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  1. Hi, I'm Lorenzo Ridolfi congratulations on your blog which is very nice, thanks for posting my drawings on your blog, I have been drawing and painting for many years and I live in Italy, to see my other works I leave you these links:


    To view this site, you must register and consent to view sexually explicit images

    Thanks again for your posts and feel free to do more which makes me very happy!

    1. Hi Lorenzo: Thank You for this message. I didn't act on your first message/comment so far because I caught Covid, which kept me busy. In the meantime, I tried to contact you on Twitter, but they tell me that you wont accept messages. Perhaps you can send them. Here's my Twitter handle: @MichaelAmpersan

    2. Hi Michael, I also understand I am busy with the covid, I have added you to my contacts on twitter


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