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The Commission -- Priapus of Milet

“I love getting fucked by an older daddy,” my stepson said -- By Twisted Talez

“I love getting fucked by an older daddy,” my stepson said, pushing his ass up and giving me a glimpse of his used cunt through his skimpy, black thong. “Don’t you want this pussy?” he taunted, knowing I was powerless to refuse.



Stephan was barely five when I married his mother. “It’s perfectly normal for boys to play with Barbie dolls,” his mom told me at the time, but I was dubious. My suspicion that Stephan might be a faggot were confirmed by the time he was in high school and began wearing midriffs and eyeliner. He started going by “Steph” and wore a hot-pink ball gown with a sequined tuxedo coat to his prom. He also started flirting with me. 

"It's perfectly normal for boys to play with Barbie dolls."

“It’s normal for girls to flirt innocently with their fathers,” his mother had told me. “It’s called the Electra complex and it’s the way in which girls develop a healthy relationship with men. You have to relate to Steph as a daughter, not a son,” my wife advised me. And so I put up with Steph’s mild flirtations, which only grew more aggressive once he turned eighteen.

"It's normal for girls to flirt innocently with their fathers."

I had fucked his mom the night before and was surprised to wake up early the next morning to find her hidden under the covers with my cock in her mouth. “Mmm, babe,” I moaned as my eight-incher grew hard down her throat. “You haven’t sucked me in a long time.” No response came as she bobbed up and down on my big dick, massaging my balls with her hand. I pushed the covers down to watch this magnificent blow job, only to find Steph looking up at me with my cock down his throat.

“What the fuck?” I gasped, sitting up abruptly and pushing Steph off me. “Dude. You can’t suck my dick,” I admonished him. “Why not?” he demanded. “Mom left for her spin class ten minutes ago. And it looks to me like you need that big dick sucked. Let me have it.” I shook my head. “Steph, I’m your stepdad. We can’t do this shit.” But he was undeterred. “You’re not my blood. And I’m legal now.” But I held my ground and told Steph it wasn’t right. He left my room in a huff and slammed his bedroom door.

When Steph had turned eighteen, his mother and I told him that

we would be supportive if he wanted to have guys over for sex.

I knew I had done the right thing, but try telling that to a raging-hard cock that’s leaking precum. I went in the shower, closed my eyes, and jacked my big cock while imagining it back inside Steph’s talented mouth. I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to the boy. Guys had never done much for me. Muscles and body hair belonged to a category of guy with whom I drank beer and watched football. But Steph fell into a different category altogether. As my wife often said, he was more like a girl than a boy. I didn’t tell her that he tried to suck me off, fearing she would somehow blame me.

A week after the blow job incident, I came home early from work and found a motorcycle that I didn’t recognize parked out front. I assumed Steph was having a friend over, but realized quickly that wasn’t exactly the case when I heard obvious sounds of fucking coming from Steph’s room. When Steph had turned eighteen, his mother and I told him that we would be supportive if he wanted to have guys over for sex. But the sounds emanating from Steph’s room were not sex … but rather all out fucking.

“Yeah, faggot. Take this big dick,” a gruff voice that didn’t belong to Steph grunted. The bed frame was rattling as if it was about to collapse, and it sounded like the headboard would soon go through the wall. I stood motionless outside of Steph’s door, my cock hard as I imagined the lascivious scene in his room. “You ready for my cum?” the gruff voice asked. “Yeah, here it comes … FUUUCK.” And then came Steph’s voice. “Breed me, daddy. Breed my fuckin’ pussy.” I almost jizzed my pants hearing that.

"Yeah, here it comes."

I was still standing at Steph’s door two minutes later when out came a bearded, tatted, muscle dude who was no younger than me. “You here to fuck him next?” the tatted guy asked as he passed me to leave. “He’s a hot piece of ass,” he then added, letting himself out the front door. I turned back to face Steph, and found him stretched out face down on his bed in a skimpy, black thong and one of his favorite midriffs.

“You gonna tell my mom about this?” Steph asked, looking back at me. “No … not at all,” I assured him. “We’ve told you it’s OK to have guys here. But … Shouldn’t you be fucking boys your own age, Steph? I mean, that guy looked as old as me.” A devious smile spread across his face. “I love getting fucked by an older daddy,” Steph replied, pushing his ass up and giving me a glimpse of his used cunt through his black thong. “Don’t you want this pussy?” he taunted.

“Steph, we’ve been through this. It’s not right,” I protested. But then he reached back and fingered his cummy hole. I had an instant flashback to college, when a buddy and me used to tag his slutty girlfriend in her dorm room. He would blow his wad in her, and then I’d dive in for sloppy seconds. I loved the feeling of his cum on my cock while I fucked her pussy. Another man’s spooge is the best lube imaginable and, thus, I had to be inside Steph’s used hole.

“That’s right. Get that big cock out,” Steph encouraged as I stripped out of my clothes. “Fuck, you’re big,“ he squealed in delight while he pushed his ass toward the edge of the bed, looking back at my big, hard cock as I prepared to mount him. I stood at the edge of the bed, and thrust my big cock up his ass. “FUUUCK,” Steph gasped, my balls mashed against his hole. I held for a moment, allowing him to adjust, and then began to treat his pussy to some deep, slow strokes. “Stop,“ he suddenly warned. “Let me take control. I want to milk you with my pussy.” And with my hands clasped behind my head, I gave into Steph and let him take the lead.

As fucked up as it sounds, an image popped into my head

”Holy FUCK. How are you doing that?” I cried incredulously as Steph rocked back and forth on my cock. He seemed to be gripping me from within his pussy, contracting and relaxing his hole around my cock. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever experienced. As fucked up as it sounds, an image popped into my head of one of those automatic milking machines that are attached to a cow’s utters. There was something almost mechanical to the way he was working my cock with his deep, tight pussy. I had a lot of pussy prior to my wife (and some after we married, I’m not too ashamed to admit), but never in my life had I experienced pussy like Steph’s. Bitches never want to do all the work, whereas Steph was absolutely reveling in it.

“Mmm, I can‘t wait to feel your cum inside me,” Steph began to moan. He had picked up the pace and was slapping his ass against me hard as my cock plunged deep inside him. At that rapid rhythm, I knew my balls couldn’t hold out much longer. “Aww, FUCK,” I bellowed, the cum rising in my shaft as I reached the point of no return. Steph intuitively began to grind hard on me, taking me to the brink. “Aww, SHIT,” I grunted as my balls finally released, my cock flooding his guts. Steph went immediately still, my cock deep inside him. “Mmm, that’s hot,” he moaned. “I can feel you throbbing inside me. Gimme that cum. Fill my pussy with your seed.”

With my balls emptied, I stepped back and extricated my cock from the grip of his pussy. A drop of cum dropped from his gaping hole and splotched onto the bed. Steph immediately spun around on his knees and licked my cock clean, followed by the cum on the bedspread. “Damn, your cum tastes good,” Steph purred. I reminded him that some of that cum on my cock and on the bed might be from the motorcycle dude. “Yeah, or also Mr. Brenner from across the street. He fucked me earlier today,” Steph laughed. “Mr. Brenner is like sixty years old,” I declared in disbelief. “Sure, but he’s got a big dick. And I told you I like daddy dick,” Steph reminded me. I told the little slut to clean up his bed before his mother got home, and then I hit the shower, not wanting my wife to smell raw sex on me.

I told the little slut to clean up his bed

My mind was still reeling from what happened with Steph when I got into bed with my wife that night. My cock was rock hard as I replayed the image in my mind of Steph milking me with his tight pussy. I wanted to be inside my wife at that moment, and so I reached for her. “Not tonight, babe,” she demurred, already half asleep. “I‘ve already taken an Ambien.” Fuck. With my big dick protruding from my boxer briefs, I stumbled across the hall to Steph’s room. He took one look at me and promptly got on all fours atop the bed. “Nah. Get on the floor,” I ordered him. “Your bed is too fucking noisy.”

Your bed is too fucking noisy


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