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The Transfer Jock (102) -- By Jack Richards

"I needed a break away!"


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Mikey exclaimed loudly, dropping his backpack for emphasis. He was standing in the open doorway to Justin’s room, having let himself in downstairs with the touch•pad. He could hardly believe his eyes, which were telling his brain that his best friend was fucking the senior transfer tight•end, who was widely expected to be a star receiver and the biggest of BMOCs, in his 18•year•old ass, and that the star tight•end had the biggest, fattest dick he’d ever seen flopping around underneath him with every thrust of the second•biggest dick he’d ever seen.


“Jesus, I’m sorry...I had no...I didn’t...Oops...” Mikey stammered. Justin had a look of horror on his face, but that quickly faded once he realized that ‘the intruder’ was just Mikey. He’d had the good sense (from Jeff’s perspective) not to reflexively withdraw his boner, but to thrust in balls•deep before stopping to deal with the situation. Since Justin remained speechless, though, Jeff took temporary charge. “Relax, Mikey,” he purred as Mikey’s best bud’s cock throbbed in his rectum, “I’m Jeff. I’d shake your hand but lifting mine up might cause us to tip over. Come on in, dude.” It was all Jeff could do not to add, ‘Take a fucking number.’
Jeff quickly observed that Justin’s friend was a helluva good•looking kid, black hair, a little taller and broader than Justin, and with hairier legs, possibly indicating that he was a little older. He also saw the bulge in the kid’s shorts becoming more pronounced. Mikey apparently thought what he was seeing was hot. The fact that Justin’s cock was still throbbing balls•deep in his rectum told Jeff that, at a minimum, Justin hadn’t concluded that his very first fuck had necessarily come to an end. “I needed a break anyway,” Jeff continued, establishing that they were only ‘taking a break,’ “because your buddy is wearing my ass out, in a really good way, you know? Hey, would you mind handing us those two beers over there?”
Mikey, still stunned, was at least reassured that the senior stud wasn’t going to break him in half for catching him with a big hard dick up his ass, and he dutifully obeyed, handing a beer to each of them. The butt•fuckers did not tip over when the tight•end lifted his hand from the floor to accept his beer, nor when he took a large swig of it. Jeff was naturally wondering whether the good•looking kid who’d accepted a blow•job from his ‘straight’ best friend that afternoon was as queer as Justin. He figured Mikey was probably ‘queer enough’ to contribute a couple of loads to that evening’s program. Justin withdrew a couple of inches and thrust back in, and then again, letting both Jeff and Mikey know that he intended to finish what he’d started, and that their ‘break’ was nearing its end.
From Jeff’s point•of•view, after Mikey’s initial outburst (attributable mostly to surprise), neither of the two friends seemed especially concerned by the fact that one of them had just caught the other putting the wood to a third dude. As if to emphasize the fact that he was perfectly cool with his best friend watching him fuck the stud tight•end, Justin withdrew all eight+ inches of his rock•hard 15•year•old cock and then re•entered Jeff, driving in fluidly until he was once again balls•deep.
And the fact that Mikey had moved closer so he could actually watch the penetration and then complete disappearance of Justin’s boner up Jeff’s butt strongly suggested that Mikey had no aversion to watching his buddy fuck another guy in the ass. Not only that, but Mikey’s obvious by•then full•blown erection tended to prove the opposite - that the scene he was witnessing sexually excited him. “How does that feel?” Mikey asked. “Unbelievable...even better than his mouth.” That told Mikey all he needed to know, because his own cock had never felt anything better than Justin’s mouth that afternoon. “Aw fuck. I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys. I can come back later,” Mikey said, but made no move to leave.
“No, man, you can stay,” Justin said, “I mean, you can stay and watch us fuck if you want to...and if that’s OK with Jeff.” “Sure, that’s cool. I really like it when a hot guy watches me getting fucked in the ass by another hot dude,” Jeff interjected helpfully. Hearing that made Mikey’s boner throb. “But there’s one small condition,” Justin continued. “Since we’re naked, and doing some pretty interesting shit, if you stay you’ve got to get naked, too.” Justin emphasized the ‘pretty interesting shit’ by withdrawing all but the head of his cock and slamming all the way back in, hard. “Oh fuck yes!” Jeff exclaimed involuntarily. Mikey could only wonder how Justin’s obviously well•lubed cock slamming into Jeff’s ass felt to Jeff...but the senior tight•end sure seemed to be enjoying it. “Fuck yeah I’m staying. Will you guys wait to start again while I run get a beer?” Mikey asked. “I don’t want to miss a minute of this shit.” “Make it three beers,” Justin replied, “and for sure we’ll wait.”
As soon as Mikey left the room, Jeff asked, laughing, “You trying to turn him into a queer, too?” “Fuck yeah I am.” “Well, I can blow him while you’re fucking me, let him fuck me after you finish, or just leave so you can try to talk him into fucking you, or vice•versa. Your call, but you need to let me know PDQ.” “He’s at least curious about doing shit with other dudes. He not only let me blow him today, he gave me a hand•job and let me blow my load in his mouth. He swallowed, too, and then promised to give me ‘a whole blow job’ tonight. So, let’s do this - If Mikey starts jacking off while he’s watching us fuck, and I’m like 99% sure he will, offer him Door No. 1 or Door No. 2. If he doesn’t want either of those, then I’ll deal with him after you leave.” “Hey Justin, forget about the reach•around, OK?” Jeff had decided on impulse to save that load, just in case.
Mikey was back from downstairs in a flash, handing out cold beers, and then he quickly stripped, making no attempt to hide his erection. “Fuck, dude, you look good,” Jeff said, meaning every word of it. He loved hard male bodies, uncut cocks and well•defined treasure trails, and Mikey had all of that. “Thanks, man,” Mikey replied casually, “do you mind if I use some of that lube?” “Knock yourself out, Mikey,” Jeff replied, “but if you’d rather plug your beautiful boner into my mouth while Justin bones me, or into my ass after Justin finishes, I’d fucking love either or both.”
“Aren’t you going to fuck Justin after he fucks you?” Mikey asked, not unreasonably. “No,” Jeff replied decisively, thinking ‘probably not.’ “Yes,” Justin insisted. Mikey laughed. “You guys really need to work on your couples communication skills.” He sat down on the bed and squirted some lube in his hand and began distributing it all over his cock, which Jeff gauged to be about 6.5, 6.75, as Justin began a slow out•in•out, in•out•in routine, withdrawing almost completely before driving back in balls•deep each time. He was slow•boning Jeff just like Mitchell would’ve been doing if Jeff were at the Fuck•nest, where he was supposed to be. “That is SO fucking hot,” Mikey said. “And it feels SO fucking good,” Jeff pointed out. “You’ve never felt anything this good on your dick, bro,” Justin assured Mikey.
“So about Jeff’s offer,” Mikey said, “If this works for you guys, I’m game for both...but I’d just like to watch you fuck some first, because the 3 seconds of that I caught earlier, and this right now, is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. If Justin hasn’t nutted in a couple of minutes, I’d be honored if you sucked my dick while he finishes up. But I’ve never fucked anyone before and may not have the chance again un—“ “Until as soon as Jeff leaves,” Justin interrupted, laughing. It took about half a second for Mikey to take Justin’s meaning, and then he laughed, too. “Dude,” he said simply, with obvious affection.
“Or Jeff could spend the night, and fuck me after you fuck him...probably teach us a whole lot of useful stuff,” Justin suggested. “I fucking love that idea,” Mikey said eagerly, “but it’ll be better if he moves his Jeep down the block so we don’t have to explain to my parents whose car it is and why it was here overnight. Hey Justin, I want to think about this some more, but after Jeff fucks you, if I wanted him to fuck me, too, would that be OK with you? I mean, you know, if Jeff doesn’t mind.” “He won’t mind,” Justin assured him. “You’ve got a killer ass...I’ve been wanting to say that to you for a long time.”
“Have you guys ever kissed each other?” Jeff asked, thinking they’d make a really cute couple, and avoiding the uncomfortable subject of staying over and fucking a pair of hot 15•year•olds all night. “Fuck no,” Mikey said, “I mean, he just blew me for the first time this afternoon.” “And you just swallowed my load for the first time today, too,” Justin added. “Now that you’ve broken the ice by swallowing each other’s cum, do you want to do something really queer and kiss Justin the way you’d kiss some hot chick?” Jeff asked Mikey. Mikey looked at Justin a few seconds, watching his friend’s extra•long boner pulling out of and disappearing into the tight•end’s ass. “Yeah, I think I’d really like that,” he said, winking at Justin.
Justin really never stopped talking, but he did begin concentrating more on fucking, and he switched to shorter, faster strokes, fucking Jeff faster and faster, with Jeff matching every thrust with his back•thrusting ass. Both butt•fuckers were good and sweaty. “Hey Mikey if you want a couple of minutes of BJ before I blast off, better start thinking about that.” Mikey jumped up and ran into the adjoining bathroom to get a wet washcloth, then hurried back as he wiped the lube off his cock. Jeff noted his considerate good manners. When he presented his boner to Jeff, Jeff asked Justin if he minded throttling back a minute, not wanting that ass•fucking to end just yet. “No problem,” Justin said as his cock slid to a halt balls•deep.
“Is that really a tight•end? Or a really tight•end?” Mikey asked Justin, laughing. “Yep,” Justin replied, wiggling his cock a little bit. “Not at all,” Jeff corrected him. “Mikey, before you stick your cock in my mouth, would you turn around and show me your killer ass?” “Sure,” Mikey replied, turning around. Yeah, that was a killer ass, alright - firm, muscular and rounded, lightly covered with tight curls of short black hair, longer black hair spilling out of his crack, exactly the kind of ass Jeff loved to have in a shower. Justin was closely watching the scene playing out in front of him. “Don’t do this if it would embarrass you,” Jeff said, “but would you pull your ass•cheeks apart?” Mikey knew almost nothing about getting fucked in the ass, but he’d at least thought about it a lot more than Justin had, and he knew enough to know that if all his IFs lined up and Jeff fucked him in the ass later that night, one or both of them would have to first spread his cheeks as far apart as they could be spread. So he didn’t hesitate to show Jeff the goods. He bent forward and pulled his ass•cheeks as far apart as he could.
“Oh fuck,” Jeff said after gulping, “That IS a killer ass...now back up...further...keep coming...” Jeff kept encouraging him until his face was enveloped by Mikey’s killer ass, every detail of which was noted by Justin, and Jeff’s tongue was furiously licking Mikey’s puckered asshole, as Mikey moaned with pleasure. The heat of that scene was too much for Justin, who could no longer keep his cock still. He withdrew partially and slammed in hard and, as he began hammering Jeff’s killer ass, Jeff raised a hand and gently pushed Mikey’s killer ass away from his face. He’d tend to that ass later.
“Fuck me harder!” he yelled to Justin, who was by then pounding the fuck out of Jeff. “Fuck, fuck, fuck...harder...oh fuck yes..yes..ohhh...” Mikey turned around to watch his best friend’s happy ending...every muscle and tendon in his beautiful body straining as he kept ‘punishing’ Jeff’s hole (in the best possible way), Jeff continuing to shout until Justin’s dam finally burst and he nutted explosively inside the senior💦, as Jeff pushed back hard, grinding against his spurting cock until Justin finally fell across Jeff’s back and they collapsed together in a sweaty pile on the floor.


“Mikey,” Jeff croaked weakly, “I’ve just been fucked half to death by a fucking porn•star...I owe you a blow•job...now please pull this crazed fucker off me...I’ve gotta take an emergency dump...” He didn’t have time to close the door, which didn’t seem to phase the youngsters. When Jeff returned the two best•friends were entwined on the floor in a hot, passionate, sexual kiss, inflamed in part by how much the senior über•jock had obviously enjoyed getting fucked in the ass with a big dick. For the two friends with similar desires but understandable reservations, Jeff’s exuberance was encouraging.
Jeff stepped around them, threw himself onto Justin’s bed, and gave some thought to the problem of threading his fat watermelon🍉dick into that auburn•haired porn•star’s tiny, tight asshole. He had a contingency plan, even though he hadn’t planned to be there at all. It had been his contingency plan for getting inside William earlier that day, although William had opted against using it, and everything had worked out fine. Looking back on taking that cherry, he wished he had resorted to Plan B. He wasn’t proud of the first half of that first fuck, knowing he’d been too impatient, too rough...the second half, after he’d finally broken through and William had finally relaxed, had been a great fuck, for both of them.
The third time he’d fucked William, in the shower, had been so good, rivaling his Sunday night shower•fuck with Coach, only there hadn’t been time for him to get off, but neither he nor William had regretted that ‘loss.’ He knew he shouldn’t be where he was then, that he shouldn’t have gone there at all, and yet he didn’t regret anything that had happened. He knew that however much he might waffle, he wasn’t leaving until after everyone in the room had fucked everyone else, with the two kids on the floor flipping each other last, after they’d absorbed whatever ‘wisdom’ he had to offer, along with his semen and lust. He snatched his shorts off the floor, simultaneously disappointed in himself and relieved at making a decision, reaching into his pocket, past his contingency plan, and pulled out his phone and texted Max and Mitchell for the second and last time that night: “I got stuck at home & can’t make it tonight. I love you guys. /j.” Then he turned off his phone...and his fat semi blossomed into a full•blown erection.


“You wouldn’t happen to have any lube, would you?” Max asked William. The sophomore was straddling the senior on the couch, frotting them with their two thick boners squeezed together in his two hands. “Because I think we better fuck now...I mean, if you want me to fuck you...or I can just get us off like this...it’s just that I’m getting close...and I’m kind of at a decision point, you know?” “Yes I have lube...in my bedroom...and fuck yes I want you to fuck me...hop up.” Max followed William’s beautiful blond ass into the bedroom, where he grabbed his lube and handed it to Max. “How do you want me?” William asked. “However you want me,” Max replied. “Face•to•face, then, on my bed.”
Max arranged William on his bed with his knees tucked against his chest and legs spread as far apart as he could manage. “Was it difficult...earlier?” Max asked as he lubed William’s very tight hole. “Very...at first, then suddenly, not so much...still not easy but much easier.” “What changed?” Max asked. “I relaxed.” “But why? What made you suddenly relax after a very difficult penetration attempt...which usually only makes it harder, not easier?” William thought about the question and the sequence of events with Jeff. “The only thing that comes to mind...is I told him the truth about my former girlfriend and me...and that was hard.” “Yeah, but you’ve already told that secret...and it’ll stay safe with Jeff...so you just take a few deep breaths and leave it there, OK? You don’t have to tell it again, and I don’t need to know it. How many times did Jeff fuck you, anyway?” “Three...the third time Jeff didn’t cum, though.”
“He didn’t need to,” Max said, laughing. “and I only asked because I was wondering if it got easier each time.” “Oh yeah, definitely...and Max, don’t worry, even when it hurt, I fucking loved it.” “Sounds like you really are queer•as•fuck,” Max observed, laughing. “Ready...we’re just going to breathe...and then we’re just going to fuck, OK?” William nodded, and then he and Max started breathing together...in•out•in...and the next thing William knew was that Max’s cock was sliding in•and•out of him, and all he wanted was all of Max’s beer•can•cock inside of him, sliding in•out•in, out•in•out, in•out•in, faster and harder and deeper.
Like Jeff, Max loved the feel of driving through such a tight hole...a near•virgin who was a natural bottom, a really good lay. He felt like they were dancing, thrusting and counter•thrusting perfectly, as if they’d done this together dozens of times. Max paused and kissed William hungrily, deeply, sweat dripping off their hard bodies. “William...I’m loving this,” Max whispered as he kissed William’s eyes. “Let’s fuck for a really long time, OK?” “Yeah...like I was just thinking...I don’t want this to end...not anytime soon...” “No worries,” Max assured him as he began rocking on William again, “because we’re gonna fuck for a really long time.”
“What’s next?” Justin asked as soon as Jeff tossed his shorts on the floor. “We’re going to take my Jeep to the school parking lot and leave it there. Then we’ll make a plan together while we walk back here. Will you guys ride with me?” Justin dove on top of him and kissed him. “Fuck yeah we will,” he said as Mikey dove on top of Justin, managing to wedge his boner into Justin’s crack. ‘These guys don’t really need me anymore,’ Jeff thought, ‘they can figure the rest out.’ He was only staying the night because he couldn’t make himself leave those two hot•as•fuck ninth•graders. Jeff knew that since he was staying all night, the ideal plan should include - at a minimum - each of the three of them fucking and getting fucked by the other two, but there were a couple of potential problems. First, he wasn’t sure to what extent Mikey would participate and, second, he foresaw real difficulty in threading Justin’s pin•hole with his or even Mikey’s cock.💦

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.
Artwork by XXX