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Ali Franco

Ali Franco (47 pictures)

Ali Franco was born into a family of artists in the Ukraine, where his father was his first art teacher. His early work in exhibitions in Kiev was in the classical style, mainly featuring portraits and landscapes. Later employed as a book and game illustrator, he is now an independent artist living and working in Portugal, and his designs are known around the world.

(He explained:)

I’ve always wanted to paint homoerotic scenes, but, early in my career, I was afraid that they may be too off-putting. Then I looked at a lot of gay art, but when I couldn’t find any with a style similar to mine, I decided it was time to start. I just wanted to show another kind of man's world—one that exists and can’t be ignored. It, too, can be passionate, sensual, and acceptable.


  1. Thanks for sharing this artist's work. His technique really heightens the eroticism of the images, makes the wet aspect seem so real. Fantastic pictures.


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