hand, which kept stroking until Landen fell back onto his pillow gasping. “Fuck, dude,” Jeff said, looking at his cum•covered hand in astonishment, “that was a huge fucking load.” He began slurping Landen’s jizz off his hand, which had a mild earthiness to it, and just the hint of a metallic tang on the back end. Jeff had always liked the unique taste of Landen’s cum since the first time he’d swallowed it. “Yum,” he said, “tastes like...cucumber!” They both fell out laughing.
“Jeff, that was fucking fantastic,” Landen said gratefully after they’d stopped laughing. “Jesus, a hand•job for the fucking ages...in a hospital room! Now let me get you off, bro,” Landen offered. “Nah...like, how could you?” Jeff replied, laughing. “I mean, I can’t get under the covers with you. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” The boner underneath Jeff’s baggy gym•shorts was prominent. “Do you mind?” Landen asked as he put his hand on Jeff’s bulge. “Course not.” Then Landen slid his hand along Jeff’s muscular thigh, up the leg of his shorts to his bulging jock•strap. Jeff moaned slightly as Landen’s deft fingers slipped inside the pouch and partially closed around his cock. “See? Like this, with your back to the door,” Landen suggested.
“Oh my, what do we have here?” Landen withdrew his hand and popped two fingers sticky with Jeff’s pre•cum into his mouth. He didn’t really expect Jeff to say yes to a hand•job - not when he could fuck Max instead - but his offer was genuine. To his surprise, as Landen started to run his hand back up the leg of Jeff’s shorts to his oozing boner, Jeff nodded. “OK. Give me just a sec,” he said. Jeff quickly stood up and pulled his jock down inside his shorts so Landen could more easily get to his dick. While he was at it, he scooped up another glob of pre•cum with his fingers, and fed it to Landen as he sat back down on the edge of the bed, back to the door, legs spread wide. He grinned at Landen, signaling ‘ready.’
“Much better, bro,” Landen said, using an underhand grip to gently stroke Jeff’s throbbing cock. Landen chuckled and said, “It’s funny, bro, it’s like I fucking know you’ve got about the biggest cock around...but every time I see it...or feel it...I think ‘Fuck! I forgot how fucking big Jeff’s dick is...’” Landen stroked the full length of his shaft just a few times and then switched to Jeff’s big, loose balls, tugging and squeezing them gently, before returning to his dick with a firmer grip. “Oh fuck, that’s really nice,” Jeff moaned. “Here,” He fumbled in his pocket and handed the Astro•glide to Landen. “I like that shit, too.” Jeff kind of gulped, trying to swallow, when he felt the silky•smooth slickness of Landen’s hand.
“What’s fucking funny, dude,” Jeff whispered, “is that I’m already about to bust a nut...Jesus, and you’re barely touching me.” “Stop or go?” Landen asked. “Stop...for just a minute, I’d like to prolong this at least a little bit...” Landen smiled and stopped stroking, but didn’t release his grip. “A fucking cucumber...” Jeff said, thinking of something funny in order to keep from ejaculating (yet) in Landen’s hand, and then he burst out laughing. “Not just any old cucumber,” Landen replied, “but a HUGE fucking cucumber,” and joined in the laughter. After a minute or so Landen said, “Jeff, I hope I haven’t fucked up our friendship beyond repair—“ “You’re holding my dick, dude, aren’t you? So I must think our friendship is worth saving. And I’m enjoying the fuck out of this hospital visit.”
“I was even fucking worse to Max, never even tried to be his friend, hazing him, basically treating him like a serf...with a really big dick...making him fuck me.” “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that,” Jeff replied. “I think it was the Max stuff that I was really so mad about Sunday night, you being a dick to me with your phone just pushed me over the edge. You’re going to have to make amends with him, or try to, for the good of the team, if nothing else,” Jeff replied. “I’m not saying you and him will ever be friends, but you can do a lot to help make things right. And I’ve got a good idea about where you can start. But I don’t want to talk about this shit anymore...not right now...instead, I’d rather be thinking about how fucking good your magic fingers feel...and the incredible orgasm I’m going to have.”
Landen spit into his hand to revive the Astro•glide that was beginning to get sticky on Jeff’s boner. Jeff couldn’t recall another hand ever feeling so good on his junk, as Landen continued to alternate between his dick and balls. “Holding up OK?” “Yeah, this feels great, Landen, but that hair•trigger feeling is gone. I think I’m up for some more vigorous tugging, you know?” “Got it,” Landen said, and began tugging more vigorously. Jeff had a sudden thought, and wondered why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. Slipping his hand back under the sheet, he found Landen’s cock rock•hard again and closed his fingers around it happily. “Now that’s fucking hot, you sly dog, why didn’t you tell me?”
Landen actually blushed. “Oh, you know...as fucking great as your hand•job was, I’d rather have your cock in my hand than mine in yours, I’d rather have your dick in my mouth than my dick in your mouth, and for sure I’d rather have your cock up my ass than mine up yours. I fucking bonerized as soon as I touched your dick.” “Can you get off again this soon?” Jeff asked pointedly, trying (and failing) to recall all the times he and Landen had gotten each other off. “And do you even want to get off again?” He was starting to feel a little stressed, though not yet pressed, for time. Landen responded by extending his free hand for Jeff’s free hand to clasp. When they were tight, Landen leaned in until his and Jeff’s foreheads were touching, hands clasped. “Yes and yes,” he whispered. “Pound me pretty hard and I’ll get off quicker. What I was saying about wanting your, any guy’s dick in my hand, than vice•versa?” “Yeah?” Jeff said softly. “All that goes out the window when it comes to orgasms.” “Duh,” Jeff replied, and they shared another laugh. “But look...I can’t stay here ALL afternoon trading hand•jobs with you,” Jeff added, still laughing, “though I do have a little time before practice. So give me that fucking Astro•glide back...and don’t think you’re the only queer who’d rather jack another guy than get jacked off...plus, I’m probably about to cum...so I’d like your maximum effort, within reason, for the next minute or so.” Landen handed the lube back to Jeff and buckled down on getting the transfer•jock across the finish line as the transfer•jock began jacking him hard with a fresh•lubed hand.


That was the scene on which the hot male orderly intruded, having reasonably assumed that another half•hour would be more than enough time for that hot•as•fuck jock to finish masturbating his hot•as•fuck friend - the, ahem, ‘CucumberPatient’ - the one he’d shaved in pre•op with a latex•gloved hand holding down the Cucumber Patient’s fat uncircumcised penis while he’d shaved away all that gorgeous blond pubic hair. He had been rock•hard in his scrubs with a sweating brow before he’d finished that routine task, and he’d found it difficult to lift his hand off the Cucumber Patient’s deliciously warm, fat cock. Given the nature of the procedure for which the Cucumber Patient had been hospitalized, the orderly had figured it was a safe bet that he was queer•as•fuck, even before he’d caught that other dreamy jock giving him a hand•job...which was just one of the things he’d been fantasizing about doing with the Cucumber Patient.
The orderly knocked on the door that time as (but not before) he came through it, and was surprised to see both of those hot•as•fuck jocks furiously beating each other’s meats. Jeff was oblivious to the orderly’s arrival, being only two seconds away from blast•off. Landen, about fifteen seconds from nutting for the second time on the orderly’s shift, took charge. “Come IN and close the door,” he said firmly. “Please.” Neither he nor Jeff so much as slowed their strokes. By then Jeff was already in the full throes of another noisy orgasm, the visual results of which were regrettably (from the transfixed orderly’s perspective) hidden from the orderly, and Landen was perilously close. Jeff had really unloaded in his shorts, down his leg and in Landen’s hand, but he kept on stroking Landen through his completion. During those very few last seconds, Landen had registered the hot orderly‘s wide•eyed interest, and maintained the presence of mind to throw off his sheet so the orderly could witness his very happy ending.
“Holy fuck, dude!” Jeff exclaimed loudly, “that was fucking incredible...the biggest cum•fountain I’ve ever seen...and, dude, what you did to my dick!” “Um...uh...” Landen wasn’t able to talk yet, so he pointed, with Jeff’s cum dripping off his raised hand, over Jeff’s shoulder in the general direction of the hot orderly, who appeared to have an erection poorly concealed in his scrubs. Jeff looked over his shoulder and the first thing he saw was a nice boner, the second thing he saw was the scrubs, and the third thing he saw was the hot orderly, whom he promoted to ‘hot•as•fuck orderly’ on the spot. The guy had nicely•chiseled features, dark close•cropped hair, a tapered, moderately muscular physique, a boner he could be proud of...and he didn’t look to be much older than them. Plus, he had to be queer•as•fuck...why else would he sporting wood?
Intuiting an opportunity to hook•up his new favorite jack•off bud, but good, with the newly•promoted hot•as•fuck orderly, Jeff sprang off the bed and turned to face him with a major tent pitched in his cum•soaked gym•shorts. “Hey man, come on in,” he schmoozed. “Say, are those towels you’ve got there? I sure could use one right about now...and Landen...well, he probably needs three. That dude is real gusher.” The hot•as•fuck orderly hadn’t moved or said a word in response to Jeff’s charm offensive - which called for extreme measures. “I’m guessing from that bad•ass boner in your scrubs - hey, are you free•balling, dude? - that you haven’t seen anything that offends your sensibilities,” Jeff continued. Then he dropped his shorts and bunched•up jock•strap to the floor, exposing his huge beaten•red and cum•covered cock to the suddenly•mobile hot•as•fuck orderly, who sprang to the door and somehow activated a hidden lock that Jeff hadn’t even known existed. If he had known the door could be locked, he probably would’ve blown Landen.
Jeff took the fact that the orderly had locked himself in the room with them, rather than bolting through the door and locking himself out, as a very positive development. “Dude, would you please give me a hand here?” he asked, throwing his hands wide and laughing. “Uh, Jeff, I don’t think—” Landed croaked. “Steady, dude, I’ve got this,” Jeff cut hm off. When the orderly suddenly approached him, eyes locked onto Jeff’s drooping watermelondick, Jeff extended his hand and said in a much softer tone, “Hi, I’m Jeff. What’s your name?” “Richard,” Richard said, shaking Jeff’s hand. “Got a boyfriend, Richard?” “In between.” “Are you looking for a new one, Richard?” “I’m open to the right guy, you know, but I’m not on Grindr or anything.” “How old are you, Richard?” “Twenty•two.” Jeff raised an eye•brow in Landen’s direction. Landen nodded approvingly. “Do you fuck on the first date, Richard?” “Been known to, but it depends,” Richard replied, finally laughing a little. Jeff couldn’t think of anymore relevant questions to ask - Richard had already checked all the right boxes from his perspective: queer, prominent boner, unattached, promiscuous enough.
Having all the information he HAD to have, however, wasn’t the same thing as having all the information he WANTED to have. “Now I’m going to ask you a personal question, Richard, and I hope you don’t mind. That question is: Can I feel your boner?” Richard looked at Jeff, dropped his eyes to Jeff’s cock, then nodded. “Go ahead, Richard, that’s what it’s for, you know you want to,” Jeff said as he slipped his hand down the front of Richard’s scrubs and gently wrapped his fingers around Richard’s very thick throbbing cock. “You are free•balling, you stud,” Jeff said, squeezing Richard’s dick as Richard eagerly reciprocated.
“Oh shit, I nearly forgot,” Jeff said, dropping his hand down to Richard’s fat ball•sack. “Nice...I meant to ask you - top or bottom?” “Mostly top, but I like to mix it up occasionally.” “Would you bend me over that window ledge and shove your fire•plug up my ass right now if I asked you to?” Jeff purred as he stroked Richard inside his scrubs. Richard laughed, louder that time. “Fuck me, but I probably would...even though I’d lose my job if anybody found out.” His cock throbbed in Jeff’s hand.
“How about Landen?” Jeff asked. “Would you bend him over and shove your fire•plug up Landen’s sweet peach of an ass right now if he asked you to?” “No fucking way, not today, one day post•op, fresh stitches, the...ah...” “The cucumber?” Jeff prompted, but Richard ignored the question. He might hypothetically fuck a patient’s friend, but he wasn’t at liberty to discuss a patient’s medical details. “Now, after the doctor says he’s good to go, fuck yeah I would.” “OK, kids, that’s a wrap,” Jeff said, bending down to pull up his jock and shorts, “I think you guys can take it from here. Um, Richard, you might want to clean all that cum off your patient, and be creative in how you go about doing that. And Landen, that hand•job was magnif—“
“No fucking way,” Landen interrupted, laughing, “you’re not going anywhere yet.” Jeff and Richard had both already noticed that Landen was nearly hard again. “Richard, would you please bend my friend over that window ledge and shove your fire•plug up his ass - repeatedly - before he leaves?” “Do you really want me to?” Richard asked. Landen tossed him the Astro•glide and Richard caught it. “Not if he objects, which I don’t think he will, and I’d really love to watch that.” “So...if Jeff wants me to fuck him...for you...I’ll do it,” Richard said, “IF you’ll go out with me after you’re discharged.” “You’ve got a date...Jeff, PLEASE don’t fuck up my date.”
Jeff sighed and dropped his shorts. “The things I do for my friends,” he said as he bent over and braced himself on the window ledge. “You do have a condom, right? I mean, seeing’s how we just met and all—” “Always,” Richard laughed, “I work in a fucking hospital...”

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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