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Justin Monroe exhibition


(We've been fans of Justin Monroe since forever, of course, so here now, finally, we do him justice:)

From an article in The Advocate:  

Justin Monroe's images, both bizarre and gorgeous, have a singular style that is original and perfectly erotic. Daring, bold, and in your face, Monroe seems to thrive on being misunderstood. Coming from the Midwest, Justin had a very unusual adolescence. He attended an all-boys Catholic high school where he spent money of his younger years standing in line at the confessional. A lot of Monroe's original work showcases liberation from religious boundaries. Since he has a flair for the theatrical, it is no surprise he ran away with the circus at age 16. Porn stars, drag queens, misfits, and internet celebrities are among Monroe's drug of choice when conceptualizing his visions.


Men's Room

Motor Man



Roller Skating

Steve Bobbio


Under the Shower

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