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The Transfer Jock (96) -- By Jack Richards

"Hi stud, what's on your mind?"


Tuesday evening, after Jeff had followed William into the urinals with the notion of flushing him out of his suspected closet; after Jeff had outed himself as a serial butt•fucker; after William had grabbed Jeff’s cock about as ambiguously as it’s possible to grab a teammate’s cock; after William had left Jeff holding his own dick and Jeff had gone to find Max at his locker in the JV section; after that cheeky ninth•grader had whispered to Jeff that he’d been eating his Wheaties, suggesting he had a cock to rival Max’s; after Jeff had reported to Max what he’d overheard Coach telling his assistants about Max’s talent; after Max had convinced Jeff to move his locker into the bowels of the locker room (in between Max and that reportedly horse•hung ninth•grader); after Max and Jeff had made a bet about whether William was secretly queer•as•fuck; and after Jeff had finally kissed Max goodbye with the intention of going home to get ready for his date that night with Jay and Coach...after all of that...and before Jeff rang Jay’s doorbell maybe an hour•and•a•half later... 


To Jeff’s surprise, when he left the locker•room and got down to the parking lot, he found William waiting for him by his Jeep. Well, that was interesting. “Hi stud, what’s on your mind?” Jeff asked as casually as he could manage. William delayed by pulling a can of Copenhagen long•cut out of his back pocket, packing the can’s contents tightly by rapidly flipping the can against the loose fingers of his hand, then loading a large dip, after which he offered the can to Jeff. “Nah, but thanks, the last time I did that shit it made me fucking sluggo•head,” Jeff replied. “Oh, what the fuck, maybe I’ll have a little.” “Did you think I was an ass earlier?” William asked, handing Jeff his tin of dip. Jeff accepted it and loaded a tiny pinch between his cheek and gum, buying time to come up with a clever response. Of course he’d thought William had been a complete ass. “Would it matter if I didn’t?” Jeff asked, laughing wryly, parroting William when they’d been standing together at the urinals. “And isn’t the better question whether you thought you were being an ass?” “Yeah, I was an ass,” William replied, “but not on purpose...almost nothing I said came out the way I meant it to. Sorry.” “You weren’t an ass, bro, not really,” Jeff lied, “but I’m not interested in playing games with you or having mock•conversations. See, I have this theory that under your pussy•tapping exterior, what you’re really into is dick. I may be off•base, but I was just trying to make friends, fag•to•fag. If you want to talk to me, talk. If you want to blow me, or want me to blow you, just ask me. Or if I’m completely off•base about what I’m pretty fucking sure you want, tell me to quit scoping out your cock, and I’ll quit. Tell me to fuck off, and I’ll fuck off...if that’s what you want. So what’s on your mind? And not to be rude, William, but I’ve got a hot date and really have to get moving...in like one minute.” William instantly revised the vague bullshit he’d planned to spew, screwed up his courage and blurted out, “So...I think you’re hot•as•fuck...but before you freak out, I think a lot of other guys are hot•as•fuck, too...I just mean... I’m not saying I have a crush on you or anything like that, I’m not a stalker just...just that I...um...Jeff, it all comes down to this...I want to suck your dick, and nobody can help me with that but you.” “Whoa, whoa sport, that’s not how hooking•up works,” Jeff replied. “Does that shit ever work with chicks?” “Um...I don’t really know, you know, I’ve never said anything like that to anybody before.” “Shit, William. How many dicks have you sucked before?” “None,” William admitted, “not yet.” “See, this would normally be the time,” Jeff explained, “when I would tell you, if I were interested at all - and I am, mildly - that that kind of request from a supposedly straight dude who’s banging the hottest pom•pom girl at Hard•bone requires some back•story...but I don’t have time now and, honestly, I’m not feeling like it’s my place to dissuade you from sucking my dick. But I didn’t bring a change of clothes for probably the hottest date I’ve ever had, so I have to go home, which is that way, and then come right back by here and go that way. If I’d been planning ahead this morning, which I wasn’t, I’d have at least 30 more minutes and would probably hear you out on why I should put several relationships at risk to let you live out some fantasy that you don’t even believe in. But I don’t have those minutes, and I seriously have to get moving—” “Let me ride with you, home and back, drop me off here when you come back by,” William blurted our. “I could do that,” Jeff allowed, thinking, “but I’d have conditions.” “Such as?” William asked. “No. 1, first thing tomorrow morning before practice you move your locker back to the JV section to wherever the new QB says. I’m doing that, too, because Max asked me to and I want to support him.” “Done,” William agreed. “Seriously? William, do you have any fucking idea how far it is from the JV wing to the showers?” Jeff asked, shocked at how easily his only condition had been accepted. “Sure, I was JV here, it’s no big deal,” William replied. “Then, um, No. 2,” Jeff improvised, “um, do whatever you can as Max’s No. 2 to help him succeed, whatever that is...I’m not really sure exactly, but he’s got to have some seniors who have his back.” “Fuck, that’s easy,” William replied, “he’s already twice as good as Landen. Dude, have you ever seen Max’s dick? I mean, fuuucckk.” “Uh, actually, no,” Jeff lied, “but I have heard some rumors...which is another reason I agreed to move.” “Then I’ll just say, you’re gonna be real happy with your decision. What else?” Since Jeff had really only had one condition, he told William to get into his Jeep and he’d tell him his other conditions on the way. “No. 3,” Jeff said, still sitting in the parking lot, “sorry, but under no circumstances are you going to suck my dick tonight, so if that’s why you wanted to take this joy•ride with me, you’re gonna be wasting the trip...and...um...even though it’s not allowed, if we had a car wreck or something and my dick somehow ended up in your mouth, under no circumstances can you get me off...I need that load, bro, it’s basically promised.” “Of course, what else?” “Um, No. 4, I’ll tell you on the way back, but you have to agree to whatever it is now.” “Hmm...Is there at least a possibility No. 4 will lead to...um...us getting off together?” William asked. Jeff had to think about that, since he didn’t yet know what No. 4 would be. “OK, there’s maybe even a good chance of that, but it can’t be tonight,” Jeff finally admitted, with the faint outline of a possible No. 4 visible to him... “...with your understanding, that is,” Jeff continued, “that whatever happens in No. 4, if anything happens at all, it’s not going to happen before tomorrow - see No. 3 - and we’re not going to be boyfriends. Period. No offense, it’s just that I’m already stretched way too thin. Best case is you come out of No. 4 with a big•ass endorphin rush and my agreement to introduce you to the hottest guy I’ve been fucking lately who is not currently classified as one of my ‘boyfriends.’ That’s the best I can do.” “But you’ll introduce me to Mr. X with your recommendation?” William asked pointedly. “IF there’s a No. 4, and IF I decide to introduce you to my...friend...it will be with my recommendation, of course. I’m not going to set up my best friend with some slap•dick,” Jeff clarified. “We better go,” William suggested, “or you’re gonna be late.” Jeff started driving. “So...you don’t want to hear about the reason I finally decided to...um... approach you?” William asked after a couple of minutes of silence. “Correct, at least not today,” Jeff confirmed, “and I really don’t want to hear about why you’ve been banging the pom•pom chick, or what you were thinking about when you were.” “I thought that’s why you wanted me to ride with you,” William said. “No, you asked to ride with me,” Jeff corrected him, “and the reason I agreed was I thought it would be a good way of finding out how well you listen...plus I think you’re kind of hot, too...you know, for a hunky blond jock with a killer ass and a real fat cock.” “Thanks,” William said, and then sat quietly for another minute wondering what he was supposed to have heard. Had Jeff been telling him not to suck his dick...or had he really been saying ‘IF you suck my dick, don’t get me off’? Unable to figure out what Jeff wanted him to do, but understanding very clearly that he didn’t want to fuck this up and lose his chance at No. 4, William reached over and tentatively clamped his hand on the bulge in Jeff’s lap. When Jeff didn’t react, he stuck his hand inside Jeff’s waistband, then inside his jockstrap. He figured he’d done something right when Jeff spread his legs wider to accommodate his hand, and he thought he’d hit the jackpot when, at the next stop sign, Jeff quickly lifted his ass off the seat and pulled his shorts and jock down past his knees. William watched in awe as Jeff’s fat watermelon🍉dick partially filled with blood and flopped over of its own accord. He badly wanted to get to No. 4, and did not want to fuck up whatever chance he was being given...he was either supposed to suck Jeff’s dick, without getting him off, or not. William reached back across the console and took Jeff’s fat semi in his then•trembling hand. He had been playing with Jeff, sort of, in the locker•room earlier, but this was suddenly a lot more real. “What do you want to do with it?” Jeff asked casually as William began softly stroking him and alternately playing with his balls. “What I WANT is to blow you, but you said that can’t happen today,” William said in a shaky voice, “so I at least want to see you hard...” “Don’t worry, we’re gonna be at my house before I could get off...tell the truth, have you ever had another dude’s dick in your mouth?” William laughed. “Uh, yeah I have...once...but probably not like you’re thinking...my best friend’s when he was passed out drunk, lying there naked on his bed - I was spending the night with him - and I was drunk enough to get out of my bed across the room and slurp his little wrinkled•up wiener into my mouth for a few seconds, but not drunk enough to leave it there. I got back in my bed and jacked off, wishing he’d wake up and see me...but he didn’t.” “Bummer,” Jeff said. He was starting to like this guy a lot more than he’d expected. “Hey Jeff, when you told me not to worry because we’d be at your house before you could get off,” William said, suddenly afraid that he hadn’t been listening as well as he should have, “were you saying it was OK if I sucked your dick just a little bit?” “Duh,” Jeff said, laughing, “but now you’ve only got time for a taste...maybe a minute.” William did not waste one second of that minute. Jeff’s cock was hard, throbbing in William’s stilled hand, and huge to William’s eyes as he opened his mouth and took several inches of it into his mouth, then backed off some and began sucking Jeff the same way Alicia sucked him, concentrating on the head of his cock while stroking his shaft. Jeff slowed and then pulled into his driveway. William’s head popped up instantly. “You sure you haven’t done that before?” Jeff teased him. “Fuck, I wish,” William replied, “I’ve had it done to me plenty, including by a couple of guys...but those encounters, the guys, were strictly one•sided. That felt so...right to me, Jeff. Thanks for the sample.” “Dude, you’re a fucking natural,” Jeff replied as he quickly pulled his jock and shorts back up. Before they got out of the car Jeff reached over and felt the obvious boner in William’s shorts. “We’re in luck,” Jeff said, “nobody’s home yet. Let’s go, but remember, I’ve gotta fly.” William followed Jeff into the house and back to his bedroom. Jeff closed the door and locked it behind them. “C’mon, take your clothes off,” he said as he stripped facing William. “What...what are we going to do?” William asked nervously as he quickly undressed. “Shower,” Jeff replied, watching William undress, “I skipped mine after practice since I forgot to bring a change of clothes. Didn’t you skip yours too?” Jeff asked, closing the short distance between them, then barely nuzzling William’s neck and tasting the salty residue of sweat with one lick. William was breathing more deeply. “Yeah I did, I popped a delayed boner after grabbing your dick...so I just got dressed and left.” “Fucking very nice hard•on, dude,” Jeff observed. “Yours...is amazing,” William replied, “in case I forgot to say so in the car.” William’s boner was a very thick 6.5 to 7 inches, an uncut fireplug that did indeed resemble Richard’s. “We’re also going to touch each other...some more. But we’re not having sex, not even hand•jobs, not today. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t.” “That’s cool, I never expected that.” Jeff held out his hand and William took it, following him into the shower. When they were under the hot water, Jeff pulled him close and hugged him tightly, their hard•ons pressed against each other’s bellies. “Do you want to kiss?” Jeff asked softly. William nodded and said, “Fuck yeah I do...maybe more than anything else.” Jeff brushed his lips against William’s, and when William’s mouth opened hungrily, Jeff eagerly inserted his tongue and found William’s. Jeff felt William’s thick cock throbbing against him as they kissed. Jeff took both of their cocks in his hand and squeezed them together. William moaned. “I think I made a mistake with the shower,” Jeff whispered as he softly stroked their cocks together a few times, before releasing his own, “because now I’d feel guilty as shit if I left you high and dry with that throbbing boner...but I’m feeling almost as guilty about jacking you off without letting you reciprocate.” “It’s OK, I know what you said earlier, but if you’ve changed your mind, I’d love to get you off, too,” he said, taking Jeff’s cock in his hand. “That’s the one thing that for sure can’t happen...tonight...I’ve got two hot guys expecting me to fuck them...soon.” “Then...um, do this...get behind me...and press your cock into my crack...reach around and jack me off...I’m gonna nut in no time...” “Where’d a straight dude like you get a great idea like that?“ Jeff asked, laughing. But he took William’s advice, and pressed his boner between William’s killer butt•cheeks and reached around him. “Too much gay porn, duh,” William replied, and they both laughed. William’s thick cock felt alive in Jeff’s hand. True to his word, William blew a huge load after just a handful of Jeff’s strokes💦. After sampling the flavor of William’s creamy jizz (interesting notes of citrus) on his hand, Jeff turned William around and kissed him hungrily - and he was hungry for him, still rock•hard after using all of his self•control not to ‘fuck’ William’s crack and blow a load between his firm cheeks. They quickly soaped each other down and rinsed off. As hurried as Jeff was to get dressed and hit the road, he hesitated over which shorts to wear, and he even sought William’s advice about which of two pairs of shorts (worn without underwear) best accentuated his cock. For his part, William very much enjoyed watching a naked Jeff dress, strip, dress again, strip again and dress a final time. “I think it depends on your audience,” William observed. “Are these guys our age? Have you been with them before?” “They’re a couple, both older, one in his early thirties, the other just under thirty. And I’ve fucked them both before, you know, more than once.” “Go back to the first pair then,” William suggested. “They’re a little dressier, show off plenty, without shouting ‘gigolo.’ You’re not a gigolo, are you?” “Fuck no I’m not, we all just like fucking each other a lot.” “You look great, but I’d go with the red dri•fit instead of the blue.” “Sorry to hustle you out like that,” Jeff told William once they were back in his Jeep.” He wondered idly if William was experiencing any of the guilt or second thoughts that sometimes arose post•orgasm. “Do you still want to blow me? I don’t mean now, but maybe tomorrow?” Jeff asked. “Fuck yeah I do,” William replied, “more than ever. Just being held like that by another guy felt so...huge.” “Look, William, I never meant for that to go so far today...but you really flipped my switch. So about my other condition, No. 4, which you’ve already agreed to in advance...I’m going to let you off the hook, and make you an offer instead. But if you accept the offer, then you get stuck with the condition. I’ll tell you what that is before you decide, though. Fair enough?” “My answer’s yes to both,” William replied, laughing, “whatever they are, so tell me what I just agreed to.” “My offer is this - I’ve got a place we can go for at least a couple, three hours, between practices tomorrow,” Jeff explained, knowing that Max and Coach would be in the film room for a good chunk of that time, “where you can explore every queer thing you want to with me, and I’ll do anything you want me to do. I’ll get you off as many times as you can...or want to get off in three hours...and you can get me off as many times as you want to.” “Fuck yes!” William exclaimed. “Like ‘School•for•New•Queers?’” “Yeah, I guess so,” Jeff said, laughing. “But before you agree, there’s a big fucking string attached to my offer...it’ll be fun, too, though.” “Shoot,” William said, knowing there was nothing he wouldn’t agree to do in exchange for three hours of sexual exploration with Jeff. The fresh boner in William’s shorts attested to as much, and let Jeff know that William could probably play pretty hard for three hours. “Here’s the deal,” Jeff explained. “I’ve got a bet with another guy on the team that you’re either queer or want to be queer. Don’t worry, this guy is cool, he’d never say a word about any of this to anyone. Fuck, he’s my boyfriend, one of them, anyway. He’s hot•as•fuck, too...but he’s adamant that you’re straight. So if you accept my offer and we hook•up tomorrow between practices, then after second practice you’re going to have to prove to him that you’re queer - look, I know we didn’t have that talk yet, and maybe you’re just experimenting or maybe you’re bi, whatever, but tomorrow you’re going to be queer•as•fuck... “...Like prove it in the locker•room with me watching,” Jeff continued, “it’ll be safe, after everyone else has left. You don’t have to get him off, but you’re going to have suck his dick, you know, for a minute. What do you think?” “Just tell me it’s not Landen,” William said, then remembered. “Oh, it can’t be Landen, not if your boyfriend is going to be in the locker•room tomorrow. I was going to say anybody else, no problem. No problem, that is, so long as you promise me this is legit, the dick I’m supposed to suck is really your boyfriend’s, and you’re not setting me up with a guy who’ll freak the fuck out and accuse me of assaulting him.” “Fuck no Landen’s not my boyfriend, Jesus...and Scout’s honor, this guy is not only hot•as•fuck, he’s queer•as•fuck...shit, I can even tell you who it is because you already know he’s queer...Max is my boyfriend. Sorry, I lied earlier when I told you I hadn’t ever seen his unit. Which is gorgeous, I agree.” “I get to blow Max??” William asked incredulously as Jeff pulled into the school parking lot. “Fuck, that’s not a condition, Jeff, that’s a fucking bonus. So what do you get when I win your bet for you?” Jeff laughed. “Dude, in light of how you just reacted, you’re probably going to think you’ve died and gone to heaven,” Jeff replied. “The bet is Max has to do whatever queer•as•fuck thing I tell him to do...with you.” “Like fuck me, I hope?” William asked, to Jeff’s utter surprise. “You really want it up the ass, bro?” Jeff asked. “Baby steps...was what I was thinking.” “No baby steps between practices tomorrow,” William replied, “you said I could explore any queer thing I want to with you...and I want you to fuck me tomorrow. I’m not bi or experimenting, Jeff, I’m queer•as•fuck, I just haven’t done any of it yet.” “Hey William, pull your shorts down please,” Jeff said on impulse when his eye reminded his brain that there was a fireplug tenting William’s shorts, and William immediately complied. Jeff ran his fingers through William’s trimmed sandy•blond pubic hair and then rolled down the foreskin partially covering the head of his thick erect cock. The next thing William knew Jeff was giving him a power blow•job like he’d only experienced once before. After a couple of minutes of incredible sucking, stroking and ball•play, William announced in disbelief, “Fuck...I think I’m gonna cum...” Thirty seconds later he was holding Jeff’s head firmly in place as he gently but effectively fucked his face, blasting ropes of cum into Jeff’s mouth and throat💦, every citrus•y mouthful of which Jeff greedily swallowed. “Holy fuck, that was amazing,” William gasped as he released Jeff’s head. “Did not see that coming, bro.” “Kind of surprised me, too,” Jeff agreed, grinning wolfishly, “and that was the most amazingly delicious load I’ve ever swallowed.” “Just fucking WOW,” William replied as he pulled up his shorts. “Anyway, William, like I was saying before I got distracted,” Jeff said, resuming where he’d left off, “getting fucked in the ass the first few times hurts like shit. Granted, it hurts in an incredibly good way, but it still fucking hurts. And...I’m not bragging...but my dick...well, it is pretty big for a beginner.” “Right, and me getting fucked in the ass the first time with a six•inch dick would hurt like shit, too, so plan on fucking me tomorrow. Please. And make Max fuck me, too, unless you don’t want your boyfriend fucking other guys.” “We are trying to cut down on that kinda thing, but I’m not in a position to complain. Like tonight is a goodbye fuck. Tomorrow with you, I’m coloring outside the lines...but Max and I do have a bet, and he knows I’m going to investigate to prove my hunch. After that I’m going to try to be faithful to two hot•as•fuck guys. So, OK, I’ll fuck you tomorrow and if afterwards you still want Max to fuck you, that’s your call. Will you fuck me tomorrow, too?” Jeff asked. “If you want me to, of course I will,” William replied, “but I’m just saying that’s not at the top of my list.” “You know, when we...when you were pissing and I was watching you,” Jeff said, “one of the things I thought you might be hinting at was an offer to fuck me. No, huh?” “Nah, I could’ve fucked my girlfriend in the ass, and have, though I’m sure fucking you will be a helluva lot more satisfying. Former girlfriend, by the way, on account of me being irredeemably queer•as•fuck. I told Alicia that I was living a lie...and couldn’t anymore.” “I respect that,” Jeff said, “it’s the right thing to do. I used to fuck some girl, any girl, every now and then, just for cover, but I’m done with that.” “What I was thinking about when you asked if you could shake off my dick was how I could ever ask you to let me suck your dick. And I didn’t play that very well.” “You did fine once we were in the parking lot and I told you you only had a minute to talk,” Jeff observed. “Look, I know you’ve got to go now,” William said, “but can I ask one more question?” “Sure...after I say one more thing,” Jeff replied, “which is I’m sorry I fucked this up tonight. I wish now that I’d gotten off with you in the shower. I nearly offered my ass to you in the shower, and I wish I had...when my boner was mashed into your crack, I wanted to fuck you, too...but what I really wanted was your fireplug of a cock inside me. At least now I’ve had you in my mouth, though that wasn’t the hole I was thinking of in the shower. Now what’s your question?” “Jeff, don’t worry about tonight...you did what you thought was right, and I’ve already had the best day of my life...just talking to you was a tremendous relief, but I’ll never forget having your cock in my mouth and that hot•as•fuck shower. And we’ve got tomorrow. My question is who are you planning on handing me off to after you break me in?” “You remember at the end of practice Friday,” Jeff said, “when Coach had that leadership meeting with the scrimmage captains? Did you happen to see that big blond dude that Mitchell brought over and introduced to Coach?” “Fuck, how could I miss him?” William replied, “he was fucking gorgeous.” “Right? And he’s a terrific guy, too, transferred here last year and plays first base. His name is Finn...and he’s got a big fat beer•can•cock almost exactly like Max’s...except he’s got dreamy platinum•blond pubic hair. Loves to fuck, too, by the way. All I can promise, though, is an introduction and a recommendation. The rest will be up to you...but I wouldn’t recommend you to Finn if I didn’t think you guys would click.” “Jesus Christ, I don’t deserve everything you’re doing for me.” “You’d do the same for me if our situations were reversed,” Jeff said, “plus you’re hot•as•fuck...and I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends for a long time, bro, friends with benefits.” They shook hands warmly, then William leaned over and kissed him. “Now go get laid,” he said as he got out of the Jeep.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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