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The Transfer Jock (95) -- By Jack Richards

Jeff dressed casually, a coach had suggested

“Now what else?” Max asked Jeff. “Did you have any other conditions for moving your locker back here to the JV section?” “No. 4, that’s it, except have you given any thought to me blowing you now?” “Jeff, I can’t now, I’ve got to get to the film room and you’ve got to get ready for your very hot date. Tell you what, though...you get William to move and I’ll get Landen to move. After everybody is rearranged, we’ll flip•fuck back here one night after practice, and christen your new locker with two loads.” “Deal!” Jeff agreed. “Only it’ll be three loads, yours, mine and queer•as•fuck William’s.”
“Whatever,” Max replied, laughing, “now give me a kiss, then get the fuck out of here...and meet me and Mitchell at the Fuck•nest as early as you can...you know...tomorrow morning.”


Jeff had already largely, but by no means completely, scratched his Jay•itch Sunday night through Monday morning, and part of him might have wished he was spending Tuesday night with Max and Mitchell instead of with Jay and Coach, which could only be a let•down after their fuck•a•thon. The other part of him, apparently more than 50%, could hardly wait to plug into Jay again. Still, there wasn’t any question that after the events of Sunday night, Tuesday night felt decidedly anti•climactic.
Coach had diplomatically let Jeff know that this was NOT going to be ‘another fuck•a•thon,’ not like Sunday night had turned into. For starters, they were going to cook out and eat dinner together, maybe have a few drinks, before they even thought about taking their clothes off. Coach envisioned something along the lines of the Max•Jeff•Mitchell three•way he and Jay had finally gotten around to watching on video late Monday. He wasn’t ruling out more, of course, but it sounded like Coach didn’t think any more fucking would be necessary.
What Jeff had taken away from that chat had been that at least one over•the•top sandwich•fuck with Jay in the middle (and Jeff behind Jay) was essential, and they could fuck as much as they wanted to after that. Whether more than one sandwich•fuck was strictly ‘necessary,’ he fully expected Jay to ride his cock until he couldn’t get it up again. It was kind of odd, he thought, to be told, in effect, ‘we’ll tell you when to take your pants off,’ but at the same time he was somewhat relieved not to have to worry about when and how to transition from being sociable to fucking his host in the ass. He’d fuck his host in the ass when he was told to.
Jeff arrived on time with a nice bottle of wine for his host, dressed casually as Coach had suggested. Still, he’d chosen his clothes with purpose - a red dri•fit polo, khaki shorts (free•balling) and leather•soled flip•flops. He could be completely naked in under ten seconds. Jeff was not one to preen in front of a mirror, but he wanted to make a good impression. As you’ll read in the next episode, Jeff wasn’t alone when he had gotten dressed at home, and even though he’d been in a hurry, he’d sought his friend’s advice as to which of two pairs of shorts best accentuated his positives. He and his friend had agreed that the way the shorts he was wearing fit, tight in some places and loose in others, struck the right note, hinting strongly rather than shouting that there was a fat watermelon🍉dick lurking underneath. Of course Jay and Coach knew exactly what was in Jeff’s shorts, and he would be surprised if he managed to keep his clothes on for longer than thirty minutes. Still, he wanted Jay to want him out of his pants sooner rather than later.
As much as Jeff liked Coach’s house, especially his Fuck•nest, the hot tub and the pool, Jay’s house was much larger and nicer. Jay plainly had money, and a lot more of it than a high school football coach made. Purely out of self•interest, Jeff hoped Coach didn’t sell his place (and Jeff’s Fuck•nest), at least before the following summer. He couldn’t imagine how he’d survive beating his meat alone in his own bed, with Max sleeping alone a couple of miles away in one direction, and Mitchell a couple of miles away in another. Jeff took a deep breath and rang Jay’s doorbell. Even after the Sunday fuck•a•thon, he couldn’t help but be a little nervous. Were Coach and Jay going to act like all of that fucking had never happened?
Well, Jay wasn’t, that was for sure. After flinging the door open, he threw one arm around Jeff’s neck and planted a long, wet kiss on his mouth while his free hand clamped onto Jeff’s cock through Jeff’s carefully chosen shorts. “Come in the house before I strip you naked on the front porch,” Jay demanded. As it happened, Jay didn’t strip him naked until he’d pulled Jeff through the house by his swelling bulge to the patio, explaining as they went that Neil was going to grill steaks and was outside starting the fire. “Hey Neil! Look who’s here!” Coach hadn’t started the fire yet, and he could already see that starting it then might be premature. “Jay, why don’t we offer Jeff a drink before we undress him...completely?” he suggested, laughing, trying to throw just a little cold water on Jay’s fire. Jeff’s shirt was already off and Jay had started to unsnap his shorts but he’d paused to suck one of Jeff’s firm berry•brown nipples.
“Oh fuck,” Jay said apologetically, standing up straight, “I’ve completely forgotten my nip—, my manners. What would you like, Jeff?” Jeff said a beer would be fine, and Jay went to get it. Coach shook Jeff’s hand firmly, and then said, “Oh, what the fuck.” He pulled Jeff to him, kissing him lightly on the lips, and then hugged him tightly. “So, like you were saying earlier, Coach, probably one high•impact three•way BEFORE we eat ought to be enough to get us through dinner?” Jeff asked, laughing. “That sounds about right,” Coach agreed, also laughing. “And maybe we can postpone that long enough to enjoy a cold beer in the hot tub first.” Jay got back in time to hear the hot tub suggestion. “I can never get enough of the hot tub during two•a•days,” Jeff said. “I’ll bet,” Coach said. “Sounds good to me,” Jay agreed. Jeff unsnapped and unzipped his shorts and let them fall straight down to his ankles.
Coach stifled a groan at the sight of Jeff’s half•erect cock. “I swear to God you seem bigger every time I see you.” “Maybe I’m still growing, Coach,” he joked. “Here, Coach, let me,” he said, taking over unbuttoning his shirt and then peeling it off. Then Jeff unsnapped Coach’s shorts, but instead of unzipping him, Jeff stuck his hand down the front of his shorts - he was free•balling, too - and fondled Coach’s fat semi as he kissed him lovingly with an open mouth and an active tongue. Although he knew this was really Jay’s party, Jeff was determined that Coach wasn’t going to get left on the sidelines. He prolonged their kiss while he deftly massaged Coach’s big, heavy balls, eliciting a moan from Coach as his cock stiffened. When Coach was mostly hard, Jeff removed his shorts and led him by the hand to the hot tub, where Jay was waiting for them, perched on the wide rim with his legs in the water and his rigid cock rising from his lap.
As Coach followed him into the tub, Jeff embraced Jay, kissing him as hungrily as he’d kissed Coach, before dropping to his knees in the hot water and taking Jay’s throbbing boner into his mouth. When he felt like the attention he’d given his two hosts was roughly equal, he broke away from Jay’s dick to soak his shoulders and drink his beer equidistant between Jay and Coach. Coach was thinking about this being his last inappropriate night with his starting tight•end, when he suddenly realized it should also be the last time he had an inappropriate conversation with him, a fact he’d not considered before. “Hey Jeff, I’ve got a question I probably shouldn’t ask you after tonight.” “Shoot, Coach,” he replied, gripping the rim of the hot tub overhead and behind him, and intentionally allowing his body to float to the surface until his still•rock•hard erection was sticking up several inches above water•level.
“When you and Mitchell came over Sunday to talk to me about the Train we’d planned for that night,” Coach began, and Jeff looked quickly at Jay. “Right, I hadn’t yet told Jay about future plans, just past conduct,” Coach continued, “but I told him later about the plans I’d canceled. Thing is, I cut you and Mitchell off before—“ “And threw us out,” Jeff interrupted, laughing. “And escorted you out,” Coach clarified, “before I found out why it was so ‘urgent’ that you and Mitchell talk to me about the Train. Now I’m curious what was on your minds.” “Oh, so NOW you want to know?” Jeff teased. “No, it doesn’t really matter because you canceled it, which is what we were going to tell you to do...I mean, we figured you didn’t want to do it by then anyway, but if you had surprised us and insisted that we go ahead with the Train Sunday night, we were still going to cancel it, just text the guys and tell them it was off.”
“Why?” Coach asked. “Experience,” Jeff said, allowing his boner to break the surface again, “personal experience...but the vile details will cost you another beer.” Jay wanted to hear the vile details (as did Coach), so he scrambled out of the hot tub and fetched back a bucket of beers. Jeff took a long swig while Jay got situated again. “So a bunch of us played this wild game Saturday night at my house, involving a lot of drinking and fucking, and that game is worthy of a long story itself...basically we’d draw ‘participant cards’ out of a hat, and that would tell us who was going to engage in some kind of sexual act, usually two minutes of fucking with some twist, but not always, then we’d draw the ‘action card,’ which told us exactly what the participants had to do...
“Well, eventually I drew the coveted Train card,” Jeff continued, “which meant that the other five guys were going to pull a Train on me. I’m simplifying the rules here, but that was the upshot of it. So then they drew names to determine the order in which they’re going to fuck me. Somewhere in there Finn phoned in and he wanted to come play, too. Which he did, as the caboose. Bottom line was that six guys in a row fucked me until they all nutted.” “The same guys that would’ve been involved Sunday night?” Jay asked. “Not exactly, but a good bit of overlap. Coach, you know that I’ll kiss and tell in a flash, but before I give up names I need you to confirm this shit is under the seal.” Coach nodded. “So my deal was Max, Mitchell, Finn - all of whom were on board for Sunday - plus this sophomore Tyler that Max and I met in the park that afternoon, and Max’s hot•as•fuck identical twin older brothers Fred and George.”
“Holy shit,” Coach said, “Max’s notorious older brothers, too?” “Yep, the stories about them don’t do them justice,” Jeff confirmed. “So you had six guys pull a Train on you Saturday night, and Sunday you were urgently trying to tell Neil to cancel his Train? Was it awful?” Jay asked, reaching over to squeeze Jeff’s shoulder. “It wasn’t awful like I think you mean...it’s complicated...getting fucked by six studs felt pretty fucking good, physically...well, the first five did, and poor Finn, he was last and it wasn’t his fault, but I’d had more than enough by then, and I couldn’t wait for it to end before it finally did. But it was mostly afterwards...it just felt so...excessive...and meaningless. I felt...ashamed...that I’d allowed that to happen. It’s hard to explain, but Mitchell and I were both absolutely certain that it wasn’t your scene, Coach. We just decided we weren’t going to let it happen.”
“Thank you,” Coach said...then laughed. “For that, and for the three•man Train with my three favorite student•athletes you arranged in its place.” “Right, I’d say three or four guys you really care about is pretty much the limit, my limit anyway. Five, tops. But I don’t equate what happened Sunday night with the Train the night before, not at all. The Train was six guys lining up and getting their rocks off, using me as a cum•dump. To me, Sunday always felt...loving and intimate, even though other guys might have been watching from time to time. Maybe I’m being naive, but the two experiences don’t compare in my book.”
“No, I think you’re being mature and thoughtful,” Coach said, “and I didn’t mean to suggest that Sunday night was anything other than a beautiful gift the five of us gave to each other.” “I couldn’t agree more,” Jay seconded Neil. “What are the two pumpkins doing tonight?” Coach asked to change the subject. Probably not a great idea for him and Jay to dwell overly long on the fact that the loving intimacy they had both enjoyed so much had not been with each other. “Oh fuck,” Jeff said, “I was supposed to clear this with you, and I forgot...you had so much on your plate with Landen and all that...but the two pumpkins will be fucking their brains out in the Fuck•nest after Max gets out of the film room.” “Consider it cleared, Jeff,” Coach assured him.
Jeff had already decided that he’d be joining them for a sun•riser first thing the next morning. When he suddenly realized that he could probably join Max and Mitchell as early as midnight without causing any hurt feelings, he knew that was where he’d rather be. “I’m going to spend the night with them,” Jeff said impulsively, “instead of staying over here, as much as I appreciate the invitation.” Neither Coach nor Jay seemed at all surprised, presumably because Coach had also had his ‘No fuck•a•thon’ chat with Jay as well.
“Weren’t you going to start the fire?” Jay asked Coach, seemingly out of the blue. “Right after we fuck,” Coach replied, “unless you’d rather eat first.” “After is good,” Jay agreed, “so what’s the plan?” “We’re letting Jay decide,” Jeff replied, although both he and Coach already knew what Jay was going to decide. “Hmm...me in the middle, Neil in front, Jeff behind.” “Almost perfect,” Jeff noted, “the only thing you left out is me eating your gorgeous, wet, dripping ass in the hot tub before anything else happens.” Jeff had missed out on that opportunity Sunday night, and he wasn’t going to miss what night prove to be his last chance. Jay stood up against the edge of the tub, ass toward the interior, and said, “Let’s get going then.”
Coach got going and slipped out of the hot tub quietly, going to light the grill. He had lost all confidence in his ability to gauge how long the act of anal intercourse might last after he’d absurdly estimated that Jeff might have fucked him for as long as 30 minutes on Sunday night. What he knew with a fair degree of certainty was that Jeff wouldn’t rim Jay for more than three minutes, which was an eternity considering how he’d be contorting his tongue. So even if the actual fucking lasted 10 or 15 minutes, it made sense to go ahead and light the grill while Jeff was getting started, and then hurry back because the other certain thing he knew was that if Jeff ate Jay’s ass the he way he usually ate ass, Jay would be demanding Jeff’s cock up his chute long before three minutes had passed.
Jeff spread Jay’s firm wet cheeks with his hands, admiring his hairy crack and the inviting bulls•eye at its center. Mitchell had told him that Jay’s asshole and crack were almost identical to his own, which was mildly interesting to Jeff, since he’d never seen his own asshole. Not interesting enough, however, to delay burying his face in that crack, first tickling the centerpiece with the tip of his tongue and then lapping the length of Jay’s crack before his tongue returned and burrowed into his asshole. “Jesus fuck,” Jay gasped, “you do eat ass exactly like Neil.” “Mmmmm mmm,” Jeff mumbled as Jay began to squirm from his attention. Coach was back before Jay started demanding that Jeff’s cock replace his tongue, but he’d barely made it. “Where?” Jeff looked up and mouthed silently to Coach, who pointed behind him to the open sliding glass door leading to the master bedroom. Jeff dove back into Jay’s ass tongue•first while Coach got towels to facilitate their rapid transition from hot•tub to Jay’s playground of a bed.
“Jay, are you ready for us to move to your bedroom?” Coach asked quietly after he had grabbed the towels. “Fuck yeah I am,” Jay replied eagerly, “and I’m ready to plug into you so Jeff can plug into me.” Coach extended his hand to Jay and pulled him out of the hot tub, handing him a towel, and then helped Jeff out, glad to see that both were either still hard or were hard again. “Jeff, not to tell you how to fuck,” Jay said as he quickly lubed Coach’s hole and Jeff lubed his hole, “because you clearly know how to fuck...but let’s think about...not prolonging this...but not exactly expediting it, either...” “You’re saying not necessarily a ‘quickie’ but basically a notch or two below full•speed•ahead?” Jeff asked as Jay wasted no time in thrusting deep into Coach, and Jeff firmly pressed the head of his hard cock against Jay’s ready•to•yield gateway. “Exactly,” Jay grunted, pushing the rest of his length into Coach and then pausing, waiting for Jeff to fill him up. “I’m thinking, you know, let’s not keep Neil from grilling for too long...since we’re gonna do this again right after dinner...”
Jay felt his asshole opening and his sphincter being stretched by Jeff’s watermelon🍉dick, which quickly pushed its head into his rectum, re•gathered, then slammed through his rectum until Jeff’s low•hangers were pressed against, if not partially between, his ass•cheeks. “Fuuccckk..”
Jay exulted. “Your pace, bro,” Jeff replied, “I’ll follow...but early release feels about right...at the moment.” Jay didn’t hesitate in beginning and then establishing an aggressive thrust•pattern, quickly matched (to Jay’s delight) by Jeff’s own in•and•out thrusts - hard, deep and abrupt, out, and repeat. “I’m good...ready...two minutes or twenty...” Jay advised as he pounded Neil’s hole and Jeff pounded his...”just warn me if you can...” “Two minutes or less...” Jeff struggled to say as Jay increased his rapid•fire tempo. “Faster...faster,” Jay demanded.
Jeff remembered, barely, to give Jay warning a few seconds before he surrendered, crying out as the powerful orgasmic wave crested over him and he felt his seed spurting through his cock and into Jay💦, who began erupting deep inside Neil no more than ten seconds later💦. “HO-LY Fuccckk...” Jay panted sometime after all movement had ceased. “Shouldn’t you get the steaks on the grill, Neil?”
“Hey Jeff, I meant to tell you,” Coach said over dinner a little while later, “I went by the hospital after practice this afternoon to check on Landen, and he was in much better spirits than same•time yesterday.” “Glad to hear that,” Jeff replied, reflecting happily on the two huge loads he had milked from Landen’s fat cock, the spectacular load that Landen had extracted from him, the final (third) cum•fountain Landen had jacked from himself while hot•as•fuck Richard had been furiously plugging his (Jeff’s) hole with his (Richard’s) deliciously thick fireplug and filling his condom with the fifth load spent that day in Landen’s hospital room...and the exquisite hours•long tingling Richard had left behind in his (Jeff’s) rectum.
“I can’t compare it to yesterday,” Jeff continued, “but I was with Landen most of the time between practices today...and I felt a fuck•load better when I left than when I first got there...and I’m sure he did, too.” “He told me that your visit had made his day,” Coach acknowledged, “and that what he wants to do with the team until he can practice again is to basically be Max’s personal QB coach, that he wants to help make Max the best QB he can be...and he thinks Max’s upside is a lot higher than his own.” “What do you think, Coach?” Jeff asked. “I’m not asking for any inside dope or anything...it’s just that Max was pretty fucking bummed after practice today, and I tried to encourage him, you know, but I don’t know if I was saying the right things or not. To me, he looks like a natural out there...it’s like he plays the position the same way he fucks...fluidly, beautifully, relentlessly...but he’s not feeling that, not yet. Lots more natural talent than Landen, and I’m not knocking Landen...although Max seems like he could be pretty fucking special. But I don’t know what to say to him, you know, Coach?”
“I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before,” Coach said, “except that I’m a deeply flawed, greedy, selfish, conflicted human being...but the only thing Max needs is self•confidence and more reps...and probably the worst thing for his self•confidence right now is for his head coach to be fucking his boyfriend with his full knowledge of that fact.” “Fuck, I never looked at it like that,” Jeff admitted. “You’re right, though...I should’ve never told him about tonight.”
“No, Jeff. No, I was thinking I shouldn’t be fucking my starting QB’s boyfriend.” “Well, on the brighter side, but not exactly the bright side,” Jeff suggested, “Max knew about and signed off on tonight before Landen’s ‘vegetable love’ made Max your starting QB...and he’s still not expecting to see me before tomorrow morning...I’m just saying we could squeeze in one more round and still get me back in his arms well before midnight with the message that you’ve got his back 100%...and that you sent me home early because it was more important to you to be fully in his corner than for me to fuck you a few more times.” “A FEW?” Coach asked, with more interest than he probably should have had.
“Well, only if I stayed all night,” Jeff replied, “but we already agreed I’d leave by midnight...although Max doesn’t know that. Realistically, I’ve probably only got one good fuck left in me before I start dwelling on how Max might mistakenly twist the fact that his head coach is fucking his boyfriend into a lack of support for him as the QB...especially given the rumors that are starting to pop up that one or more of the assistant coaches have it in for Max...I’m just saying I think you could safely fuck your starting QB’s boyfriend one more time.”
When Coach didn’t say a word for a couple of minutes, Jay suggested, “Well, it sounds like maybe we ought to get Jeff back to Max...relatively soon...but while Neil thinks about the right way for him to handle this...Jeff and I have time to say goodbye to each other...I could top you, Jeff...and then if Neil wanted to join in, he could plug into me.” “I’m definitely down with that, Jay, but why don’t I fuck you again...for as long as I can,” Jeff replied, feeding what he knew was Jay’s strong preference for a watermelon🍉dick up his own ass, “and then if Coach decides to join in, he could slip in behind me and fuck me goodbye...just goodbye until the season is over, you know. I’m sure Max will know Coach has his back well before the season ends, and then if you guys were to invite me over for dinner...and dessert...again...well, I could come back with Max’s blessing...”
Jeff and Jay were already heading back to Jay’s bedroom, Jeff’s hand on Jay’s firm hairy ass, his cock elevating in anticipation of parting those cheeks and plunging back into Jay’s velvety interior, when Coach stopped them. “Hey Jeff, you’re the second best thing that’s ever happened to me...and I want you to be able to tell the best high school QB I’ve ever had the privilege of coaching that I couldn’t accept your invitation to fuck his boyfriend goodbye. Not tonight, anyway. For now, just enjoy being with the best thing that’s ever happened to me for as long as you both want...I’ll probably come watch in a few minutes, and before you go, I’ve got a proposition for you...kind of like a job offer...”
To their delight, Jeff surprised his two boyfriends by joining them in the Fuck•nest at about 10:30 that night. When he let himself in it was mostly dark downstairs and he followed the unmistakable sounds of energetic ass•fucking, balls slapping against ass among others, up the well•lit spiral staircase to find Mitchell boning the fuck out of Max from behind on the bed. The location and lighting strongly suggested that Max and Mitchell were very deliberately making a video record of their time without Jeff. He launched himself onto the bed, landing beside his two favorite butt•fuckers, and in very short order there were three active butt•fuckers, with Jeff’s tight•end pushing back hard against Max’s thrusting beer•can•boner while Mitchell’s giant ginger cock continued pounding Max.
Afterwards, after Mitchell and Max had climaxed powerfully in Max and Jeff, respectively💦💦, downstairs away from the ‘hidden’ video camera, in the shower together and then piled up together in the downstairs bed, Jeff told Max and Mitchell (almost) every vile and unspeakable detail of his remarkable day: How Landen had come to be known as ‘the Cucumber🥒Patient,’ every cum•soaked thing that had transpired in Landen’s hospital room, except for the one dark super•secret thing Landen had confided in him after Richard had unplugged his fireplug from Jeff’s fuck•tunnel and continued on his rounds; his encounter with cagey William at the locker•room urinals, including William grabbing his cock and hanging onto it like it was a life•preserver in a flood; all the conversation and fucking at Jay’s house, including especially Coach’s surprising refusal to fuck his QB’s boyfriend (which Max thought was completely unnecessary, but which he nevertheless appreciated), culminating in Coach’s even more surprising ‘job offer,’ which was really just a clever way to install Jeff in the Fuck•nest full•time for the whole semester that just might meet with his parents’ approval.
Coach was moving in with Jay, which was no real surprise, but it seemed that he did not want to leave his house empty until he decided whether to sell it or not, for insurance reasons or some such bullshit, so he needed a house•sitter, a position that came with full run of the premises, no rent, a small cash stipend and paid utilities. Jeff thought he could sell that at home if he promised not to be a stranger to his parents, and then made good on that promise.
The only thing Jeff intentionally left out of his narration of the events of that remarkable day was what had happened between the time he kissed Max goodbye in the JV section of the locker•room and he rang Jay’s doorbell maybe an hour•and•a•half later. Jeff didn’t plan to keep that part of the story secret for long, but it was something he thought should ripen a bit first, so that when he told Max and Mitchell the story he could tell them all of it. And all of it hadn’t happened yet.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by BrawnyGods