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Go Hirano

Go Hirano (82 drawings)

 (From his Wikipedia entry:)

Go Hirano (平野剛) was a Japanese homoerotic fetish artist. Hirano, along with Go Mishima, Sanshi Funayama, and Tatsuji Okawa, is regarded by artist and historian Gengoroh Tagame as a central figure in the first wave of contemporary gay artists in Japan.[1]

Very little information is known about Hirano, as his works were submitted to his editors anonymously.[2][3] His illustrations are noted for their realist art style, and often featured masculine men with body hair.[1]
In the 1960s, Hirano was published in Fuzokukitan [ja], a fetish magazine that published gay content alongside straight and lesbian content.[1] His art appeared in Barazoku, the first commercially circulated gay magazine in Japan, from the 1970s through the 1990s.[4]