So far, in this gallery, work by Ismael Alvarez, Patrick Angus (1953-1992), Michael Aviano, Daniel Barkley, Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898), Michael Bergt, Bob Bienpensant, Steven Blake, Nelson Boren, Michael Breyette, ButchsL, Paul Cadmus (1904-1999), Roland Caillaud (1905-1977), Caravaggio (1571-1610), Tony de Carlo (1955-2014), Vittorio Carvelli, Ed Cervone (1945-2001), Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), Afred Courmes (1898-1993), Michael Creese, Jack Cowan, David Alan Crumpler, Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Narcisse Davim, Marc Debauch, Lars Deike, Charles Demuth (1883-1935), Aleksandr Deyneka (1899-1969), Drubskin, Stéphane Dupré (1960-1997), Kirill Fadeyev, Olivier Fauchereau, Cody Ferguson, James Ferringer, Tom of Finland (1920-1991), Ali Franco, Oliver Frey, Ted Fusby, Duncan Grant (1888-1978), Joaquim Guerreiro, Sadao Hasegawa (1950-1999), Wes Hempel, Go Hirano, David Hockney, Julian Hsiung, Lin Jinfu, Josman, Tom Jones, Ron Kibble, Ben Kimura (1947-2003), Kevin King (Beau), Hideki Koh, Royo Liu, Lonsam, Sarah Lucas, Mack22, Chance Manart, Rogelio Manzo, Marquis, Eric Massart, Rory Midhani, Priapus of Milet, Kent Monkman, Bruce Nauman, Kent Neffendorf, Cuong Nguyen, Christopher North, Zane Nox, Pedro Palanca (1968-2014), Joe Phillips, Mel Odom, Naomichi Okutsu, Artur Pashkov, Domenico Passignato (1559-1638), David S. Paynter (1900-1975), Rafi Perez, Michel Plaisir, Carlos B. Possollo, George Quaintance (1902-1957), Mylo Quam (1941-1996), Francisco José Quesada, Joseph Radoccia, Ulf Raynor, Miguel Angel Reyes, Lorenzo Ridolfi, Jan van Rijn, Robert C. Rore, Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938), Joseph Sheppard, Troy Sherrod, Douglas Simonson, Alessio Slonimsky, Jezza Smilez, Konstantin Somov (1869-1939), Hannes Steinert, Phillip Swarbrick, Piotr Mariusz Urbaniak, Vilela Valentin, Lambro Vassiliadis, Christiane Vleugels, John Waiblinger, Steve Walker (1961-2012), Ross Watson, Patricia Watwood, Frank Webber aka Bastille (1929-1991), Allen Todd Yaeger, Takato Yamamoto, Zack Zdrale and Brian Zick

(Click on any picture for a slide show)

Bruce Nauman

Kirill Fadeyev


Mylo Quam (1941-1996)

Joseph Radoccia

"Fuck me like you hate me" --- Zane Nox

Patrick Angus (1953-1992)

Rogelio Manzo

Allen Todd Yaeger

Oliver Frey

"Turkish Bath" --- Charles Demuth (1883-1935)

Phillip Swarbrick


Royo Liu

Michael Bergt

Joaquim Guerreiro

Tom Jones

Priapus of Milet

Kevin King (Beau)

Domenico Passignato (1559-1638)

Aleksandr Deyneka (1899-1969)

Ismael Alvarez

Lars Deike

"Portrait of a man turning on himself" --- Zack Zdrale

Rafi Perez


Kevin King (Beau)

Frank Webber aka Bastille (1929-1991)

Vittorio Carvelli

Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938)

Ted Fusby

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963): illustration for "Querelle de Brest" by Jean Genet (1953)

Carlos B. Possollo

"The great masturbator" (1929), Salvador Dali (1904-1989)

Konstantin Somov (1869-1939)

Cody Ferguson

Ali Franco

"The afternoon" (1935) --- David S Paynter (1900-1975)

Julian Hsiung

"Rock" --- ButchsL

Roland Caillaud (1905-1977)

"Impaled"---Sadao Hasegawa (1950 - 1999)

Douglas Simonson

Ben Kimura (1947-2003)

Ulf Raynor,  "Phallus Sanctuary," (2006)

Takato Yamamoto

"April Showers," Drubskin

Nelson Boren

Patricia Watwood

"Spring reunion," Ed Cervone (1945-2001)

Jan van Rijn

Miguel Angel Reyes

"Tres," Francisco José Quesada

Steven Blake

"Epiphany" --- Michael Aviano

Christopher North

Piotr Mariusz Urbaniak

John Waiblinger

Go Hirano

Stéphane Dupré (1960-1997)

"Sex Drugs and Vitamin C" (1980),  Brian Zick

"Jeunesse," Olivier Fauchereau

"The Persian Ambassadors," Aubrey Beardsley

"Bayside change,"  Chance Manart

Michael Creese

"St. Sébastien de dos à l'écluse St. Martin," Afred Courmes (1898-1993)

"Cree Master," Kent Monkman

(right, you need a close-up; here it is:)

"Portrait of Marco da Silva (after Caravaggio 1596)," Ross Watson

(Most of Watson's work contains art-historical references, and here's the corresponding Caravaggio:)

"The musicians" (1596) Caravaggio

James Ferringer

"Bathing" (1910), Duncan Grant

"Gathering clouds," Cuong Nguyen

"Strandläufer," Robert C. Rore

Lorenzo Ridolfi

"Disco pusher," Troy Sherrod

"A cup of green tea," Artur Pashkov

Sarah Lucas

"Le Tango," Narcisse Davim

Joseph Sheppard

Lin Jinfu

"Getting some sun in my backyard," 
Bob Bienpensant (based on a picture by BuiltByTallSteve)

"Rouge et bleu," Eric Massart

"Lakeside Lust," Mack22 (2010) (computer generated)

"Hier bin ich," Hannes Steinert

"Blue Lazarus II," Daniel Barkley (2010) 

"Adhesiveness," David Hockney (1960)

"Baron," David Alan Crumpler

"I love boots," Tom of Finland (1920-1991)

"Uncropped," Ron Kibble

"First Eyes," Mel Odom (1982)

"David and me," Steve Walker (1961-2012)

(The ice is broken now; Steve is the first artist with more than one picture in this gallery)

"C'est encore loin, grand Schlumpf," Alessio Slonimsky

"Bathers," George Quaintance (1902-1957)

"Lotus," Naomichi Okutsu

"Le coeur tout zébré d'amour," Michel Plaisir (oil on canvas)

(All rights reserved; reproduction in whichever form only with the permission of the artist)

"Boys Ahoy," Rory Midhani

"At five in the morning," Steve Walker (1961-2012)

"Your sweet ...," Vilela Valentin

"Les amores Kabuki" Hideki Koh

"Speciman A and B," Jack Cowan (1998)

"Drinking men," Pedro Palanca

(We asked Pedro about the year of the painting, and the title, and he wrote back "Oh this one has many titles... but in fact it's about grape distilling (an old fashioned way) to make wine or pisco and it is still practiced (but not so promoted). The piece dates from 1996-1997")

"Triumph over empire," Wes Hempel

"Finistrère," Paul Cadmus (1952)

"Samourai" (detail) Christiane Vleugels

"Adam Steve Eden," Tony de Carlo (1955-2014)

"Boy and ball," Bob Bienpensant (2014)

"Latino boy," Joe Phillips

"Taurus," Jezza Smilez (2012)

"One on one," Michael Breyette


  1. Could you be so kind and give me the name of the artist of your above picture you use as your 'Lustspiel Magazine' banner ? It's so wonderful but I can't find the name of this talented artist nowhere. Many thanks in advance. Jacques.

    1. Jaques: The photographer: Anthony Gayton.

  2. Jaques: The name of the photographer is: Anthony Gayton.

  3. An amazing series of work from which I cannot pull my eyes. The talent of these artists is off the scale. I kept saying "wow" at each one. I also love seeing some of my favorite artists represented here.


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