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The Commission -- Priapus of Milet

The Transfer Jock (101) -- By Jack Richards


Justin was thinking a lot of unfamiliar thoughts


“Ohhhh,” Jeff moaned as he surveyed Justin’s split•open crack with its dusting of fuzzy auburn scruff and pink puckered asshole. Jeff stepped closer and, with one hand, pressed his throbbing watermelon🍉dick length•wise into that heavenly crevice, his other hand planted in the center of Justin’s back. Then he pressed the head of his cock into the top of Justin’s crack and dragged it down its entire length, finally returning to the center and pressing his dick•head firmly against that puckered pink bulls•eye. Jeff hadn’t been in Justin’s house more than five minutes and he was only one centimeter away from fucking his new young friend in the ass.
“Hey Jeff, are you going to fuck me after all?” Justin asked, sounding more hopeful than concerned.


Justin was thinking and feeling a lot of unfamiliar thoughts and feelings right about then, with the flared head of Jeff’s hard watermelon🍉dick pushing insistently against his 15•year•old previously•unused asshole, and one of those was the hope that Jeff would say ‘Yes,’ and the only other one he could pin down was that he wouldn’t mind if Jeff said ‘Yes.’ “No, man, I’m not,” Jeff said, and then to his own surprise, impulsively added, “not tonight.” Jeff pulled his cock out of Justin’s crack and patted Justin’s back. When Justin stood up and turned to face Jeff he was met with a hungry kiss, which he had no way of knowing was fueled by the strongest desire Jeff had ever felt to fuck any guy, except for Max. “Because you can fuck me,” Justin whispered through their kisses. “That was interesting...I think I want you to fuck me...I mean, I know I want you to. Please fuck me now, Jeff.”
“You should show me your bedroom,” Jeff whispered as he wrapped his fingers around Justin’s rock•hard 15•year•old cock, gooey with the sweetest pre•cum Jeff had ever tasted, “or we should at least close the drapes.” “Upstairs,” Justin replied quickly, then asked, “You want to get a beer before we go up?” “Your private stash or your dad’s that he might notice is missing a couple of beers?” Jeff asked. Justin laughed, but he appreciated the apparent concern behind Jeff’s question. “No worries, it’s Mikey’s stash. He’s got a fake I.D.” “Then definitely yes.” While Justin grabbed the beers, Jeff grabbed his shorts, the pockets of which held his stash of supplies. Justin led him up the stairs by his boner, holding the two beers by the bottle•necks in his other hand. “This is where I live,” Justin said as they entered his bedroom, “and where you should fuck me.” “Put those beers down somewhere near that pile of pillows. But I’m not going to fuck you, I’m going to tackle you.” “Huh?” “I’m tackling you, put the beers down.”
As soon as the beers were safe, Jeff launched himself across the room and, in fact, tackled Justin on the pillow•pile. Jeff rearranged Justin’s ass a bit, pulling it up some and pushing his shoulders down lower. Justin felt Jeff’s hands spreading his ass•cheeks apart, and half•expected to next feel that huge cock knocking at his back•door again...even though Jeff had already told him twice (at least) that he wasn’t going to fuck him (not that night, anyway). Instead, he felt Jeff’s tongue licking his crack, and then his butt•hole, which, to his surprise, did not suck. “Hey Justin, have you ever had a finger up your ass, yours or anyone else’s?” “Unh•unh.” “Well, that’s the next thing you’re gonna feel...might be tight, but shouldn’t hurt...let me know if it does.”
Justin felt a slick fingertip rubbing the surface of his asshole, circling it, toying with it, but never, not yet, trying to push inside him...which he wanted it to do. Suddenly, to his relief, Jeff’s longest finger punched through and was - sort of - fucking him, which felt really good, then rubbing...a hard spot...a few inches deep, and that felt good, too. Then two fingertips were inside him, barely, prying his asshole open even wider...followed by Jeff’s tongue again, and OMG, Jeff was somehow fucking him with his tongue...and he’d never remotely experienced anything like what he felt next, but he couldn’t describe it because he had no basis for comparison. All Justin could say for sure was that he wanted Jeff’s cock inside him in a way that he hadn’t earlier...and that if Jeff didn’t fuck him...like immediately...he was going to have to get off somehow...he raised up a little higher on his knees and started stroking his cock...which felt good, as usual...but didn’t take his mind off his gnawing ache for Jeff’s cock inside him...
...and then Jeff’s tongue abruptly withdrew. “Too much, huh?” Jeff said, reaching around, and gently stopping Justin’s hand, then guiding him to rollover onto his back. “Please fuck me now...please...” he whispered urgently as Jeff deep•throated his cock...but he didn’t keep sucking his dick, not for long, not long enough...and Jeff was telling him that there wasn’t anything more he wanted to do than to be inside him...but he couldn’t...if he fucked Justin now all he would be doing was hurting him and leaving...they needed a lot more time for Justin to be fucked the way he deserved to be fucked...
...and then Jeff was slathering lube up and down Justin’s throbbing cock, which felt way better than when he’d begun jacking himself off, as Jeff explained to him, as deliberately and patiently as he’d done everything else that night, exactly how to fuck him in the ass...but only if Justin wanted to...and Jeff wanted Justin’s over•sized ninth•grade cock buried in his ass, probably even more than he wanted to fuck Justin...
“I do want to, I’m going to...but show me...just a walk•through, you know, show me how we should be positioned,” still hoping Jeff’s resolve would crumble and he’d shove all of his nine•inches up his ass. Then Justin had a thought, and lifted his legs back so he could stick his own finger in his ass for the first time ever. “Fuck, that is tight,” he observed. “Right?” Jeff agreed. “I’m not going to sugar•coat this - even if we weren’t rushed and we could take our time, getting my dick into your hole would hurt...a whole fuck•load.” “Then why does anybody ever do it?” “Because even while it’s hurting, at least for some guys like me and, I think, probably you, it’s still the best feeling you can imagine, being that close, intimate...and primal at the same time...with a guy you’re really into...and after a few times it stops hurting and just feels...so fucking right, like that’s what you were made for.”
“Is that how you feel when some guy you like is fucking you?” Justin asked. “Exactly like that.” Justin was still fingering his own tight hole. He pulled his finger out and looked at it, then looked around for something to wipe it on. Jeff took Justin’s hand and sucked the finger clean. “You’re fucking crazy,” Justin said, laughing. “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Dude, I just had my tongue inside your asshole,” Jeff explained, “and I don’t know what it is, hormones or pheromones or whatever, but when I’m all horned•up like I am now, things taste and smell differently.” “What did my asshole taste like?” Justin asked. “Chocolate, rich dark soothing chocolate.” They both laughed. “Are you going to show me our positions or not?” “I’ll show you,” Jeff replied, “But I promise you, you’d figure every bit of it out.”
...so Jeff patiently arranged Justin on all fours in the middle of the floor, then knelt behind him and made Justin look over his shoulder to see how he should position himself, slipped a fingertip into Justin’s hole and stretched it open and pressed the tip of his dick (partially) into that opening - very nearly saying, ‘Fuck it’ and shoving in further, as Justin was hoping he would do just that, but Jeff resisted that almost overwhelming temptation - “and then you just push with your ass and hips and thighs...push all the way in, it’ll slide right in me, easy, after that it’s just in•and•out, trust me, every guy instinctively knows how to fuck any hole. Just fuck until you nut. Questions? No? Then it’s time for you to fuck me. Oh, and don’t forget your partner...once you’ve gotten the hang of it and settled into a rhythm hammering my ass, reach a hand around and jack my cock...like this...Do you know why?” “To get you off?” Justin asked in reply. “Sure...but you do it because a gentleman always reaches around.”
They swapped positions, so Jeff was on all fours in the middle of the floor, with Justin kneeling behind him, the head of his all•star cock pressing firmly against Jeff’s pliable portal...and Justin knew in his bones exactly what to do...Jeff was mostly right about how easy it would be for Justin to enter his well•used fuck•tunnel, but there was certainly resistance to Justin’s thick cock, which felt good, and Justin instinctively understood that by withdrawing some he’d gain leverage to drive in even further, which felt even better. “That’s it,” Jeff coached him. “Don’t worry about fucking me too hard...thrust as hard as you need to to get where you want to be...”
“Which is where?” Justin asked, grinning his ass off. He was already loving the shit out of fucking...but to be fucking his fantasy•hero, the hottest and best•looking guy he’d ever seen, in his beautiful, firm, athletic ass, was unbelievable to him - he’d fantasized about sucking Jeff’s enormous (to him) watermelon🍉dick, but the idea of HIM fucking JEFF had never entered his mind before Jeff had given him his sex•quiz in the Jeep. “As far as your amazing cock can go,” Jeff replied, “until your fat balls are mashed up against my ass. Hey, when you get there, pause just a second, OK?” “Roger, that,” Justin agreed, and he paused balls•deep three or four satisfying thrusts later.
“Thanks,” Jeff said as the smooth muscle wall of his sphincter and rectum began involuntarily clenching and releasing Justin’s parked cock. “I always like to stop and enjoy that feeling of being filled all the way up with a big hard dick.” While he’d had a few dicks bigger than Justin’s, all of those except for Mitchell’s were only marginally larger than Justin’s rock•hard 15•year•old cock, and none had captivated him as much, except for Max’s. “Oh, wow, that feels great,” Justin commented as Jeff’s rectum clenched and released his throbbing cock again. “How do you do that?” “Magic,” Jeff replied. “And your cock feels awesome in me, too. You can start fucking me again whenever you want. Out•in•out, et cetera...but I’d suggest starting off slow and then increasing your tempo...you can vary the depth of your thrusts, whatever feels good to you...but I’d hate for you to squirt before we both work up a good sweat.”
Justin, a very attentive student and eager to please, followed his teacher’s suggestions to the letter. Jeff remained a fairly passive bottom until Justin had developed a steady, pleasing rhythm punctuated by the slapping of his balls against Jeff’s ass, and then Jeff became more active, meeting and grinding Justin’s plunging cock with his tight•end. Justin liked the fuck out of that, hoping he would remember to push back when Jeff fucked him, which he was sure was going to be the next thing that happened. He might reacharound and jack Jeff’s johnson - and, in fact, he did - but no fucking way was he going to get Jeff off, not that way, not before Jeff had gotten off nine•inches deep in him. Justin picked up the pace a bit, loving the feel of his cock sliding in and out of Jeff’s fuck•tunnel, and really loving the feel of it sliding in and out faster and harder.


William got pulled into the film session with Max after their brief but incredibly intense shower•fuck under the watchful eyes of the team manager, and the film session lasted longer than the 30 minutes the coaches had promised. William needed a ride home afterwards and Max was happy to oblige. By that time he’d already received the first of Jeff’s text messages, the one letting both Max and Mitchell know that he’d run home to get some clean clothes and his Mom had insisted that he stay for dinner. Jeff had told that lie just before he’d left the school parking lot with Justin sucking his dick. Jeff hadn’t given them an estimate of when he’d meet them at the Fuck•nest, but he figured that lie could provide plausible cover for as long as two hours if necessary. When Max checked his phone before leaving the field•house, Mitchell had already responded that he’d had to go home, too, and would also be late. So when William invited him to come up to his garage apartment behind his parents’ house for a beer, Max had no reason to decline and, besides, he was finding William’s unfinished story to be an interesting one.
“With one huge exception that I’ll come back to, I’d never done anything with another guy until today, with Jeff,” William continued as he led Max into what he’d referred to earlier as his own fuck•nest, “not counting jacking off with a couple of buds a few years ago...where we kept our hands to ourselves, with me hoping the other guy would reach for my dick so I could reach for his, but that never happened. And I was too chicken•shit to initiate anything more. You already know that I’ve let some guys suck me off, without, um, me ever touching them, but not nearly as many as the rumors have it. Besides you, there was George, of course, several times, and a couple of other dudes who approached me. It’s been over a year since the last time. I fuck girls - or fucked, maybe I should say - mostly so I wouldn’t think about being with guys instead. I think I’ve probably always been gay...but I’d never even touched another guy’s dick before I grabbed Jeff’s in the urinals yesterday after the late practice...except for a passed•out friend’s wrinkled little wiener.”
“How did that feel to you? Grabbing Jeff’s fat watermelon🍉dick, I mean,” Max asked. “Like relief,” William said, laughing. “It’s not just that I didn’t act on being queer before then,” William added, “I affirmatively denied to myself that I was queer, sometimes, a lot of the time, I even believed the lie. Like I’d be fucking Alicia for weeks without even thinking about sucking a dick, and just when I’d start to think I’d ‘gotten over’ being a homo...I would suddenly realize I wasn’t ‘over it’ at all...but another furious round of fucking Alicia and some girls she doesn’t know about, and I’d think I had again gotten past wanting to be with a guy...until I wasn’t again.” “That sounds like an awful roller•coaster ride,” Max observed, realizing (again) how fortunate he’d been to grow up with two hot•as•fuck queers right down the hall.
“It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before being with Jeff earlier today and then with you in the showers was true,” William replied, “and having a cock up my ass today was the truest thing I’ve ever felt. I’m sorry it was with your boyfriend, but not sorry about what we did, if that makes any sense.” Max laughed that off. “Let’s just say that the relationship Jeff, Mitchell and I have is...different and still fluid. We’re working toward exclusivity, but none of us are there yet. And besides, I basically asked for it when I bet Jeff you were straight. So are you going to tell me about your one huge exception?” “As soon as I get those beers...you want one?” “Yeah, I’d love a beer, thanks.”
“Well, you have to know about Fred and George being the Homecoming King and Queen their senior year, right?” William asked, handing Max a beer and, to Max’s mild surprise, sitting down on the couch next to him instead of in the chair next to the couch. Max nodded, and on impulse scooted over a little closer to William. “Have you heard about the after•party?” Max laughed, figuring this was where William was heading as soon as he’d mentioned Homecoming. “I have,” Max replied. “Don’t tell me you were actually there?” “I was,” William confirmed, “I was the only sophomore invited upstairs, or at least the only one who went upstairs, to watch the traditional Homecoming King•Queen fuck. George and I knew each other from tennis team, and he’d kind of taken me under his wing...
“So all this buzz started downstairs that it was time for the King and Queen to fuck,” William continued, “and this crowd kind of swept through the ballroom and George grabbed me as they went by, threw his arm around my shoulder and told me I had to come upstairs for ‘the bedding.” I don’t think most people thought they’d really fuck, you know, because the King and Queen were twin brothers, but I knew George well enough to know there was at least a chance they really would fuck...and of course I was secretly hoping they would and that I’d get to watch two hot•as•fuck guys butt•fucking.”
“How many people were upstairs?” Max asked. “I’ve heard different numbers.” “Yeah, I doubt anybody can say for sure, because everybody I saw was drunk as shit...maybe a couple of the girls weren’t completely wasted...my best guess would be 15 or 16, not counting the twins. At the beginning, I mean, because it started thinning out pretty quickly...like as soon as George shed his ball gown and Fred stripped, too...they both had boners, and all but one of the girls left at the sight of wood.” “How many girls were upstairs. “Six, I think. Not all of their dates left with them. Once the twins were naked they didn’t waste any time, though. One of them - I’ve always thought it was Fred, but I couldn’t tell them apart without their clothes on - pushed the other one against the window and shoved his cock up his ass, and pounded the fuck out of him. All of the guys who were left started chanting ‘Hard•bone! Hard•bone!’”
“I’ve heard that was when the last girl left,” Max said. “Yes and no,” William said. “That’s when the last girl there grabbed her date by the arm and dragged him into the bedroom to fuck her. They left the door open and I watched them fuck some, too. Needless to say, though, I was a whole lot more interested in watching the twins butt•fuck. It didn’t take Twin No. 1 very long to get his rocks off, and then they swapped positions, and Twin No. 2 railed the shit out of No. 1. After No. 2 blew his load, he pulled out and turned around - I’ll never forget that sight, cum still dripping off his boner - and invited the rest of us to fuck them - I think he said “Fred and me” but I’m not positive. What I remember like it was last night is the very first thing he said: ‘What I want to know is, does anybody else here butt•fuck? Because now’s your chance to fuck either the King or Queen.”
“Anyway, he said if we weren’t fucking them in the ass we had to leave...and so a couple or three guys left then. One of the guys who was staying asked me to run the fuckers out of the bedroom. They were already getting dressed so I asked them to hit the road...but while I was out the twins had already taken positions against the wall and there were two guys behind each one, and the first two dudes were plugging in. I got in one of the lines and was the third guy to fuck one of the twins, but I’ve never known which one I fucked.”
“If you went third in one of them, it was George. They woke me up when they got home around 4:00 a.m. and told me they’d shared five straight guys. Fred was all butt•hurt because George had gotten fucked by three, and he’d only had two of them. So I fucked Fred in his greedy ass to even it out...and then I fucked George just to piss Fred off.” “Mystery solved at last!” William said, laughing. Max put his hand on William’s thigh and left it there - not coming on to him very strong, just letting him know he was still available for the next couple of hours if William was interested. “How’d you like fucking my brother?” he asked. “I did enjoy it, but honestly I thought watching the twins fuck and the other four guys fucking them was hotter...that was probably the first time that it really occurred to me - and not just in some abstract way - was that what I really wanted was a hard cock up MY ass.”
“I don’t need to know the details of your time with Jeff today, but you guys did flip at least once, right?” “Yeah we did,” William confirmed. “Did you have a preference?” “Definitely getting fucked by him, no question,” William replied, putting his hand on top of Max’s, which was still on his thigh, “like I said, that was the first true thing I’ve ever experienced.” Well, almost...But Max didn’t need to know about his and Jeff’s brief time together the evening before. Then William moved his hand to Max’s killer bulge, and their faces leaned in together until their lips met. “Let’s get undressed,” Max whispered breathlessly a couple of minutes later.


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Mikey exclaimed loudly, dropping his backpack for emphasis. He was standing in the open doorway to Justin’s bedroom at the top of the stairs, having let himself in downstairs with the touch•pad. He could hardly believe his eyes, which were telling his brain that his best friend was fucking the senior transfer tight•end, who was widely expected to be a star receiver and the biggest of BMOCs, in his 18•year•old ass, and that the star tight•end had the biggest, fattest dick he’d ever seen flopping around underneath him with every thrust of the second•biggest dick he’d ever seen.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by R.A. Schultz