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The Commission -- Priapus of Milet


Lustspiel publishes well-written material with a gay bend. There are no strict rules regarding length or content---keep it short, anyhow. Emphasis is on the literary or artistic quality of your work.

Submissions should:

(1) mention the title of your work and the name of the author(s) on the subject line;
(2) be included in the body of your email (no attachments); use HTML mode for your email, if possible;
(3) be accompanied by a short bio (50 words max);

We'll get back to you inside ONE WEEK. Promise.

We pay US$ 10 per story (Paypal).

By submitting a story, you maintain all copyrights, but extend the permission to LustSpiel to publish your piece on our pages.



  1. I am so glad I discovered this magazine. It's really great. Perry Brass, www.perrybrass.com

  2. I would like to share some artworks of myself, how can I do? Do you have an email where to send my pics?

  3. keep up the good work ! I might share some paintings too in the future if permitted.

  4. artuskama.wordpress.com

    be invited to take a glimpse

    1. Yes, perhaps we could cooperate, exchange links, or posts...

  5. Replies
    1. You have to submit a text (an erotic flash story say), or a photo (of a piece of art) to (email address) lustspiel.submissions@gmail.com

  6. I love the diversity of the site! I've written some erotica over the years, and this site has inspired me (in many, many ways!).


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